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Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence: Moody Shout Outs

In spring 2021 we asked the Moody community to take a moment to acknowledge thoughtful, hard-working faculty and staff members, and we were amazed at how many responded to share notes about those who have influenced and encouraged them along the way. Check out some of the overwhelming "shout outs" we received below!

(Note: these are not all of the shout outs we received as some submissions asked to not be posted publicly.)




Cassandre Alvarado, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate leadership. I appreciate your honesty, insight, guidance, and support. - Anonymous

Lucy Atkinson, Advertising & Public Relations

Thanks so much for being an amazing colleague to partner with in developing novel research to study the field of immersive!  Look forward to ongoing collaborations!  - Erin Reilly

Dr. Lucy is always incredibly kind and encouraging in class. She constantly makes me feel welcome and heard. She is so passionate about what she teaches and her feedback is always constructive and motivating. - Anonymous

Joshua Barbour, Communication Studies

Dr. Barbour exemplifies what every student hopes to find in a college professor. He's excited about what he teaches, he makes it fun, consumable, and applicable to real life, and he shows genuine concern for his students' success. And he's just a darn good person. - Anonymous

Ben Bays, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being informative, funny, and sociable in all your classes. It makes virtual learning so much more enjoyable. The projects I have created in your classes are some of my proudest thanks to your guidance! Especially all the Maya software tips, much appreciated. Have a wonderful summer! - Roxanne Springman

Professor Bays is always so available to his students. He's the best at walking us through detailed things. - Anonymous

Jennifer Betancourt, Communication Studies

Jen is the beating heart of the department. She's kind, capable, and caring. CMS is so lucky to have her! - Anonymous

Keefe Boerner, Moody College Staff

Thanks, Keefe for your ongoing willingness to make my many media production requests happen with ease whether it's projection mapping in the courtyard or taking over the auditorium for live streaming, or reserving the studio for virtual production. It's made creating during the pandemic rewarding to students! - Anonymous

Wendy Boggs, Moody College Staff

You have been made a huge impact on my time here in Texas. You have not only been a critical help during the registration period but have served as a guide and mentor, always pointing me in the right direction and going above and beyond to do the uttermost for your students. I am more than thankful to have you as an advisor. - Carlton Peterson

I am so thankful for Wendy being a constant throughout my college career! Wendy is my academic advisor and also was the advisor for my FIG. She has such a calm and reassuring presence, the most epic color-coded emails, and has always made herself available for us throughout the many changes life has thrown. Thank you Wendy for all of the kindness, advice, and guidance (and snacks, lol). :) - Payton Rothenberger

Thank you for guiding our students and helping the faculty make things possible for our students. - Keri Stephens

Jordon Brown, Journalism and Media

Jordon thank you for being an amazing TA for j302f. In a time when I usually get zoom fatigue, your discussions are never like that. You always make our discussions really fun and engaging where I want to participate. It was such a nice and comfortable space to vent about things, ask questions, have any of our concerns allayed, and actually get to know our fellow journalism peers. Plus you were always so accommodating with assignments and deadlines! - Alishba Javaid

You were the best TA!!! I loved our discussion sections because you made them so exciting and fun. I was always happy to go to class:)) thanks for being so understanding and encouraging with everything. You're the best!!!!!!! - Anonymous

Jordon has not only been very supportive and patient during this insane semester, he has also had the answers when we're stuck and encouragement when we're overwhelmed. He is very quick to respond to questions, and he's made attending lab something I look forward to doing! - Anonymous

Thank you Jordon for being such a kind and helpful TA this semester, and going above and beyond to accommodate me. I truly could not have made it without you. - Anonymous

Lauren Brown, Moody College Staff

Lauren, huge shout out and thank you for your generous time, talent, and support as I start my journey at UT. Thank you for your commitment to our institution, I am excited to be learning from a fellow Longhorn! - April Cafaro


Kathy Cacace, Radio-Television-Film

Your RTF 308 class has been the best experience it possibly could be online! I learned so much and I felt so engaged and interested, because it was so obvious in lecture your passion for the subject. You made us feel heard and, more so than any other class, you reminded us to take care of ourselves. You gave us room to mess up, and I can't tell you how much that meant this semester. It's been a hard first year, but I was always so excited to watch lectures and work on assignments for this class. I truly believe that is a reflection of the person teaching and I can't thank you enough for that! - Anonymous

Julie Campos, Moody College Staff

Julie always has a smile and is so helpful, even when we come to her with difficult challenges.  We are getting more grants than ever in Moody, and Julie is at the heart of that effort!  I absolutely love working with her! - Keri Stephens

Isidra Carrizales, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you so much Sid for always try to help me with all students needs. You always go beyond. I know students will feel the same way. - Anonymous

Wenhong Chen, Journalism and Media

Thank you so much for being such an inspiring and amazing professor! I chose your course on globalization & social media on a whim and I ended up with a new perspective on the industry, a research assistantship, and a lifelong mentor and role model. Thank you for being such a beacon of positivity and purpose for all your students, past and present. Even years after graduating, I’m reminded of our social network research together and it brings me such joy! Thanks for seeing something in me & continuing to do so with each new ULA! Grateful to have learned with you & looking forward to our next! - Anonymous

