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Moody Shout Outs

In spring 2022 we asked the Moody community to take a moment to acknowledge thoughtful, hard-working faculty and staff members, and we were amazed at how many responded to share notes about those who have influenced and encouraged them along the way. Check out some of the "shout outs" we received below!

(Note: these are not all of the shout outs we received as some submissions asked to not be posted publicly.)




Cassandre Alvarado, Advertising & Public Relations

Our office is fortunate to have such a kind, hardworking, considerate, intelligent, careful supervisor like you Cassandre!  I appreciate how approachable you are and how kind you were to me when I told you of my upcoming retirement.  Thanks for all you do to make our office be a better place for our staff and the Moody College to be a better place for students.  Having you be the associate dean over our office is a very good thing! - Leece Naxera

Alexia Apollo, Moody College Staff

It’s my pleasure to get to work with such a quality individual like you Alexia!  You’re hardworking, intelligent, caring, fun and many other things.  Thanks for being so good about answering my many questions and helping me understand things so I can explain them to students.  Our office is in such good hands with you being in charge of updating degree audits and all the other behind the scenes things that you do! - Leece Naxera

Bobby Blanchard, Journalism and Media

You are always very kind, patient, helpful and truly care about your profession and your students! - Seth Campos

Jim Bosiljevac, Advertising & Public Relations

That's for taking a fresh approach to Texas Creative portfolio classes! Sticky notes and sharpies all the way! - Anonymous

Jim is the best thing that has happened to Texas Creative. He gives the best instruction and advice on our campaigns. As a class, we all feel comfortable to share our opinions and have the freedom to do crazy bold things in our campaigns. He treats all of us like capable adults and there are no words to express our appreciation. You're the best Jim! - Anonymous

Laura Brown, Radio-Television-Film

Laura's style of teaching is very digestible. She's great at what she does, and since it's clear she cares about the topic she teaches the class is enriched even further. The way she has structured class is in the best interest of the student - allowing grace periods, both face-to-face and online options, etc. She makes class very enjoyable and relevant! Thanks for all your hard work!! - Francesca

Lauren Brown, Moody College Staff

We are fortunate, Lauren, to have someone like you working in our office!  You’re intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, creative and many other things!  Going through things with you as I prepare to retire is a good thing for me.  I appreciate you being open to my suggestions and making them come to life.  Thanks for all you do to make our office be a better place that runs smoothly for students and staff alike! - Leece Naxera


Tina Carter, Moody College Staff

Thank you to Tina to texting me about the journalism course I needed opening up seats! She’s always super helpful and makes advising/registration one less thing I need to worry about :) - Anonymous

She got me into a class I really needed. It was very stressful but she made sure we fixed it. Thank you!! - Anonymous

Erica Ciszek, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for being so understanding of my needs this semester! - Marisa Chang

Kyle Clark, Moody College Staff

It’s my pleasure to get to work under you Kyle!  I’m blessed to have a kind, caring, talented, creative, full of energy and many other things supervisor like you.  You’re so good with people, it’s fun to get to watch you in action.  Thanks for all you do to make our office be a better place for our staff and the Moody College to be a better place for students! - Leece Naxera

Thank you for always trying new ideas and being open to others' thoughts and suggestions. You put the students first and always check on the well-being of your staff. It is nice to be "checked in" on every now and then! - Anonymous

Andrew Coolidge Communication Studies

Professor Coolidge is an awesome professor. He structured the class so we could learn at a steady pace and even allowed us breathing room once we got towards the end of the semester so we could focus on other classes. He is just a really cool guy and makes it easy to relate to him. I appreciate that he grades fairly because not everyone has mastered their writing skills. He is always available for help and answers any questions about writing skills. He has a great attitude and is just overall a great teacher! I was dreading taking a writing course but Professor Coolidge made it enjoyable! - Anonymous 


John Daly, Communication Studies

Thank you Professor Daly! I took your Interpersonal Communications class this semester, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I actually had two separate adults in my life tell me to take this class before even getting into UT, because they took it with you years ago, and learned a lot from it. Just wanted you to know that you left an impact through generations! - Anonymous 

Donna De Cesare, Journalism and Media

Donna was my professor years ago and even today, I still look forward to her valuable advice! - Lizzie Chen

Natalie Devlin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you Natalie for being an awesome professor! I have learned a lot in your class in a very comprehensible way. I really appreciate your teaching style and the positive energy you bring to every class meeting. Thank you for the fun laughs and relatable content! Your future students are lucky to have you! - Anonymous

