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We asked the Moody community to take a moment to acknowledge thoughtful, hard-working faculty and staff members, and we were amazed at how many responded to share notes about those who have influenced and encouraged them along the way. Check out some of the overwhelming "shout outs" we received below!

(Note: these are not all of the shout outs we received as some submissions asked to not be posted publicly.)



Lucy Atkinson, Advertising & Public Relations

I took her class this summer, and I learned a tremendous amount. This was definitely the content of a full semester class in 6 weeks! She did a great job organizing the material in short lecture modules and integrating the reading along with them. She didn't have a TA, but she answers questions quickly and helpfully. I'd never done anything like an ad critique, but she helped me understand what that was and learn how to do it. I really appreciated how she combined American history, culture, and technological development to provide a fantastic overview of advertising and its effect on the US. - Ann Sellers

Micah Barber, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being a cool and understanding professor. It means a lot to have your support, especially when I mentioned wanting to make the move to NYC, and it'll always be something I remember fondly. I hope we can keep in touch throughout my academic and professional career! - Kai Evangelista

Joshua Barbour, Communication Studies

Thank you for teaching "Communicating with Patients" with such enthusiasm and support, especially during this time. I really enjoyed learning about the diversity of perspectives of healthcare, and I will definitely try to implement them in my future career as a physician. - Hira Asim

Thank you for seeing something in me, that I have not seen in myself. I was not the best student, but your recognition of my abilities made me feel better about myself which is something I really needed this year, especially in these unusual times. Additionally, thank you for being a thorough and caring professor. Considering you're balancing a family and everything else, I am impressed beyond belief by your dedication to students. Thank you for encouraging us and for your patience and kindness. - Anonymous

Ben Bays, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being such an upstanding professor! I appreciate the evening office hours, your upbeat attitude, and willingness to answer questions that aren't directly related to the class material. Every time we have a conversation, I learn something totally new. Not only have you engaged me with your class, what I've learned thus far increased the quality of work in my other classes as well. :D To top it all off, you always present yourself with the most welcoming smile and encouraging attitude, which is what I need during this pandemic. I hope to be as great of a professor like you one day. - Roxanne Springman

Ben has, from the very first time I went to office hours, been an extremely warm and welcoming person. I can see how much he enjoys actually helping students succeed not only in class, but also just in general life. From his encouraging attitude in office hours to just the small comments on assignments I have turned in, I know my work is being appreciated by someone and that I am a part of a bigger whole. He is the professor I wish I had had a lot sooner than later during my time at UT. Thank you, Ben! - Anonymous

Tamara Bell, Advertising & Public Relations

Professor Bell is hands down the best professor I have had so far in college. I believe she will still be by the time I graduate. I dreaded taking journalism until I was actually in her class. She is so smart and she conveys what she is teaching better than any teacher I have had. She is encouraging and goes the extra mile for her students. She teaches in a way that her students can take what they learn and apply it in her class and in the future. I am so thankful I took her class and had her as a teacher. She has taught me so much I will take with me in my career. - Jamie Burns

I just wanted to thank you for every single thing you have done for me this semester because it has not gone unnoticed.  I have never had a professor who genuinely cares about their students as much as you do, and it really shows. I am so thankful to have had you as a professor this semester, and the only thing I would change is wishing I could've had an in-person class with you! Once again, thank you for being so understanding of these crazy times we are living in.  I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving break! - Hayat Rachidy

Tamara! Thank you so much for being a professor that genuinely cares about her students. You have made such an impact on my PR experience and have taught me to be more confident in representing myself! As you know, you were my first PR teacher when I added public relations to my degree, and I definitely owe it to you when I think of how I found my true passion for PR. I never had a connection with a teacher outside of the classroom during my time at UT, which is why I am SO appreciative of the time you took to talk me through my job applications. Thank you for everything, it means the world! - Anonymous

Anne Bormann, Moody Staff

Who starts a new job in the midst of a pandemic? Anne - that's who.  I know the journey has been challenging at times, new and unusual processes and procedures in our CMS world.  I am thankful for your courage, your tenacity, your flexibility....CMS is so lucky to have you on we grow stronger and wiser in the coming our current grads and the cohorts to come...Cheers and Thank you. - Jennifer Betancourt

Clare Boyle, Moody Staff

I know you're probably too busy to even read a thank-you note but, somehow, you manage to get everything done. Thanks so much for your attention to detail and for your compassion in dealing with all of us throughout this pandemic. I so appreciate your knowledge of all things Moody College and your willingness to help guide us through the bureaucracy. I really want the best for you, but I hope you won't ever leave! My offer stands on plant cuttings. I have some cool ones and I'm happy to share! - Diana Dawson

Thank you for always having the answers to my questions. Even when you don't have the answers, I never feel stupid for asking the question and you always know the right person to ask to help me get my job done. - Anonymous

Clare knows everything about everything and is always willing to help, no matter how busy she is. She's one of my favorite people at the university because of her good humor and her dedication to always doing a job the right way. I personally would often be lost without her. - Anonymous

Katie Bradford, Communication Studies

Thank you so much for teaching me valuable interview communication skills I will utilize in the future! Your energy and engagement motivated me this semester! - Kenedi Houston

You have been very caring towards your students and you have made a significant impact on my college journey. You have made the transition from high school to university less stressful and for that I thank you. I know I have only just begun but I will remember you fondly on my graduation day as someone who made scary times less frightening. - Anonymous