Deepak Chetty, Radio-Television-Film

Thanks so much for bringing your expertise to the Eyes on the Sky project. Look forward to many more years of collaborating and taking immersive to the next level here at Moody. - Anonymous

Drew Coolidge, Communication Studies

Thank you for helping to open my eyes to the ways ethics and truthtelling are portrayed in our society! - Anonymous

David Cox, Moody College Staff

Thanks, Dave for helping me to reimagine the lab and make it more functional and flexible for faculty and students to dive into immersive! - Anonymous

Randy Cox, Communication Studies

Congratulations to Randy Cox for directing the speech program to a second-place national finish at both the American Forensics Association and National Forensics Association national championships! Between teaching and UTNIF, Randy hasn't had a day off since the pandemic started. Kudos to him for upholding his rigorous standard of success in trying times. Shoutout as well to all the Moody students that compete for Texas Speech! - Anonymous

Mary Crawford, Moody College Staff

I just want to thank you for all your help for the past 14 months.  If I have taught my classes with any degree of success, it is because of you.  There is no way to repay you for all you have done for me.  All I can do is say Thank You. - Charles Ramírez Berg

Natalie Czimskey, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dear Dr. Czimskey, I am in the Intro to SLH class this semester and I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond for your students. You have been so flexible with the syllabus during the storm and the pandemic, which was greatly appreciated. Also, your passion and care about the subject you teach about is infectious, and it has inspired me to change my major. I have learned so much about communication and the work that professionals like you do in the SLH field and it has made me want to pursue a career in it. Your class has been so impactful for me and I wanted to thank you for that. - Hannah Borland

Thank you Dr. Czimskey for all of your help and compassion this year. It is clear that you care not only for the content you teach but also for your students and their well-being. As a first-year college student experiencing classes virtually, I have found your class to always be engaging. We experienced a lot this year, zoom complications, a snowstorm, and of course the pandemic, but you found ways to accommodate the students and adapt the class in a meaningful way. You are the best professor I have had so far at UT, and I hope to take another course with you in my future studies! - Kaylee Loggins

Despite being online this semester, you made the most of it. Thank you for making us feel so comfortable to ask questions or request accommodations. You being so passionate while you're teaching motivates me to want to learn more and better understand the material. The positivity you exude just through Zoom only makes me even more disappointed to have not experienced your classes in person. Thank you for being one of my best memories this semester! - Hannah Nguyen

Hi Dr. Czimskey, I wanted to reach out and say thank you for being an amazing and inspiring professor. You truly embody what an educator should be and you have positively impacted my experience as an SLHS major. - Anonymous

Dr. Czimskey, you have been incredibly accommodating and supportive of our education in such a difficult time. You've made a world of difference in our learning this semester, and I love your class. You make the material so accessible that I learn so much in every class. I am so grateful for your passion and dedication to us and our education. Thank you for everything you do. - Anonymous

Hi Dr. C, I've had you almost every semester since my freshman year and I am continually grateful for you. You are always so thoughtful of student's lives and are a wonderful reminder to love others as much as possible every day. You truly keep me motivated and passionate about being in Speech Pathology. You have been a great role model in and out of the profession, and I cannot express just how much of an impact you've had on me and my life leading forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope to one day be the role model for others that you are to me. - Anonymous


René Dailey, Communication Studies

During the most difficult chapters of this doctoral program, your kindness, patience, and diligence have been a source of strength for me to keep putting myself out there with my writing and ideas. When I lack confidence you remind me of my strengths. Your Socratic method in teaching and approach to advising helps us to stand on our own someday. This makes you a quiet powerhouse of training future scholars - I know this much to be true! Thank you for being my advisor. - Chelsea Brass

Professor Dailey was the lecturer of one of my online courses, Quantitative Research Methods in Fall 2020, and she is also my advisor. Fall 2020 is not easy for me, since it was my first semester in graduate school and I lived in China. Professor Dailey showed great patience and understanding during that time. When I wanted to talk with her online, she let me choose the convenient time for me even though it was at night in Austin. Besides, she took the course seriously and responsibly, which gave me a chance to finish a paper. She did help me a lot and I wanna say thank you! - Anonymous

James Dalthorp, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you professor! You lead me learn the American Sports Culture and introduced American football to me. After your class, I never missed any longhorn football games in the DKR. You gave me too much courage and confidence in my first year to the United States. You really help me a lot both in and out the class. I appreciate what I learnt from you. Although I will not go depth in sports industry in the future, I want to say thank you from bottom of my heart! - Anonymous

John Daly, Communication Studies

CMS315M was the first communications class I took switching into moody and it was awesome! It really made me excited about being a communications major and I'm so thankful I started my moody journey in his class! - Anonymous

Thank you for making the Interpersonal Communications engaging and thought-provoking. I learned so much in large part due to the interactive lessons with relevant material. - Anonymous

Dear Dr. Daly, thank you so much for an amazing semester! After hearing so many recommendations for your class, I decided to take it this year, and I'm so glad I did. I've learned a lot in your class that I'm already starting to apply in my life, and I love how you were able to bring the same amount of energy and warmth into a virtual classroom! Every office hours was an adventure as to what we would talk about, and I loved attending just to hear your advice and stories. I hope to see you on campus next year, and I hope you stay safe and have a restful, well deserved summer! - Anonymous