Lisa Dobias, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for the devotion and time you put into teaching the future media professionals of America. I appreciate the effort and enthusiasm you preach to us every class day; You are a world-class professor and an even better human. We appreciate you here at Moody. - Ali Alkaabi

Ladd Flock, Moody College Staff

Ladd Flock is an excellent career counselor and mentor at the Moody College of Communication. Ladd's incredible level of encouragement and influential advice make him an exceptional, attentive, and effective leader at UT. Every meeting with him goes beyond a surface level as he genuinely cares about my educational and professional development and success. Moreover, I would not be where I am today academically, professionally, or personally without his valuable and beneficial guidance. I can confidently declare that his career counseling talents and abilities are priceless and invaluable.  - Samantha Ungerman

Christian Fredericks, Moody College Staff

Christian has worked tirelessly with the UE leadership team to make this years graduation the ULTIMATE best graduation we've ever hosted. Even though there was ample push back, and a small but persistent group of confused and angry students/parents, Christian handled the situation with grace. He's professional and talented and knows when to throw a joke in the mix to lighten the mood. Moody found a gem. Keep it up Christian! - Anonymous

Kathy Fuller-Seeley, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for always being so open-minded and empathetic to all sorts of media, cultures, and people's situations. Your lectures never bore me and always have me hooked. It is crazy how I never needed to take notes to remember the content you taught us. Your Sixties Youth & Culture class was my favorite this semester. You are an amazing person and extremely knowledgeable! Thank you for all that you do. - Anonymous

You are such a ray of sunshine to have as a professor! There is never a dull moment in class!! I am also so grateful that you have been so lenient with deadlines. The past semesters have been so stressful, and having such an understanding professor is the best thing that happened this semester. Thank you so so so much!! You rock. Glad I got to learn about the Beatles from the best professor here at UT!!!! - Anonymous


Monike Garabieta, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

THANK YOU for all of your hard work in organizing preschool screening team this semester. Your organization and attention to detail were essential to our success. - Anonymous

Liberty Hamilton, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you Dr. Hamilton for being such an amazing professor. I loved your Language and the Brian class the first time that I was able to take it, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to be in your class again, this time as a part of the teaching team. You are so passionate about what you teach and research, and each student of yours is truly blessed to be in your class! This semester I had a lot of big decisions to make regarding where I would be attending graduate school for SLP. I was stressed, but after talking to you, I was able become excited and to make the right decision for me. - Elizabeth Peeler

Kelsey Hatton, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you, Dr. Hatton, for working endlessly to improve audiology student clinical experiences. We are blessed to have you! - Anonymous

Raoul Hernandez, Journalism and Media

Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. As a first generation student it can be difficult adjusting to college life and it can be overwhelming. It is comforting to know my professors care and want me to succeed. - Anonymous

Madeleine Holland, Communication Studies

Thanks for putting so much effort into the class and for giving an example of a well-structured, manageable class. Thanks for the use of different presentation objects, like tik-toks, YT videos, graphics, and nice slides. Thank you for being so receptive to criticism. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better teacher! - Anonymous

Ross Iversen, Advertising & Public Relations

Dear Ross, Thank you so much for all the information you always share with us "faculty members" to better understand, navigate and perform in our institution. - Anonymous


Sharon Jarvis, Communication Studies

Dr. Jarvis has made my experience this semester in her class so impactful! I have loved getting to learn from her and look forward to taking her other course in the fall. Thank you for everything! - Libby Lester

Mian Jia, Communication Studies

Thank you for being a good colleague; but most importantly, for being a best friend! - Shuting Yao

Jennifer Jones Barbour, Communication Studies

Dr. JB! Your guidance, joy, and constant positivity in class, on zoom, and in everyday life has made me love being at UT. When you remembered me a semester after taking CLD 301 on zoom with you and said hi at Moody Cares, I KNEW I found family at UT. You inspire me to change the world for the better in the nonprofit sector and beyond. Thank you for believing in the nervous freshman I used to be and in the more confident junior I am today. You've shaped my career goals and college experience into what they are today! - Cayli Lucia

The sweetest, most caring and accommodating professor I've ever met at UT! - Anonymous

Dave Junker, Advertising & Public Relations

In my last semester of undergrad taking Professor Junker's class Pop Star Activism has been such a insightful and interesting class, that navigates between current and past pop stars and how they use their platforms to address social and political changes. I've really loved getting to attend Junker's class and he's done an amazing job at informing students as well as including them in these important conversations! I highly encourage other students on campus to take Professor Junker class. Thank you for a great semester professor! - Dezaray Villarreal 