Barry Brummett, Communication Studies

Thank you for your leadership, your patience, your humor; your style, your hats, your canes, your Honors day tributes, your Dean's meeting notes, your baked goods, your dinner gatherings, your travel stories from China, your wonderful works of art, your technology woes...and wins, and so, so much more.  We have weathered the CMS storms together and I am so grateful and thankful for the journey. I look forward to the adventures to come. Virtual is not my favorite environment, but hope to see Santa on the screen for Christmas!  Huge virtual Hugs to one of my most favorite persons!!! - Jennifer Betancourt

Mark Bunting, Advertising & Public Relations

Hi Professor Bunting! I was in your first ever MOD discussion on Communication Entrepreneurship. I really enjoyed our discussion that day and it really opened my eyes to the opportunities present within Moody and what the world can offer. Thank you! Even though I am not an advertising major, I hope maybe one day I can take one of your classes or we can work together. - Marylynn Alvarado

Suzanne Burdick, Communication Studies

Suzanne, you are such a sweet and kind person and great TA. It felt very divided in our class at times and it felt so good to really be able to talk to you and understand my feelings and position. You’re a very smart and talented individual and inspire to be like you. I wish nothing but the absolute best and hope we can cross each other again. - Esmeralda Negrete

Courtney Byrd, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Byrd, thank you so much! You are a phenomenal teacher and an awesome human being. Thank you so much for all your support throughout my time at UT as a student. Lots of gratitude and well wishes! - Sara Akhund


Kathy Cacace, Radio-Television-Film

What a true pleasure it has been to be your student. I've learned far more than I ever thought I could have in media class. Your delivery style, organization and overall knowledge made the class fun and retainable. Thank you for being a great professor. - Christopher Bush

Has met with me a lot to help with understanding the course material; is always nice and helpful and knowledgeable on things in RTF. I always enjoy talking with her, and she's very understanding of my disabilities! Thanks for all the help! - Kailey Stark

Erica Campbell, Moody Staff

Erica, I'm really thankful that you're our ULA for ADV 345J! Your study guide and review sessions were extremely helpful and prepared me for the exams. I appreciate that you took so much time helping our class and spent hours during review sessions going over material and making sure we understood. Thank you! - Anonymous

Julia Campbell, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thanks so much for so many things. I appreciate that you keep critical thinking in the foreground of your lessons. I also appreciate all of the resources that you provide in your courses that will extend well beyond our time here. I also appreciate your guidance on research matters, despite that I am a clinical-track student. Lastly, I really appreciate how well organized your course lectures, readings, and syllabi have been.  - Kristopher Brown

Marisela Campos, Moody Staff

It's hard to believe it's been less than a year, but you have transformed our department! Thank you for all of the passion, creativity, and hard work you have brought to this role. In addition to excelling at all of the countless administrative tasks this role involves, your initiatives towards increasing student engagement, uplifting minority voices, and providing opportunities for dialogue with savvy media professionals have been tremendous successes. Your mark on RTF will be long-lasting. - Elana Wakeman

Lizzie Chen, Moody Staff

Lizzie is kind, patient, caring and embodies empathy. She is a light to everyone around her! Very thankful for her and her kind heart. - Leigh Dougal

Fan Yin Cheng, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Fan Yin, thank you for making time to meet multiple times during this semester. I know that you are a busy person yourself, however, you have made learning the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanisms easier. I appreciate your willingness to help all of your students and without you, my success in the class would not become possible. - Guadalupe Aguilar

Fan Yin is the most dedicated, caring, and supportive TA I have ever had. She has been an amazing resource throughout this semester. Throughout all the challenges we've faced this semester, she has been so thoughtful in accommodating to our needs. She goes above and beyond in every break out session to not only review materials from the course, but welcomes any and all questions which she answers in thorough detail. Her approachability has made the biggest impact on my success in this course. I could not thank her enough for giving me such a positive perspective on learning and growth! - Hailey Shuman

Thank you for working this semester in Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Lester-Smith to make adjustments based on feedback from students- it was additional work you took on in order to support our learning during this challenging time. You showed to be so generous and knowledgeable during your office hours. You didn't just help me understand the current material in class, but you were willing to talk to me about your background and research going on at UT that relates to speech pathology and the various labs and who works in them. You made this class very memorable for me, thank you. - Hannah Zesch

Thank you Fan Yin for all your support and help that you gave me in SLH 358/158. You are an amazing TA and super caring and helpful. All your help and support was very helpful during the semester so far. - Anonymous

Erica Ciszek, Advertising & Public Relations

Dr. Ciszek, What a crazy interesting year it has been for everyone! We, as students, know that teaching always has an element of unpredictability to it. While the current circumstances present many new challenges for everyone, you are doing a great job as my professor this semester. Thank you for your patience and compassion during this time. I truly enjoyed having you as my professor for ADV353 and look forward to taking your PR348 course next semester. YOU are appreciated and are a hero during this trying time. - Anonymous

Renita Coleman, Journalism and Media

Thank you for being so positive and reassuring in such a troublesome time. I always look forward to attending your class because you make it a fun, interactive, and entertaining learning space. I will really miss having your class when the semester is over. Thank you for all that you do! - Carly Segura