Diana Dawson, Journalism and Media

For her unfailing good cheer, patience and devotion to our students during these trying times. - Anonymous

Sachin Dheeraj Mudigonda, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for making this semester a great one! Your amazing attitude and humor made having a 3 hour lab much less painful than I thought it’d be! By far my favorite TA in my 2 years of college :) - Anonymous

Lisa Dobias, Advertising & Public Relations

Your class is the hardest I have ever taken and the only one I'm having a hard time getting an A in, yet I still love it. I've learned so much and had so much fun doing the project which taught me about patience, teamwork, and time management. Your lectures are so informative and it really helps that you're currently a professional in the field. I had never considered media planning before your class, so thank you for showing me another one of my passions. I know this was a hard semester, but I greatly appreciate all that you did. - Paulina Perez

Thanks, Lisa for being an amazing colleague. You helped me so much this year and I appreciate your drive to foster interdisciplinary projects between the sequences! The YETI collaboration was amazing and a wonderful opportunity for Moody students! - Anonymous

Anthony Dudo, Advertising & Public Relations

Professor Dudo, first off I'd like to thank you for committing to your students even during this chaotic time. I just wanted to let you know that although we are virtual, I still feel as though I've learned a myriad of lessons from your lectures and appreciate how you educate students not just from the book, but give great insight into how different aspects of advertising perform in the real world. Coming into this semester I was a PR major but after taking your course and diving deeper into the world of advertising, I've decided to switch my major and am super excited to explore this field! - Elizabeth Garcia

Matthew Eastin, Advertising & Public Relations

Eastin is always ready to help with my research class in COVID learning. After the snow and cold disaster, I needed to drop content from my course to make up for lost time, and Eastin spent a lot of time with me helping me make some tough decisions about what NOT to teach this semester. Me: "I can't cut THAT!!!" Him: "You have to cut something." Me: "I can't!" Him: "You have to cut something." Me: "But they have to learn it all!" Him: "You can't make them learn 6 weeks in 4 weeks." Me: "Here, you cut it. I can't. It's too painful." Or at least that's how I remember it ;-) - Lee Ann Kahlor

Professor Eastin has done such an incredible job recognizing our current circumstances and working to make the class, content, and himself as accessible as possible. He is validating when he answers questions and encourages us to approach the content with curiosity. I am incredibly appreciative of his flexibility and understanding. - Grace

Avianne Ernest, Moody College Staff

Thank you for helping me out with career stuff, you were always kind and resourceful, and made me feel even more capable and knowledgeable. - Tatum Owens

Hey Avianne! Thank you so much for your help this semester. Because of you, I felt better prepared for job interviews and eventually landed a fantastic opportunity. You're a fantastic career coach! - Anonymous

Thank you so much for always being so kind and helpful whenever we meet! I always feel more confident after our meetings and I always look forward to them. Moody is lucky to have you! - Anonymous

Ladd Flock, Moody College Staff

Ladd, the professional advice, guidance, and insights you provide are not only phenomenal but also invaluable. Furthermore, you do not view your students as just a number but as unique individuals who bring many extraordinary talents to the table. This specific mindset makes you a fantastic and vital career counselor to communication and leadership students. I can attest from a first-hand experience that I would not be where I am today professionally without your help. Thank you so much for all your hard work! - Samantha Ungerman

Dear Ladd, I want to thank you for the help that you provided me in applying for and also receiving the Denius Grant. So many doors and possibilities have opened for me because of that opportunity and I'm very grateful to have had you guide me through it. Wishing you the very best and a great summer! - Madison Williams

Caroline Frick, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for running an engaging and fun graduate classroom, across students of many disciplines. You fostered a collaborative space for sharing our ideas, adjusted our schedule when necessary due to the crazy circumstances of this year, and provided thoughtful feedback both in discussion and for our research ideas--I am deeply thankful for you as a professor! - Anonymous


Shiv Ganesh, Communication Studies

Thank you for being an amazing leader for our Organizational Communication & Technology Group!  You have set a wonderful standard in being supportive and proactive. - Keri Stephens

Thank you for the care and skill you bring to mentoring and coaching. It's very much appreciated. You rock!​ - Anonymous

Andrew Garrison, Radio-Television-Film

It was 2016 when I visited UT. Attending the graduate school was my dream but I was very intimidated and you were having office hours so I randomly knocked on your door. I'll never forget how encouraging and welcoming you were. You made me feel like I would fit in the program and gave me the courage to apply. Then 2 years later I was lucky to be your student. Thank you Andy for caring so much for your students and being such a passionate professor. I mean who would facetime his former students for almost an hour on a late Saturday evening to help them carry out "an operation" on jib cables! :) - Anonymous

Jeremy Gruy, Moody College Staff

Thanks, Jeremy for helping to set up the lab and make it more functional and flexible for faculty and students to dive into immersive! Your detailed wiki is an amazing reference for all to understand our new setup. - Anonymous

I don't remember how many times you saved my projects Jeremy. Whenever I had a last minute crisis before the deadline, you would always be available and patient and spend hours on my project, always so kind and friendly. I learned so much from you in regards to DIT and post-production! You and the whole tech team's commitment to us students is incredible! Thank you so much! - Anonymous