Lee Ann Kahlor, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you Dr. Kahlor for making my first semester at UT absolutely wonderful. I adore your kind nature and extremely detailed and interesting lectures, and I cannot stop referring friends to your courses. I hope you still have my fly cartoon and professors that care and teach like you are MAGIC. - Elyse Hopfe

Sangeeta Kamdar, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for providing on-campus opportunities for students interested in auditory processing disorder and tinnitus! - Anonymous

Sarah Krueger, Moody College Staff

Sarah brings so much positive joy and creative energy to her work at Texas Immersive Institute. She multitasks many projects and juggles the administration with grace. She is an amazing support to me, the Immersive Fellows, the student staff, and all the TXI Explorers. We're lucky to have her as our first employee of TXI! - Erin Reilly


Sean LaBounty, Advertising & Public Relations

I just wanted to say that you’re one of the coolest teachers I’ve ever had and my favorite so far in college. It’s really inspiring to meet someone who I can see myself being like when I’m older, so thanks for not being another lame prof. And thanks for believing in my potential, because I now feel more capable of taking on the creative world!! Oh and one last thing I’m so glad you gave up the big sparkly jobs to be a teacher!! Anyways I can’t wait to have you again in P3!! - Ashley Willis

You're the best professor I've ever had. You've ignited a fire and passion in me that I never knew I had. Your Aries energy is contagious. We love you! - Anonymous

Sean has truly been a guiding light in the complex and mysterious world of advertising. He deals out praise thoughtfully, and he is not afraid to give students the criticism they deserve, and this makes their work all the better for it. I am excited for the future of this program because I know the wonderful and talented people that lead it. - Anonymous

Richard Lewis, Radio-Television-Film

Thanks so much for all your help with my thesis film, Richard! This has been my favorite experience of my whole four years here at Moody. When the semester began I wasn’t sure about thesis because it seemed like I was gonna get my rear handed to me and I was really gonna have to work for this class. And it was and I did but it has been incredibly rewarding and I’ve met some amazing, talented, special people through this course and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thanks so much! - Anonymous

Jo Lukito, Journalism and Media

Hi Jo, thanks for your kindness and help during the past year. You are a model that we graduate students are looking up to. You are a great researcher, a kind mentor, and a good person. I wish you good health and happiness.  - Anonymous

Kathleen Mabley, Moody College Staff

Shoutout to Kathleen for being such a supportive supervisor and mentor, especially during my transition to the joys of motherhood! And for keeping our MarComm team together with only two people on the team earlier this semester! - Lizzie Chen

Madhavi Mallapragada, Radio-Television-Film

I thoroughly enjoyed sitting through Internet Cultures (09580). I found each lecture highly stimulating, significant, and most importantly,  penetrating across multiple very important aspects of culture. 
I greatly appreciate and commend Professor Mallapragada's dedication to her students' educations and futures. She is a credit to her field and should be acknowledged for her positive impact on the college and university. 
- Anonymous

Galit Marmor-Lavie, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you so much for keeping us engaged, learning and laughing! - Seth Campos

Matt McCutchin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you Professor McCutchin for an awesome semester! I've taken two of your classes during my college career and they have been very enjoyable for me. Although we've never had a one-on-one meeting, you have inspired a lot my work and ideas. I appreciate your feedback which has helped me grow as a creative! - Anonymous 

Christian McDonald, Journalism and Media

Prof. McDonald, thank you for being a fantastic teacher, a great problem-solver, and creating a class environment where we're not nervous to ask questions or make mistakes. You're my favorite professor I've had at UT. - Anonymous

Kathleen McElroy, Journalism and Media

So kind and helpful, plus a joy to be around. She makes everyone feel comfortable. - Anonymous

Stephanie Menhart, Communication Studies

Thank you for being such an amazing professor! You made the class more enjoyable by creating such a relaxed and fun atmosphere! - Anonymous 

Claire McInerny, Journalism and Media

Claire is so much more than just a professor. She is a mentor, an advocate for her students and a wonderful role model. She made me excited to come to class every Monday and Wednesday and helped me explore my passion for journalism. - Sloane Wick

Candace Misko, Journalism and Media

Candace, you have saved me too many times to count this year. Like saved me. Thank you for your empathy and your "no matter what" attitude. You are also a really fun person to chat with! :). I really appreciate all that you have done to help me this year. You're awesome! - Kami Vinton

A big thank you to Candace for keeping our department running smoothly, for answering incessant questions from faculty and for doing it all with a positive attitude that brightens our workplace. - Anonymous