Robyn Croft, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

I didn't even have a class with you this year, but out of all of the professors I have had you are the one that stood out most to me. I took Phonetics with you and it quickly became my favorite topic I have learned about in SLH. You were caring to your students and goofy and it made the class time something I really looked forward to. Out of the three years I've been studying here, you were the one that made me really excited for the path I was on, so much so that I would show anyone I knew how I could transcribe words that they said haha! Thank you for being so great! - Lea Bohnenberger

Joe Cutbirth, Communication Studies

I am still thankful for the effort you put into pivoting your Leadership Stories class, especially due to the changing social landscape in summer 2020. It was literally life-changing as I have now gone on to recognize and am actively building my own leadership story. Hopefully making that last assignment in the class a reality for myself. I am constantly learning about others' experiences and how challenging it is to lead. There is much leaning into vulnerability, courage, and self-acceptance. Thank you for your insistence on the meaning of words & guidance to dig deeper into people's lives. - Anonymous

Natalie Czimskey, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Her sincere enthusiasm and energy made class great. She was really interested in engaging with a large class. She chose great, helpful, and patient TAs. She made time to hold a couple of talks on how to get into grad school, because she thought it was important. She was thrilled to be teaching, and it showed. The class and materials were well organized before March, and she did a stellar job of shifting online, and she demonstrated such grace, poise, and wisdom in difficult circumstances for everyone. I learned a great deal, and I appreciate that very much. - Ann Sellers

Thank you for your engaging classes and bubbly self! I can tell how deeply you care about your students and the SLP/AUD field. I’m so grateful you are my professor as your learning style is comforting and interesting! That’s why I’m in your class next semester :) I’m thankful to have educators like you in my life during this time. - Anonymous

Entering UT Austin, I had no idea what I was to expect let alone what to expect from an all web based schedule. However, I am beyond joyful that I was able to have you as one of my first UT professors because although everything is through a screen, I can feel how genuine you are and how pure your soul is. Your positivity is contagious! I used to believe all of my life that my grades were who I was, but I will take it to my grave that a grade does not define me! Thank you for all that you do!! And I’ll see you next semester... I mean I HAD to get another class with you :) - Anonymous

Professor Czimskey, you handled the transition online with so much grace and compassion in light of Covid-19. Thank you for all that you do for your students during this difficult time. I appreciate all of your time and effort you put into each class. You are truly a gem! - Anonymous


Tracy Dahlby, Journalism and Media

He really loves the subject matter (Fundamentals of Journalism), he provides a fantastic historical perspective on it, the selected readings and video links were so edifying, and he scheduled an amazing line up of speakers that beautifully illuminated the facets and perspectives of the subject matter. It was a really great class, and I learned a tremendous amount. While he missed being in class in person, he sincerely let us know how pleased he was that we were as engaged and present as we were. I really appreciated his enthusiasm and earnest energy that he brought to class. - Ann Sellers

The first couple months of college can be a hard adjustment, especially at UT where imposter syndrome is so common. Dahlby addressed this in the first two weeks of class and gave the exact pep talk I needed to break me out from that funk that I was in. He's made me excited for the future and to get into the field of Journalism in whatever meaningful way I can. Seeing the relationships he's fostered over the years with colleagues and former students has made me want to follow the Journalism track so that I can be one of his mentees too someday. - Andrew Peterson

Thank you for your tutelage and mentorship. Fundamental Issues and Long-Form Feature Writing were the bookends to my academic career at UT. Your experience and wisdom motivated me to overcome my own doubt and insecurities. The discussion of 'psychic income' early on hinted I was in the right place at the right time. While in your classes I felt seen, accepted and ready to commit to my career and growth. Outside of class I appreciated your kind hellos and our candid conversations during office hours. I'm grateful you are a part of my story and I hope we stay in touch! - Anonymous

You have been an incredible role model and friend. I will always appreciate your willingness to hear me out in tough times. You've done so much to expand my scholarly ambitions and bolster my drive. I loved having you as an instructor and still speak volumes about my experience in those courses to anyone that will listen. I can't thank you enough for all the support you've so graciously given to me throughout college. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Professor Dahlby! - Anonymous 

Thank you for your time and care -- it's clear you genuinely want the best for your students and we're better for it. I can't think of another professor who so readily makes themselves available, and is happy to connect students with people related to their career aspirations. Thank you!! - Anonymous

René Dailey, Communication Studies

I wanted to thank you. In these trying uncertain times, you made class fun, engaging and wonderful. I have learned the most from your class on this online format. Thank you for taking the time to listen to us, email us and encourage us to not give up. Your class is one of the reasons that I am not stressed beyond belief in this trying semester. Thank you for everything you do. I hope you are a professor for a very long time, to influence many to come! - AnnaMaria Glarakis

Dr. Dailey brings joy to class, making attending class an enjoyable time. She is kind, gives everyone a chance to speak up or write their thoughts in the class chat, and provides real life examples to make the class understand the content in the best way. She listens to feedback and truly wants to give students the best learning space. I am so thankful for Dr. Dailey! - Anonymous

James Dalthorp, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you so much for your continuous support and kindness. You have helped me grow more confident in following my dreams. I don't know where I would be without your guidance and knowledge. You have truly been a mentor and help to me like no other. I wish you the best holiday season and I hope to keep in touch. I owe you so much and words cannot explain how much you have done for me over the past few months. Thank you for believing in me and helping guide my passion. Professors that truly care like you are few and far between. You will always be a large part of my life journey. Thank you! - Kylan Perry 

