Conversation showcases Moody Honors Program

Brooke Gladstone, co-host of NPR’s ‘On the Media,’ visits Moody on Oct. 11

This fall, the Moody College of Communication welcomed its inaugural student cohort of the Moody College Honors Program, which is designed to foster critical thinking and dialogue through small classes, special events, research and community engagement.

To publicly kick-off the new Honors Program, award-winning radio host Brooke Gladstone visits the Moody College of Communication on Oct. 11 for a moderated discussion and Q&A with students and the public. 

Gladstone is best known as the co-host and managing editor of “On the Media,” an award-winning radio show syndicated by National Public Radio that asks insightful and informed questions about current events, politics and the workings of media and culture.

“Brooke Gladstone is an ideal person to help us celebrate the first year of our new four-year honors program,” says Dave Junker, Director of the Moody College Honors Program. “Through her curiosity about the world and her integrity as a truth-seeker and storyteller, she is a great role model for our students.”

Gladstone has also authored two books on the media, including the recent “The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time” (2017), which New Yorker columnist George Packer called a “short, stiff drink of truth.”

Honors students are reading “The Trouble with Reality” as well as Gladstone’s other book, “The Influencing Machine” (2012), a New York Times Bestseller acclaimed both as a form of graphic non-fiction and as a myth-debunking lesson on media history.

“With Brooke Gladstone you get depth and breadth in one person,” Junker says. “She’s an omnivorous news junkie with an appetite for historical context and philosophical inquiry. After listening to her radio show or reading her books, you feel like you understand the why and the how of some of our most pressing issues. I can’t wait for our conversation.”

Gladstone has been a senior editor of NPR’s "Weekend Edition" and "All Things Considered,” a foreign correspondent for NPR from Moscow and a Knight Fellow at Stanford University. She is the recipient of two Peabody Awards, a National Press Club Award, an Overseas Press Club Award and several others. Her book "The Influencing Machine" (2012), was listed among that year's top books by The New Yorker, Publisher's Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal, and among the "10 Masterpieces of Graphic Nonfiction" by The Atlantic.

The event is free and open to the public and will include an audience Q&A. It is sponsored by the Moody College Honors Program and the School of Journalism.

A Conversation with Brooke Gladstone, Award-Winning Journalist and Co-Host of NPR’s ‘On the Media’

WHEN: 5:30—7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 11

WHERE: Belo Center for New Media Auditorium (BMC 2.106)


Natalie England
Marketing Communications