Sara Morton, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

I'll never forget your kindness, expertise, honesty, and openness. When I needed help, I didn't even ask for it and you opened your door and let me train with you, even though I know that your schedule was already saturated beyond your comfortable capacity. You never even asked what happened. I aspire to be a mentor (and audiologist) like you. - Anonymous

John Murphy, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for writing my letter of recommendation for graduate school. I am now a graduate student at UT in the School of Information studying UX Research and Public Libraries. I appreciate and value your support! - Anonymous


Miu Nakata, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you, Miu! You were such a great ULA for this semester's RTF 307 course, and I really appreciate all your hard work answering questions, posting the EC IG Posts, and giving such a wonderful lecture!!! - Anonymous

Curran Nault, Radio-Television-Film

Curran - Thank you for being a kind, thoughtful, and engaging professor. Even when I wasn’t here this semester, you took the time to check on me. I really appreciate that, and I look forward to working together and getting to know each other better over the next couple of years! You better be enjoying Italy! - Anonymous

Leece Naxera, Moody College Staff

Leece goes above and beyond to make sure that every student and staff in UE is taken care of. Her smile and laughter brighten up the office and if she doesn't know the answer she will help you find it. She keeps the office running smoothly and has been very adaptable over the last 2 years. I am grateful to have worked with her. Leece - you will be missed! - Anonymous

Mallory Nimis, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for fielding my many questions during the break I took this semester. You were so-very-helpful, and I couldn’t not have done it without you. Looking forward to seeing you again in the Fall! - Anonymous

Kate Osmond, Moody College Staff

Thank you for your ongoing support of faculty through clear, responsive communication, fierce problem-solving, and a commitment to excellence in teaching. Starting in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic, you truly made it possible to continue teaching. I learned so much from you about using Zoom, Panopto, and even Canvas. Thank you, Kate Osmond! YOU are a rock star! - Katie Bradford

Alisa Perren, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you Alisa for a great Research Methods class! I have a much better grasp on a lot of topics. But more importantly, I now know what resources to look for when I don't have enough information. And I know how to conduct better research and how to ask better research questions. - Anonymous

Thank you for all of your support the past couple of months. You were not required to field my questions/concerns/flights of fancy during my leave of absence, but you did. You helped me stay anchored when I wanted to run. I am glad we have you in our department both as a faculty member and an advisor. We are lucky! - Anonymous

Paula Poindexter, Journalism and Media

Thank you for a wonderful spring semester. I'm not a Journalism major and took this course for my Cultural Diversity Flag, but I have left this course a more educated person. Your class taught me the extensive history of exclusion, segregation, and stereotypes that have plagued the media regarding African-Americans. I plan to actively take what you taught me and apply it to my life. Again, thank you so much! - Scott Morton


Chase Quarterman, Journalism and Media

Thank you for being such a great professor that truly cares about your students. Your class changed my life and set me in a career path that I'm truly happy with. I'll always remember your class as the spark that ignited my passion for design. - Anonymous

Emily Quigley, Journalism and Media

I am so grateful I made you my partner in crime and education a couple of years ago. I so appreciate the way you understand the vision and mission of the writing program and share my commitment to supporting our coaches. I'm even more fortunate because you're a true partner in pulling off the circus that is Reporting Words and seeing the importance that course has in building a foundation for the next generation of journalists. May the coming year be easier in some ways, though we know it will be harder in others! Thanks for being the you who makes my life richer. - Diana Dawson

Dina Inman Ramgolam, Communication Studies

Dr. Inman, it was a pleasure to meet you during Comm Week. You were very welcoming and kind enough to share information about IABC and Lambda Pi Eta. I appreciated the extension of kindness, it was a great impression that made me feel like I belonged where I was that day. The event sessions were awesome too. Thank you. I'll miss your class meetings online, and your lecture videos. It was exciting to learn the content of this course. Not only do I find the knowledge relevant and applicable to my own online experience, it also expanded my understanding and perception of our online world. - Anonymous

Rohitash Rao, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for inspiring me to join Texas Creative and showing me how beautiful creativity can be, whether it's through laughs or tears. Even though I won't be working for an agency (100% by choice I promise), you've pushed my creativity to grow in ways I never thought it could and I am so so so SO grateful. Also you are invited to my graduation dinner around May 22nd ish I will text you with an invite but Sean said it would be nice to send a message through here too hehe - Anonymous

Stephen Reese, Journalism and Media

Thanks for having me in your class. It is one of the best decisions for my visiting trip. You've shown me your great wisdom in both academic and life. - Anonymous