John Daly, Communication Studies

Dr. Daly is one of the most engaging professors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from in my academic career. He cares so much about each of his students (even though there are typically over 300 people in his Interpersonal Communication course) and really focuses on using examples of class concepts that are not only relevant but intensely funny. I always looked forward to going to his lectures the most out of any of my other classes; Dr. Daly crafts a really wonderful learning environment and I would jump at the chance to take another course that he teaches! - Julia Bennett

Thank you, Dr. Daly for an enjoyable first semester! With all the stress and disappointment online learning has caused for me as a first-year student, I always found joy in your class. Your positivity and kindness encouraged me so much this semester. Thank you for genuinely and evidently caring for your students. I really hope we can meet in person at some point! - Grace Besly

Dr. Daly, Thank you for your engaging lectures this semester - they really helped me understand my communications strategies better! Shoutout to our awesome TAs :) - Kenedi Houston

Thank you for making my first semester so fun and interesting! - Anonymous

Hayley Daniels, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you so much for being such a great TA! I can tell you really care about how available you are to your students, and I appreciate your willingness to jump on a zoom call last minute! You're super funny and a joy to be around! I'll miss you next semester! - Amanda Russell

Diana Dawson, Journalism and Media

Thank you for being such a kind, caring and funny professor! You make me really enjoy learning about journalism and reporting. Also, thank you so much for your help with SPJ!! :) - Taryn Courville

She has found a way to make us feel like everything that we are experiencing is normal and warranted. Whether it be stress about school, the election, or something that we are dealing with outside of class, Mrs. Dawson makes sure to be there for all of us. - Caroline Young

You weren't kidding when you told us you were like the J-school mom. Over the past three years, I found a place to truly be myself and grow into the journalist I am while sitting in your office. Your door was always open, and you always made time to see me. You helped guide me through my first few stories I ever wrote, and helped me establish my writer muscles early on when it hurt the most. You never judged, and you always helped me find an opportunity in every roadblock. You will always be my UT mom, and I hope my future career makes you proud! You're the best! - Anonymous

Thank you Diana for believing in me and always being there to support me whenever I need it. You are a sweetheart who has had such a profound impact on my time at UT and aspirations in journalism. - Anonymous

Liesbeth Demaer, Moody Staff

Liesbeth, as this chapter of my life, is coming to an end, I want to thank you for all your help from the day I was on that waiting list till today. You have been an extremely supportive and helpful coordinator. I am so grateful to have had you at Moody College as an advisor. You rock! keep staying phenomenal! - Sara Akhund

Natalie Devlin, Advertising & Public Relations

I want to thank you because in the middle of chaos and what it felt like the world falling down. Your online teaching and impressive, intelligent and creative videos kept me motivated and showed me a way to keep going through this very hard moment. Thank you for being such a professional and motivating professor. Its people like you that move the world. You can´t imagine how much I smiled and laughed, while I was learning. I am convinced you should be recognized. - Claudia Aguilar

Natalie has made zoom class very intriguing. She is passionate about teaching us and also about digital metrics which makes learning a fun experience. I have been able to learn valuable skills when it comes to analyzing data. Natalie also puts a lot of effort into making videos for our class on days that we do not have synchronous lectures! At the beginning of the semester she also made TikToks formatted syllabus videos which was so cool to see! Natalie is always so helpful and understanding during these crazy times. Thank you so much Natalie! - Amanda Saunders

Lisa Dobias, Advertising & Public Relations

Season's greetings! I hope that you and your family have a restful fall and winter break. Thank you for giving the fall 2020 TM&A cohort a warm welcome (despite our virtual classroom)! With every meeting we have, I leave feeling more energized and ready to dig deeper into the research. Our class has kept me busy in the best way possible and I love the energy you outpour towards us. Thank you for a great first semester of the TM&A sequence. I'm so grateful for the friends that I have made in the class and the knowledge that I've gained. Wishing you and yours good health and happiness. - Bree Trinh

Erin Donovan, Communication Studies

I feel so privileged to have had Professor Donovan as an instructor and mentor. Her lectures were some of the most memorable I had in college. Her research is compelling to read; always an insightful look at health communication from a perspective that fosters her inherently empathetic character and demeanor. Professor Donovan's dedication to her students is undeniable. She is an exceptional communicator, scholar, and role model. I'm thankful to continue learning from her long after I've left her class and wish her a wonderful Thanksgiving! - Hussain Alkhafaji

Minette (Meme) Drumwright, Advertising & Public Relations

Dr. Drumwright, thank you for being such a wonderful professor. You are an inspiring human and I am thankful to have taken a class taught by you. Thank you for teaching with passion, truth, and allowing students to grow. Thank you!! - Hutton Wilder Rechner

I have probably never had a more accessible supervisor and unwavering advocate than Meme Drumwright.  She has quickly and thoroughly answered all of my many questions, advocated for my future at UT even when not asked, and given countless pieces of great advice that have helped make me more successful.  I would not have had such a great first term on the UT faculty without her!  Thanks! - Anonymous

Dr. Drumwright is hands down the best professor I have had at UT. She genuinely cares about each of her students and wants them to succeed. She teaches in the most useful way, shares personal experiences, and is always there for her students. She is such an encourager, and an incredible leader (hints, her teaching CLD)! I am so thankful for the effort that Dr. Drumwright puts into her students and the entire CLD department. It is evident that she is passionate about teaching and is passionate about ethical leadership. She truly makes an impact in SO many lives. - Anonymous