Anastazja Harris, Communication Studies

Anastazja, you have been an incredible colleague this past year!  From helping me institutionalize OPTIC Lab, to working with our team on 2 NSF grants, your ideas and organization energize our teams.  Thank you for being amazing! - Keri Stephens

Anysa Hernandez, Communication Studies

It's hard to believe it's graduation time already! Working with you as a peer tutor and research assistant has been a joy, Anysa. You've come a long way since those early Media Law days. I'm super proud of all your hard work, and I know you've got an amazing future ahead of you. Keep in touch! - Dr. S

Gloria Holder, Moody College Staff

Gloria, you are so helpful, efficient, and energizing!  You have made juggling grant balls a doable task!  Thank you so much for your support! - Keri Stephens

Melissa Huebsch, Moody College Staff

Many, many thanks to Melissa Huebsch. This spring, she has done a masterful job of being in touch with our undergraduates who work, research for, and volunteer at the Annette Strauss Institute. In February, in particular, her professionalism, generosity, and communication skills made our teams feel safe(r). She does all of this while making everything look easy. Thank you, Melissa!. - Sharon Jarvis

Ed Hunt, Communication Studies

Thank you for all your help in Theories of Persuasion!  - Anonymous

Noah Isenberg, Radio-Television-Film

Professor Isenberg! I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching such a great class during such a bonkers time. I’m sure it can’t be easy to teach to a mostly blank computer screen. I really enjoyed all the Noir films I watched this semester (the majority of which I would probably never have seen on my own) and our subsequent discussions on them. Looking forward to films of Billy Wilder! - Anonymous


Sam James, Communication Studies

Hi Sam, this semester (and year as a whole) has been tough on me and other students. I've never liked a single 8 AM class I've been in throughout my 4 years at UT, with one exception- yours. You clearly shown you care about all of your students, and have been willing to go out of your way to provide help. For that, and for everything else, I can't thank you enough. - Fred Winguth

Sharon Jarvis, Communication Studies

Dr. Jarvis is one of the most wonderful professors I have ever had. She truly wants to see her students excel and be set for success. While taking her political communication course, I became even more intrigued and interested in politics due to her great teaching. Whenever I needed assistance or clarification, she always provided a unique insight that helped me approach assignments through a perspective specific to my writing style and passions. Thank you for making my last semester at UT a substantial experience. - Maya Halabi

Miriam Jewell, Journalism and Media

I'm so proud of the amazing young scholar you've become, Miriam. It all started in Media Law, but I think you've really matured as a legal thinker. I'm so impressed with your writing, and I know we'll have success getting this paper published thanks to your hard work. Looking forward to writing you law school rec letters; I know you'll kick that LSAT's butt. Happy graduation! - Dr. S. 

Thomas Johnson, Journalism and Media

I'm so glad I had the chance to be in your class this semester! Thank you for being so understanding and for caring about your students so much. Online school has been a huge source of stress and anxiety for me this past year. In your class, I knew I could always go to you with problems or to get help, which meant I was able to actually focus on the material and I learned so much. As you said at the beginning of the course, nobody signed up for the craziness we are living in. Thank you for creating a space where we could truly learn, share, and have a little bit of fun this semester! - Anonymous

Thank you for an amazing semester! Your ability to form relationships with students and engage everyone in the class does not go unnoticed. This, on top of a great understanding of your interesting class material, has made this class one of my favorites this year. I took this class as a part of my BDP certificate in Public Policy, and I have come away with such a depth of knowledge about the influences of media on politics, and vice versa. Thank you once again for being such a great professor! - Anonymous

Jennifer Jones Barbour, Communication Studies

Dr. JB, thank you so much for being the amazing professor you are. From day 1 of my college journey, you have been with me throughout my growth, struggles, achievements, and struggles— I am so thankful for you and your kind heart. You are still my favorite professor and always will be. Thank you for being a role model and teaching us compassion and what makes one a true leader in society. - Elizabeth Yun

Thank you for “opening your classroom door” to allow me to learn from you! It has been so encouraging and helpful, and has helped me feel part of the team. I am so grateful to work on this team :) - Anonymous

Dr. JB, you have been such a wonderful and truly delightful professor to have this semester. Thank you for being so kind and adaptable during the crazy events that transpired. You really do seem to care about your students, thank you so much for being who you are!! - Anonymous

Dave Junker, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you Dave for all your dedication and work for the Honors Program! I am excited to learn from such an involved Professor and Director. I appreciate your expertise and willingness to help guide and expand the program. - April Cafaro

Lee Ann Kahlor, Advertising & Public Relations

This semester has been chaotic, stressful, and strange with COVID-19, social unrest and tragedy, and a snowstorm anomaly. For each challenging event, you have provided nothing but support and understanding. Thank you for being an empathetic professor during this time. I also thoroughly enjoy how you've spiced up the usual boring Zoom class with engaging and interactive lectures. Even though you record your lectures, I'm motivated to go to class if only to see your costumes and witty humor in real time. - Susan Nam

Prof. Kahlor has been wonderfully out front leading Moody efforts to create a more inclusive learning environment. For a long time, she has been doing the work to provoke and lead change in ways so essential to students and colleagues. - Anonymous

Guan-Soon Khoo, Advertising & Public Relations

Dr. Khoo, I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed taking your class this semester. Being a part of your Intro to CLD course taught me so much about how to carry myself as a leader. I have applied numerous concepts learned in class to my daily life. I even decided to apply to change my major to Communication and Leadership. Thank you for everything! - Anonymous

William Kosinski, Journalism and Media

Congratulations on a tremendous 4 years. I'm so proud of the legal thinker and researcher you've become. It's been an honor to be able to call you my co-author. Good luck at Berkeley Law. I know you'll make them as proud of you as I am! - Dr. S.