Hi Dr. Reese, I can't believe it has been three years since I joined UT. Thanks for your help over the past three years. I learned a lot from your kindness, thoroughness, and integrity. I hope to let you know that I enjoy every second here because of you. - Anonymous

Emily Rubin, Journalism and Media

Emily really wants to see her students grow and she puts in the time and effort to help them do it. She brings so much energy and perspective to class and lab. She is the best TA I've ever had. - Anonymous 


Suzanne Scott, Radio-Television-Film

Dr. Scott was a wonderful professor to our small class this semester. I loved how earnest and personable she was with us, and just how thought out the class was. It makes a difference when you can tell that your professor is interested in the content they are teaching and just made my last semester at UT memorable because of her fun and very humorous class. People like her have made my time at UT as an RTF major incredibly memorable and I hope she continues being the badass she is. A true goddess of academia. - Anonymous

Thank you so much for this amazing semester. Your class was my favorite and I learned a lot. You’re a great lecturer and I enjoy everything about the class, mostly because of how you delivered the content. You’re an amazing person as well :) Have a great summer! - Anonymous

Alex Scott, Journalism and Media

You are a great instructor: organized, responsive, patient and able to clearly explain complex topics and nuances. - Seth Campos

Pratik Shah, Advertising & Public Relations

Dear Pratik, Thank you so much for all the support, knowledge and energy that you bring to the International Advertising course. - Anonymous 

Emily Shapiro, Radio-Television-Film

Just wanted to thank you for being such a big help during labs and classes! Having you in both intro to doc and intro to editing has been great because you're such a helpful person! Just wanted to say thanks, and I appreciate that you have been doing such a good job during such a difficult time without COVID still being an issue. - Anonymous

Iliana Sosa, Radio-Television-Film

Introduction to documentary production has been one of my favorite classes so far! You are such an open and honest professor which I value. Thank you for teaching us about the industry even beyond doc. Also, want to applaud you on your feature doc! I took my non-film major friend to the screening on campus, and she loved it! Just wanted to let you know that it resonated so much with someone who is not involved in the film world. Thanks for a great semester, and I hope your future projects go as smooth as they can (since doc rarely is a smooth process). - Anonymous

Chelsea Stockton, Journalism and Media

Chelsea, thank you for everything... seriously. I often bust into your office with the most random questions! And I know that I can be particularly needy... and you always smile and follow up so quickly! And you always give me the answers that I need to solve my issue! You're the best! Thanks for everything that you do! - Kami Vinton

Thank you, Chelsea, for going above and beyond, again and again, this past year.  We are so lucky to have you.  This has been a very challenging semester and we would not have made it without you.  - Mary Bock

Sending big 'thank you' vibes to Chelsea Stockton for her hard work supporting the JaM graduate students and faculty. We are thrilled to have you on our team! - Anonymous

Sharon Strover, Journalism and Media

Hi Dr. Strover, I didn't get a chance to take your classes but I will never forget the day you came to our theory class as a guest speaker. You are a great researcher and a very nice person. I want to thank you for your help and kindness over the past years. You made me enjoy being one member of the J-horns family. - Anonymous

Sarah Sutton, Moody College Staff

Thank you for being so efficient and swift with assistance in updating the website, organizing travel, etc. You are amazing! - Tina Carter

Theresa Thomas, Moody College Staff

It’s my pleasure to get to work with such a quality individual like you Theresa!  You’re hardworking, intelligent, caring, fun and many other things as well as a great advocate for students and a good example for advisors to follow.  Thanks for being so good about answering my questions and helping me learn things even in the final months before I retire.  Having you be one of the supervisors for our office is a very good thing! - Leece Naxera

Thank you for grooming me in my new position and always being available for questions and assistance. You wear so many hats and we know that is challenging but you are amazing and always put the student first! - Anonymous


Jaime Wilken, Radio-Television-Film

Just wanted to thank our great RTF 318 TA, Jaime. A three hour lab section on Friday afternoons can easily turn into something to dread, but Jaime made it just the opposite. For me personally, going to those labs and getting to learn about filmmaking is one of the best parts of my week, and it's in large part thanks to the warm, friendly environment that Jaime helps create. I couldn't be more thankful for her advice and help throughout the semester, she helped assuage a lot of my fears and insecurities about doing "good" work in film, which can be really daunting at first. Thank you Jaime! - Anonymous

Amy Xenakis, Moody College Staff

Amy is such a thoughtful and helpful advisor. She cares deeply about her students success and the mental/physical health of her students. She sends detailed emails and checks in with us regularly. Happy to have her. - Anonymous