Matthew Eastin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for supporting me and my studies when I was going through health complications that made it really hard for me to keep up with my classes. You really eased my stress and made it enjoyable for me to do the work I missed and continue the class. I have enjoyed this course a lot and have loved having you as a professor! - Maya Talamantez


Monike Garabieta, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Ms. Monike is the greatest clinical supervisor and I am so thankful to have spent my first semester of graduate school under her wing! She has taught me so much and is always helping me grow! She supports me, motivates me, encourages me, and so much more. Thank you for all you do!! - Anonymous

Joshua Gunn, Communication Studies

Thank you for your humanity and levity this semester. You continually reached out to students to check in to ensure we were receiving support through this semester. We had a particularly helpful conversation via email this semester that helped me feel so much less alone in my stress relating to this pandemic. Aside from that, your class has been really cool and exposed me to films and readings I wouldn't have explored on my own. Thank you again for everything! - Anonymous

Sascha Stone Guttfreund, Radio-Television-Film

Sascha is the only professor that has made zoom engaging and a functioning learning environment, and having his class every week is like an exhale from all the zoom-burnout. He has taught me so much, been so gracious with his time and resources, and I have no idea where I'd be without him and his class. He has made me feel like my career is possible and has helped me feel like I actually have control over it and given me a grasp on the music industry, and I know every other student feels the exact same. THANK YOU SASCHA !!!! - Susannah Joffe

Delaney Harness, Communication Studies

Delaney's class has truly been a delight to be a part of! She is constantly checking in on her students and is always willing to help us. She really wants her students to succeed, not only in her class but in their professional lives as well. I am thankful to have a professor who makes me feel like I can go to them for school advice or professional/life advice.  I would recommend everybody to take her class! Thank you Delaney for being a great, progressive, kind professor! - Bailey Rubal

Roderick Hart, Communication Studies

Dr. Hart! I love your class. You make political narratives so interesting and it makes me wish I was taking this class in person. I also really appreciate the comments you leave when you grade our exams. You're awesome!!! thank you :) - Anonymous

Jonathan Henson, Communication Studies

I really appreciated the time Jonathan gave me when I reached out to him. I was a 1st year applying to transfer in to Moody from COLA & I really enjoyed his class and the environment. After that is when I reached out and asked him to be my mentor for grad school  and I’m so grateful that he was able to give me that time to help me out. Being 1st-gen in a big school can be really hard, and Jonathan was a big inspiration for me to achieve great things. Thank you. - Esmeralda Negrete

Don Howard, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you Don for believing in me. You've made me open to making films in a different way, and I could not have completed my films without your help. - Anonymous


Thomas Johnson, Journalism and Media

Professor Johnson, you go above and beyond for your students. You always keep the class engaging and fun, you check in on your students and you are very understanding. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to take one of your classes because you have been an excellent professor. Thank you for all that you do for your students, and thank you for being so kind. - Meghan Holland

Even though this semester has been tough, I ALWAYS look forward to your class. Your memes, dad jokes, and enthusiasm for the class always put a smile on my face and re-energize me when I'm feeling burnt out. Everyone in the class can tell how much effort you put into making zoom engaging and fun, and we all appreciate it so much. This has by far been my favorite course I've taken at UT. Yes, the content was really interesting, but the reason why I (and the rest of the class) love it so much, is you! Thank you so much for all your hard work. And I really do think you'll be the next Alex Trebek! - Ellie Rudy

Corinne Jones, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you Dr. Jones for consistently providing the best virtual learning experience I've had in my 8 years of college.  Additionally, in my undergraduate level dysphagia course, it was presented as scary, mysterious, and frankly boring. Thank you for presenting dysphagia in an interesting, approachable way that has sparked a passion for dysphagia management and advocacy.  Thank you for being an advocate for evidence-based and ethical practice. I truly feel that I have a solid foundation in dysphagia education that I will forever build upon. - Anonymous

Jennifer Jones, Moody Staff

Thank you so much for not only explaining the new degree process (flags), but for taking the time out to make me feel like a student and not an old bum.  I look forward to our appointments because I know it is going to relieve stress and result in a solution.  You are fantastic at your job!  I am grateful to have you as an advisor. - Christopher Bush 

Jennifer Jones Barbour, Communication Studies

Dr. Jones Barbour is an absolute icon. The way that she conducts her class encourages students to challenge stereotypes and boundaries. She is extremely funny and authentic too! Dr. Jones Barbour is an incredible professor and should be an example to all others in how she creates an inclusive and active community that works together to dissect societal norms. I am in awe of how she has managed to do all of this over Zoom! Dr. Jones Barbour, thank you for genuinely caring about your students and their well-being. We appreciate you more than you know! - Claire Cheney

Dr. JB has restored my faith in humanity in the best ways. Not only is she a PHENOMENAL professor, but she is so generous and caring when it comes to her students. I truly feel appreciated in her class while also feeling confident about the material we are learning. One thing I must also mention, there was a survey that she sent out at the beginning of the semester for us to give her feedback on the class and she IMMEDIATELY made some improvements to the class that helped so much! This class has been such a joy taking this semester. - Natalie Perez

I am so grateful for Dr. JB, who brings so much joy and intention to her classes. It is clear that she has a deep desire to help her students reach their potential by pushing them to make real change in their lives and the lives around them. She inspired my love for CLD and truly embodies what it means to be a leader as she lifts up those around her. It is this positive spirit that made me want to learn more and push myself out of my comfort zone. Dr. JB’s light shines bright as it is clear that she truly loves what she does. - Kaitlyn Wessels