Rajinder Koul, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for always being interested in your students and your content! Your love of the field of AAC was infectious, and your care for your students always made me want to do my best. You took an impersonal zoom class and made it feel personal! - Anonymous

Susanne Kraft, Moody College Staff

I don't know how you manage to be so calm, gentle and kind even under the most stressful situations but I hope you know how much we all appreciate you. Thank you Susanne, for spending hours trying to fix my technical issues in the last four years, thank you for being so nice and humble. Thank you for everything you do! - Anonymous


Braidyn Suzanne Lazenby, Communication Studies

Thank you for being such a motivated role model, a compassionate friend, and a wealth of good advice. You have all the qualities of a promising teacher and an incredible researcher. Take it easy :D - Anonymous

Liza Lewis, Advertising & Public Relations

You have been a great mentor this semester and a refreshing voice to hear when I am in doubt. I love that we have the Mexican culture in common. It is inspiring to know that you have been as successful as you have been and makes me excited to figure out what my journey in life will look like with so many opportunities. Thank you for all you do and are. God Bless You! :) - Anonymous

Anne Lewis, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being an amazing professor and teaching us how to be better filmmakers. Thank you for always being honest. Thank you for spending so many hours on each and every student. Thank you for being such a generous human being. Thank you for caring Anne, and for never giving up fighting for social justice. UT is so lucky to have you! - Anonymous

Jiemin Looi, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for being an outstanding TA!! You always do an exceptional job and care deeply about the students. - Lucy Atkinson

Kathleen Mabley, Moody College Staff

Thanks, Kathleen and team for helping to amplify our projects, events, and research here at Moody! Your team helped to keep the community together despite the distance this year. Forever grateful for your support. - Anonymous

Matt McCutchin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for being such a kind and understanding professor! I also love that your class structure is accessible to everyone. It means more than you know. - Anonymous

Ashley McDonald, Communication Studies

Thank you so much for a great semester in gender and communication! You were a great TA, and your feedback helped me feel rooted in the class despite it being an online, asynchronous course. Whether it was giving us updates on discord or reaching out to us during snowpocalypse, your support was incredibly helpful both for the class and outside of it. Thanks for truly caring about us during this unusual semester! - Anonymous

Christian McDonald, Journalism and Media

Professor McDonald is by far the most caring professor I've met at my time at UT. Professor McDonald genuinely enjoys his job and cares about his students. That can be rare, especially during the pandemic, so when a professor does care it means the world. He's not only incredibly thoughtful and accommodating to student needs, but he also pushes students to do their best if they have the capacity to push harder. He goes above and beyond to mentor, even if you are no longer enrolled in his class. I can't thank him enough for his help and the kindness he's shown me. - Areeba Amer

Kathleen McElroy, Journalism and Media

Thanks, Kathleen, for keeping our ship steady during this past year-plus. I know this isn't a time of leadership you envisioned, but it was a time that called for your calm, compassionate hand. Even if we were all apart, I knew you had our backs and will always be grateful. I'll be delighted to be back in person with all of you again in the fall. Rest, recharge and let's go! - Anonymous

Matt McGlone, Communication Studies

Thank you so much for all the knowledge and laughs! - Anonymous

Rachel Mersey, Journalism and Media

We are so lucky to have you here at Moody! Your positive spirit and advocacy for all faculty are amazing. I appreciate you supporting my efforts and offering advice to continue to push onward. - Anonymous

Emily-Anne Mikos, Radio-Television-Film

Emily! Thank you so much for taking a genuine interest in our writing and in our stories. Our section meetings were the highlight of my week this semester and I really enjoyed everything I worked on. Thanks for helping to give me more confidence in the stuff I write and thus more drive to actually do the damn thing. And thanks for always making time for us even during this wild year/semester. You’re the best! - Anonymous


Ashley Nash, Moody College Staff

Thank you for being so helpful in my career development as a social media marketer! Working with you at the career center gave me the confidence boost I needed in being sure of my own ability to create campaigns, meet deadlines, and implement my own voice. - Anonymous

Curran Nault, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you Curran for providing an open and stimulating Zoom space for class discussion this semester, and seeking ways for our graduate class to connect on deeper levels despite the challenges of a virtual classroom. Your teaching style and breadth of reading assignments are unparalleled in my time as a student and I recommend every student take a class with you! - Anonymous

Mallory Nimis, Moody College Staff

Starting a new position in the middle of a pandemic, and working remotely, is challenging to say the least, but Mallory has tackled it all amazingly well. She has been a tremendous asset in terms of engaging with students, faculty, and other staff. She has also effectively managed seemingly countless tasks placed upon her at one time. We are thrilled to have her join the Department! - Anonymous

Jeeyun Oh, Advertising & Public Relations

Very good professor and very sweet. I love her and her dog Bibi! She is so good at simplifying complicated material and is very understanding and empathetic when students run into problems. - Nat Elwood

Dear Dr. Oh, thank you for being so organized and teaching so well. I learned a lot from your classes. - Miya Hu

Sarah Oh, Radio-Television-Film

I would like to thank Professor Oh. She is a true professional. Her experience in the film industry shows.  Her teaching style is captivating. I learn in every single class. There has not been a wasted class.  She instills confidence in her students. I CAN produce a film. I could not have produced a film in January. This is due to Professor Oh and her wealth of knowledge. I want to thank her for accepting the position at UT because she has changed my life. I know the feeling of moving your family for your profession. It is not easy. All of her students should be grateful. - CB

Sebastion Oranday, Journalism and Media

Looks like the secret's out, Sebastian. Columbia Law knows what I've known all along: You're a rock star. It's been so wonderful to watch you succeed as a student, peer tutor and now as a legal thinker. Happy graduation -- I can't wait to hear all about your next three years! - Dr. S. 

Kate Osmond, Moody College Staff

Thank you for all your help over the past year. Thank you for clearly conveying your knowledge, for your patience, and for your continued and unswerving support. I could not have been able to teach this year without your expert help. And if I have been successful in my teaching since last August, a lot of it is due to your expert help all along the way.  Thank You! - Charles Ramírez Berg

Katey Outka, Journalism and Media

KATEY! I'm so, so glad you have joined The Drag. From taking your social media journalism class to now, I'm constantly in awe of how hard you work and how much you care for students. You are a ray of sunshine, and it really does make a difference in the school's environment, especially with Zoom classes. I can't wait to see how you continue to grow. Thank you a million times over for supporting us! - Anonymous

Cindy Patino, Moody College Staff

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have you as my academic advisor. I would not be on the path to graduate this semester without your guidance and support. I really appreciate all your time, effort and patience. Thank you for everything! - Anonymous

Michael Pearson, Journalism and Media

Michael's definitely the best professor I've had yet at UT. Even in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Michael found ways to make his class relevant, entertaining, and engaging while teaching over Zoom. His teaching style and grading methods are very constructive -- I went from being incompetent to confident in my writing after a single semester with Michael. And overall, Michael seems like a great human being. Very glad he's teaching here at the University of Texas. - Nick

Alisa Perren, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you to the best graduate advisor and professor who made a required research methods course engaging in a Zoom classroom setting in the middle of a pandemic. Alisa always put our collective class health first and was flexible with reorienting the classwork due to the many challenges of this semester. She was always available and gave great advice and recommendations while we started forming our theses. I'm very grateful for her calm and reassuring presence this year. - Anonymous

Paula Poindexter, Journalism and Media

Thank you professor for always being passionate about teaching and the topics we discussed in class. I enjoyed both classes I took this year with you and learned a great deal. Switching to online classes has been difficult for everyone and I hope that next semester things will be back to normal soon! - Anonymous

Jennifer Porras, Moody College Staff

Jenn always knows the route to achieve resolution for any situation. She provides timely responses in friendly & results-oriented ways. She approaches her students with warmth, kindness, & an appropriate amount of humor. I feel so grateful to her for her guidance & understanding as I've navigated my time here. She has gone above & beyond multiple times to find solutions to my problems. I hear about students across the university whose relationships with their advisors are transactional at best, so I feel confident in saying Jennifer may be one of the best, if not THE best, advisor at UT Austin - Anonymous

Jennifer helped me get on track to graduate early even after changing majors! She is incredibly patient and always made me feel less anxious about registration and early graduation. She is amazing at her job and really, really cares about students and doing whatever possible to help them succeed! I’m super thankful for her! - Anonymous


Emily Quigley, Journalism and Media

Having you on our team makes the Moody Writing Support Program so much more solid, efficient and supportive. You are the moonbeam of my middle age and I am grateful for your presence. - Diana Dawson

I learned so much about how to report, why we report, and what to report through your Reporting Words labs.  You pushed us to become better writers, and journalists with each assignment and gave me a chance in my first real internship.  Without your guidance, I'm not sure I would have continued down the journalism path, and or be where I am today.  Your class felt real, practical, and grounded but still instilled in me an inspiration to continue to grow in this profession.  Thank you so much for all the work you've done. - Anonymous

Robert Quigley, Journalism and Media

I had sooooo much fun in your class!!! I learned so many things about digital storytelling and I'll definitely take these lessons with me through the years. This was a super hard year but I was always engaged in your class because you kept it exciting and I appreciate how understanding you were to the students. Thank you for everything! - Anonymous

Quigley did an amazing job this semester. He is an outstanding example of faculty that wants to be in the classroom, engaging with students, and fulfilling UT's mission of educating future leaders. He handled the ice storm effects on the curriculum with grace and compassion while maintaining the consistently high standards of this class. He is sincere, interested in his students, and cares that they are learning. I enjoyed his class tremendously while learning a whole lot. - Anonymous

Simon Quiroz, Radio-Television-Film

You are truly the kindest professor I have ever had.  All of your students appreciated you so much, and we all learned so much from you about post production, but also about life.  Thank you for truly valuing your students and taking care of us while still pushing us to learn valuable skills. We all will never forget you! - Anonymous