Dr. JB is an amazing professor! She puts in so much effort to get to know their students on a personal level. Her office hours are always open and they are very supportive of her students' success. Dr. JB is always super open about learning new things as well. - Anonymous

Dr. JB is one of those professors who I will lock back at my college career and remember for a long time as she has left a lasting impact on me. As an incoming freshman in the face of a pandemic, there are few professors like Dr. JB who make the process easier and welcoming. Her diverse background along with her cheerful and energetic nature makes everyone in her class comfortable. She is so fun and insightful to talk to. I was able to really connect with her experiences and no matter how tired you are, entering her class and seeing her excitement can get you excited and eager to learn. - Anonymous

Dr. JB is amazing. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her students, she sees them and values them. She is passionate about ethical leadership, human rights, and all things a CLD student should want in a professor. I am so thankful for Dr. JB's dedication and passion, even as we were abruptly switched to an online environment during Spring of 2020, she didn't let that be a major setback, yet still had immense grace for her students. - Anonymous

Dave Junker, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for taking the time to stay after lectures to continue talking with students about coursework as well as current events, and for being such a patient professor. While this year was quite eventful in itself, I credit you for my increased watching of the news and reading NPR for our weekly quizzes to stay updated on current events. You have taught me a lot about public relations that I hope to apply to my future career in the industry. I'm so glad to have taken your class this semester; I was definitely challenged to think differently while taking your course. - Madison Morris

Professor Junker is very caring of all of us and passionate about what he teaches. This really reflects on the quality of his class and the education he provides us. I always look forward to his class just to hear him ask how we are all doing and chat with us. He really is great. - Alejandra Rodriguez

Lee Ann Kahlor, Advertising & Public Relations

Dr. Kahlor, thank you so much for making my first class of my major, advertising, so enjoyable! You made the lectures fascinating and every time you opened with "Hi! Welcome back!" it made me smile. You are an excellent professor and I wish I could have you every semester! Thank you again for working so hard to make our asynchronous class easy and engaging! Happy Thanksgiving! - Avery Cotter

Kahlor has done an exceptional job at making sure students feel safe, heard, and valued this semester. It was so reassuring to see a professor care as much as she did. Thank you. - Anonymous

Professor Kahlor, thanks for being there for your students and caring about our well-being, especially during these stressful times. You always check in and provide numerous resources in case any of us needed help. Your lectures were engaging and I'll be able to walk away from this class with a lot more knowledge! - Anonymous

Sangeeta Kamdar, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

I just wanted to say thank you! You have made my first semester of clinics and graduate school fun and engaging, and I have learned so much in a short period of time. I look forward to our Monday clinics! Thank you for everything you have done to help make this highly stressful time less stressful. I cannot wait to learn more from you! - Anonymous

Stuart Kelban, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for the creativity, research, and tireless dedication you displayed to create a system for students to safely continue with their productions during Covid. - Anonymous

Guan-Soon Khoo, Advertising & Public Relations

I just wanted to thank him because he's been such a fantastic professor this semester and I learned so much in his "Creativity in American Culture" class. He was engaging, funny, and incredibly flexible about making changes to his syllabus to accommodate students' heavy work load and genuinely cares about their well-being. Taking this class genuinely changed the way I look at American advertising and mainstream media, so needless to say I am excited to take more of his classes in the future! - Natasha Sagar

Karen Kocher, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you so much for being an amazing professor during this unfortunate situation. Having such a passionate and understanding professor at this time means a lot to probably not just me, but the rest of my peers as well. I've loved your class so much, and it has only reassured my decision to pursue editing as a lifelong career. Thank you for all the effort and time you have put into creating a wonderful experience of a course. I hope you have a great and safe Thanksgiving! - Anonymous


Sean Labounty, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for helping our semester online still be enriching and worthwhile. While the course content was helpful, I'll keep growing for years with the mindset of chasing creativity you instilled. - Anonymous

Rosemary Lester-Smith, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for asking for mid-semester course feedback in Anatomy and Physiology and for taking our responses so seriously. It seemed like a substantial amount of additional work that you and Fan Yin put in to make adjustments during this challenging and unusual time. I feel that you deeply care about our ability and opportunity to learn the material, beyond the scope of this class. - Hannah Zesch

Deborah Lewis, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for your guidance and amazing teaching this Fall 2020 semester! I really learned a ton and I think that this is the most fun I have ever had in a UT class! All of the guest speakers were great and I am really grateful we got to hear from so many people. Thank you. - Joshua Paredes

Mira Lippold-Johnson, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being such a guiding light in this first semester! Through the MODD sessions and RTF events you given the best advice with the best energy, thank you! - Anonymous

Chang Liu, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

I am so grateful to have such a knowledgeable, and kind professor in my first semester at UT. You make sure to check in with how we are doing in learning the material, as well as checking in on our well beings as individuals. I know having to coordinate and schedule time with your students here, as well as the students from the numerous universities in China is not always easy, but having this experience is something I will remember forever. I feel grateful that you made the distance between us not seem so far as we social distance. Thank you! - Natalie Young

Brad Love, Advertising & Public Relations

During this time of uncertainty and extreme hardships, Dr. Love has been exceptionally understanding and supporting of his students. He has always made sure to ask us about our well-being before any school work matters. He also always takes the time to adjust his classwork so that we are not overwhelmed by our life outside of school AND in school. There are very few professors who have adapted to this new environment, and I just want to thank Dr. Love for going above and beyond the expectations of a professor. - Anonymous

Galit Marmor-Lavie, Advertising & Public Relations

Season's greetings! I hope that you and your family have a restful fall and winter break. I cannot thank you enough for the passion and compassion you've shown throughout this past year. I am incredibly grateful to be ending my college career with your insights into spiritual advertising and the eagerness you have for your students to produce meaningful work. I'm certain that I will be leaving UT with a wealth of knowledge that I learned in both courses I took with you. Thank you for being personable in a time of distance. Wishing you and yours good health and happiness. - Bree Trinh

Thank you so much for being such a motivational, charismatic professor. I have truly never been in a course that puts such emphasis on the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being as a professional in our industry and in the world as a whole. It is difficult to be grateful and compassionate during these times, and you have instilled these values within your students with such poise, grace, and passion. I am truly so lucky to be your student this semester and to have a mentor like you. Thank you!! - Anonymous

Dr. Marmor-Lavie has been one professor that has connected with me and made me want to learn for the first time in my life. I have had good teachers but Professor Galit goes above and beyond to make sure her students understand content and take it to heart. She cares about her work as well as her students and it shows. Thank you for having me in your course this semester; I hope I can continue to work with you in the future. Keep doing what you're doing because you are doing it all right. - Anonymous

Zelly Martin, Journalism and Media

Zelly has been amazing TA in Media Law. She's gone above and beyond my expectations! She's thoughtful and patient with students. During a stressful semester, she's brought a sense of calm to the course. - Anonymous

Zelly, you were an awesome TA. Media Law's a hard class to navigate for students, and you had a LOT of students. But week in and week out, you killed it. You provided thorough, insightful feedback and weren't afraid to engage with the different styles students would use. Not to mention your responsiveness and skill at helping students understand the material. As the class is mostly undergrads, there's predictably a lot of malaise amongst students. It's challenging, different, and demanding. But you were supportive and handled things beautifully. Someday, I hope to be as good a TA as you. - Anonymous

Madeline Maxwell, Communication Studies

Thank you, Dr. Maxwell, for such a great semester! I have loved your class. I'm so thankful for you because you have been readily available for your students and especially during this time, you have shown us how much you care. Knowing that has brought me motivation throughout the semester. Of course, you've also put together very interesting material for us to learn how to have better relationships and resolve conflicts that are inevitably part of our daily interactions. I will carry this knowledge and new perspective with me for the rest of my life, and I am grateful to you for that. - Anonymous

Jennifer McClearen, Radio-Television-Film

Dr. McClearen has been by far one of the most caring professors I've ever had!! She is so accommodating and wants to see her students succeed, and she really goes out of her way to ensure that every student feels safe and included in her class. She even made a really impactful quiz for us to check in with ourselves during these weird times. Thank you Dr. McClearen for everything you do! You are truly amazing!! - Amanda Edwards

Matt McCutchin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for being the most understanding, encouraging, and accessible professor I've ever had. You are truly a teacher who just gets it! You are always compassionate towards your students, especially this semester, which means the world to us. I appreciate that you're honest with us, you encourage us to take healthy risks, and allow us to use our creativity and imagination in our projects. If a student asks you for feedback before turning in an assignment, you help them out and direct them to success. Your passion for teaching and more importantly, your students, does not go un-noticed. - Anonymous

Rachel Mersey, Moody Staff

Rachel is a connection-maker. She hasn't been here long, but she's already introduced me to people I didn't know I needed to know. She has a positive and support approach to helping faculty with their research. Rachel is a great addition to the Moody Family! - Anonymous

Carly Montagnolo, Communication Studies

This is the second time I've had Carly as an instructor and she has been such a great teacher. You can truly tell she loves what she does and is invested in the success of all her students. I know she will be back at the University someday (maybe replacing Dr. Daly--if he ever retires haha). I feel so better equipped to enter the world as a confident communicator with the tools she has given me in her class, and I thank her endlessly. - Anonymous

Lisa Moseley, Moody Staff

There is no better gift in life than to know you have someone you can always count on. I could not imagine my journey through the past 10 years without knowing and working with you. Thank you for your honesty, commitment, brainstorming, and always going the extra mile for our CMS family. You always make me smile, and that is what it's all about!! - Jennifer Betancourt


Leece Nexera, Moody Staff

Leece makes sure the advising office stays up and running! She doesn't get nearly as much credit as she deserves. Thank you Leece for all the hard work you do. - Anonymous

Damon O'Brien, Moody Staff

Thank you Damon for always motivating me and encouraging me during my seminars for FIG! It is your positive attitude and kind words that drives me to make my FIG seminars successful! You give me great feedback and appreciation that makes me love my job even more! You have also been a great advisor and I always know I can count on you to get any of my questions answered! Thanks for always being there for me! - Critica Srivastava

As a senior, I wanted to thank Mr. O'brien these past four years for always working so hard to make sure his students are on the path for success. There have been some semesters that I am unsure about registration and fulfilling my degree, but Mr. O'brien has always been there to make sure that I am set to go into the real world on time. Mr. O'brien goes the extra mile for his students and I can't thank him enough for all that he has done for myself and many others. Hook' em O'brien! - Lyndsey Korona