Simon ...you're an amazing creator, collaborator, and mentor to students! I'm lucky to have worked with you on UT Admissions "Be a Longhorn" campaign. Can't wait to take this out in the world with you! - Anonymous

Rohitash Rao, Advertising & Public Relations

Rao is such an amazing professor!  Every single class was informative and enjoyable. I was looking for a class that would inspire me to be creative without criticizing the imperfections of a new learner. Rao provided that in this course.  He had so many incredible guest speakers and a curriculum that truly taught about American culture. I can't imagine a better professor...I would definitely take him again and recommend all my friends do the same. - Anonymous

Ro...your creative energy bursts through and makes us smile! Thanks for being a wonderful collaborator, and mentor to students! I'm lucky to have worked with you on UT Admissions "Be a Longhorn" campaign. Can't wait to take this out in the world with you! - Anonymous

PJ Raval, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for always pushing us to think out of the box and pushing our creative boundaries. You are not only a great professor but also a true mentor and an amazing filmmaker. Thank you for inspiring us PJ! - Anonymous

Madeleine Redlick, Communication Studies

Dr. Redlick, you are awesome! I have really enjoyed the material we’ve learned throughout the course, and you teach in such an engaging and fun manner that I’m never bored during lectures. You’ve also just been so awesome through the wake of the snowstorm and the general pandemic, and I (along with other students probably) are so grateful. Thank you for offering such a great class and for making it easy for us to learn and use the information to be our best selves moving forward. - Anonymous

Stephen Reese, Journalism and Media

This is a thank-you message to Dr. Reese, from whom I always see goodness and kindness. You've been there for me in tough times and I am forever grateful to have you here at UT. - Anonymous

Kevin Robbins, Journalism and Media

Thank you so much for believing in me this semester. I would have fully given up on journalism if it hadn't been for your encouragement with my writing. - Rebecca Trevathan


Amy Sanders, Journalism and Media

Thank you Dr. S for sharing your knowledge of media law in such a charismatic and passionate way that it actually helped me in what seemed like a lifelong search to find a career I would truly like to dedicate myself to! Without you I’m sure I still wouldn’t know where I was headed in life. But knowledge can only take you so far—thank you also for all the resources, opportunities, and advice you nurtured me with throughout this semester. You are truly appreciated and the impact you’ve made on me in such a short time (not to mention with never even meeting in-person) will forever be cherished. - Anonymous

John Savage, Journalism and Media

I've never really liked assigned writing and was actually putting off this class for a while and now I don't want to leave it. Thank you for making something I didn't like before, so enjoyable. Thank you for not only critiquing my writing but also pointing out the things I did a great job on. Thank you for always having contagious, positive energy in our labs and class and for putting in so much effort to making it as engaging as possible. Everything is greatly appreciated. - Paulina Perez

Adriana Serrano, Radio-Television-Film

Adriana thank you for being an amazingly talented, cool yet super humble professor! Advanced Production Design was one of my favorite classes at UT and I learned so much in that class. - Anonymous

Audrey Shaffer, Communication Studies

Thank you Audrey for really getting me to love Communication Studies and change my major to CMS! Talking 315M and going to the SI sessions every week was so helpful and you are so kind, I knew then that you are a one-of-a-kind TA. I am extremely appreciative of you as my TA, so thank you again! - Anonymous

Andrew Shea, Radio-Television-Film

Taking your Dogme class was a highlight of my time at UT and I feel so lucky to have been not only your student but also your TA. I just hope that if I do teach one day, I can be as generous and committed as you are to your students. Thank you so much Andrew! - Anonymous

Samantha Shorey, Communication Studies

One of the best professors at UT and by far one of my favorites! Prof. Shorey made class fun and I still remember that I always excited to go to her class! Even when the pandemic hit, she did her best to make remote learning something to look forward to! The following semester, she helped me out with a project I had for another class and then took time to encourage me as I was anxious being in my senior year during a pandemic. I learned so much in her class and she’s someone who I will always remember when I think back to my time at UT! - Madi Batey

Erna Smith, Journalism and Media

Professor, you have been not only a great teacher but a personal role model and mentor to me, and I couldn’t thank you enough. I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and learn so much from you. You’ve taught me about life and standing up for myself beyond just journalism. But you’ve also opened doors for me in the field and shown that you believe in me. That is paramount to my self confidence today. I really would not understand myself and want to persevere as strongly as I do without you and your influence on my life. Thank you so much. - Lydia Wagner

Ya'Ke Smith, Radio-Television-Film

First and foremost, thank you for adopting me! lol All jokes aside, I sincerely appreciate all of your support and sage advice! I could not have created my course on Jordan Peele without the assistance of you or your team!  Also, thank you so very much for including me in the inaugural Diversity in Media Symposium! This was a groundbreaking event. I envision that it will continue to be a transformative space not only for Moody College but for the entire UT Austin community! Onward! - Ja'nell Ajani

I made my first narrative film ever in your class! It was truly a privilege to have you as our teacher and I'm so grateful for your mentorship. Thank you Ya'Ke, for your commitment to this school and students and for showing what it means to be a genuinely good filmmaker. - Anonymous

Spencer Smith, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Smith is the best professor I’ve had at UT. I appreciate the time and patience he puts into his teaching. He is intelligent and his research is incredibly valuable to our university and the audiology department, but it’s his passion for students to learn and understand that made him stand out during my time at UT. - Anonymous

Laura Springman, Radio-Television-Film

Laura goes above and beyond as a TA. During a hard semester, they always made sure to show compassion and go out of their way to help their students succeed. I am extremely grateful to have had Laura as my TA, and I am certain that my classmates feel the same. - Anonymous

Joseph Straubhaar, Journalism and Media

Hi Professor Straubhaar! I really enjoyed your J308S class! I’m not in Moody college, but I had a great time learning about the past and present of Media Studies! I appreciated your response to the winter storm immensely, and could tell you truly cared about us as students, even though it was a virtual class. Thank you for a great semester! - Anonymous

Theresa Thomas, Moody College Staff

Theresa, thank you for answering all of my questions as I begin my new role. You have been so kind and helpful and it has been great working with you so far. Also, CONGRATS on your 20th year anniversary! - April Cafaro

Hey Theresa! I want to dedicate my shout-out to you because you have always been friendly, understanding, kind, fun, and many other amazing things! I love your personality; please never change!
I also want to thank you for always wanting to help students with college life. I really, really, really thank god for meeting such an amazing woman!! THANK YOU!
- Joceline Rodriguez Salas

Coming into college my freshman year back in 2018 was a challenge. I started meeting up with Theresa weekly my spring semester and ever since then she has been the best academic coach. Not only was she checking up on how I was doing in my courses but also taking the time to check up on my well - being. Theresa is the sweetest human ever, with a big heart. I want to thank her for being an amazing advisor, when I needed her the most. She is a true treasure in my life and I am forever grateful for all that she does. I don't know what I would do without my sweet Theresa's guidance and support. - Bella Vargas

Theresa is a very caring person especially during the meeting for Moody College Success Scholars. I enjoy having causal conversations with her because she makes feel comfortable when transitioning from high school to college. I want to thank her for her assistance through registration, making everyone feel excited, and having a good time at UT Austin. - Anonymous


Anita Vangelisti, Communication Studies

Thank you for supporting faculty and students across the college when it matters most; for not just listening, but also acting and ensuring we walk the change we talk; for your empathy and smarts; and for your integrity, humility and kindness. - Anonymous

Thank you for guiding and supporting me all the time! You have set an example of excellence as a researcher, mentor, instructor, and role model. - Anonymous

Kirk von Kreisler, Journalism and Media

Happy graduation, Kirk. I'm so thankful you joined the research team after taking Media Law. We're not done yet; that Justice Powell paper is going places. I appreciate all your hard work, and I'm so proud to have worked with you. Hit me up for that law school rec letter; I expect big things! - Dr. S.

Elana Wakeman, Radio-Television-Film

Elana, you are a contagious soul that spreads kindness. You turn RTF into a heartwarming place. Thank you for your passion and dedication towards graduate students, we are so fortunate to have you... Thank You! - Anonymous

Josh Wei-Jie Xiao, Journalism and Media

Josh has been one of the best TA’s I’ve had during my time at Moody. When I experienced a hard time working on a project for class, he was super understanding and made sure I had all the necessary resources to be successful. I know connecting with students over Zoom must be difficult, but Josh had a way of making class enjoyable. His advice and kind words were always encouraging. There are honestly not many TA’s like him! - Sarah Ponder

Kate West, Journalism and Media

Dr. Kate, as my time on the forty acres is coming to a close, I want to express my sincerest gratitude for the support you have given me throughout the years. Your willingness to connect me with professionals and best guidance has truly made my experience at UT all worthwhile. I will always remember the passion you shared for your students and for television news! I will keep in touch... hook 'em! - Ashleigh Osburn

Jay Whitman, Moody College Staff

Thanks, Jay for your willingness and persistence to always move my "out of the ordinary" business and legal affairs up the ladder at UT. I love that you love a challenge and take it on with gusto! - Anonymous

Gary Wilcox, Advertising & Public Relations

Dr. Wilcox, thank you for making me excited about my career. Your passion in the subject of advertising is inspirational, and it makes me excited to learn about the subject. Your projects were extremely helpful, for they led me both to think creatively and learn the correct formatting of items I will be expected to present in the workplace. I looked forward to your lectures every week - it didn't feel like typical school, as I was excited to learn. Thank you for inciting a drive and excitement in me, and for inspiring me to take advantage of every possible opportunity offered by UT. - Alie Lavish

Hi Dr. Wilcox! I took your ADV 318J class this semester and I wanted to thank you for making the class so interesting and fun! I learned so much and had a great time doing so. I can tell that you care a lot about your students, and that really means a lot. Thanks again:) - Anonymous

Amy Xenakis, Moody College Staff

Thank you so much for always being there for me when I struggle. You go beyond what you have to do and just talking to you about non-academic related things is something I appreciate. You are a great advisor and I just wanted to let you know! - Anonymous

Megan Young, Moody College Staff

Megan! Thank you for being so great this year. I have had the opportunity to interact with you as a TA and also as my instructor for my observation class and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you have taught me and the amount of understanding and grace you have provided no only me, but my classmate throughout this year. You are so knowledgeable and I look up to you very much! - Juliana Garcia


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