Jeeyun Oh, Advertising & Public Relations

I just want to say thank you for being so patient and understanding. I know you really want us to learn the subject and to have a positive experience while doing it. You made the first official semester at UT really memorable! You are truly an exceptional instructor! Thank you for taking so many steps to help us! - Anonymous

Lia Ospina, Moody Staff

I wanted to thank Lia, because she has not only made the transition of my freshman year easier but she has helped me to find a major that I love. She has taught me how to succeed and be optimistic.  She had so much patience with me and I am super thankful to have had a person like her in my freshman year of college. Lia is currently a senior and going to graduate in Spring, which I don’t want her to because I will miss her but I know she will be on to better things. Lia you are an inspiration and I wish you the best in the future of your career outside of college!! - Anonymous

Cindy Patino, Moody Staff

Cindy has over 20 years experience working in student advising at UT.  The amount of institutional knowledge she has amazes me but more importantly how freely she shares and helps other advisors.  She is always patient and willing to help with whatever advising questions I have, even when she has a mountain of her own work.  I am so appreciative to have worked with her the last six years and value her as a co-worker. I don't know what the advising office would do without her. - Anonymous

Michael Pearson, Journalism and Media

I want to thank my professor, Michael Pearson, for helping me a lot in my first journalism class. I was anxious about this class because I've never taken a journalism class or had journalism experience prior, so I was scared about completing assignments and such. But Professor Pearson has given me valuable advice and insight and offered encouraging words that gives me assurance that helps me to see that I belong here. Thank you so much for helping me use my voice and providing me with the tools and foundation needed for a successful career! - Yvette Mae Caratao

Thank you Professor Pearson for being considerate and helpful this semester amidst the pandemic and everything else. I have gained a lot from being in your class and enjoy your stories and discussions. You rock. - Anonymous

Vincent Peña, Journalism and Media

Our J301 class was enormous, and I was very glad that Vincent was my TA. The entire semester he was helpful, patient, quick to respond, happy to see you in zoom office hours, and just steady. I was glad to know he was there if I had questions or needed help, and I hope he knows he was appreciated! - Ann Sellers

Alisa Perren, Radio-Television-Film

I want to give a shoutout to Professor Perren! She has been so accommodating and kind during these times, and she truly wants all of her students to succeed. She acknowledges everyone in the kindest and most compassionate way. She is truly one of the best professors because she cares about everyone and knows how to make a great impact on those who might not feel seen or heard. I can't imagine what this semester would look like if I didn't have her as a professor this semester! Thank you so much Professor Perren for everything you have done. You are seriously the best!!! - Amanda Edwards

Thank you for your intense dedication to providing the best educational opportunities for our students, and to all the administrative tasks you proactively take on to do so. Your Media Industries Conversations series is excellent, and you are a wonderful mentor to graduate students and an ally to staff. - Anonymous

Allicyn Phillips, Communication Studies

Thank you for introducing me to a lot of different people within Moody and helping me feel more comfortable in my position for my major choice. You are extremely helpful and a good-hearted person. It makes me feel hopeful when the people that work at UT are so passionate about helping students and insistent on seeing us succeed. A lot of students come from homes where they don't get that type of love. So thank you for contributing to that piece of hope for all of our futures. - Anonymous

Michelle Pho, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Pho, thank you for being such an engaging and exciting lecturer for the first-year AuD students. We love your class and especially your office hours. Thank you for always taking the time to thoughtfully critique our work even in classes that are not yours. Thank you for sharing your clinical experiences with us and encouraging us to attend your research paper group. We are grateful for all of the opportunities you share with us and the high energy and excellence you put into every class and assignment. We are so thankful for you! - First Year Audiology Cohort

I just wanted to say thank you! You have made my first semester of graduate school less stressful during a highly stressful time! I have learned so much from you in Research Methods. I am extremely grateful for you helping me with my writing skills. I cannot wait to learn more from you! - Anonymous

Jennifer Porras, Moody Staff

Thank you for encouraging me and getting to know me over the past few years. It has been refreshing to develop myself academically but even more so developing a friendship with you! I always felt safe sharing information with you and coming to you when I had academic or personal difficulties. Thank you for creating an environment where students can feel comfortable being themselves! - Anonymous


Emily Quigley, Journalism and Media

EQ, I am so grateful that you've joined us as associate director of the Moody Writing Support Program. This program is my baby and means so much. You understand its mission and its value and you also see how special the writing coaches are. You're doing a great job of nurturing both them and our program. I know with you along, we'll continue to grow it and improve it. Thank you for all you do and for being someone I'm proud to call a friend. - Diana Dawson

Having you as my editor at Texas Student Media was a pivotal moment during my three years in the J-school. You were my first "real world" editor and you trained my eye to look at stories differently. I didn't realize it at the time but you Mr. Miyagied my writing and editing skills! Despite all the digital "red ink", I never felt judged by you. I only felt supported. Seth and I talk about how lucky I was to have that experience. I am forever grateful that you came into my life, and I hope that we continue to stay in touch for years to come! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Anonymous

Charles Ramírez Berg, Radio-Television-Film

I so appreciate your appreciation of film history. And more than that, I appreciate how you share your knowledge and excitement about films with others, equipping them to find just as much joy from experiencing the films you choose to share. With the past two semesters specifically, I appreciate your positivity, encouraging words, and flexibility when it came to moving classes online. You clearly put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring this semester's class would be just as exciting as if it were in person, and I can attest it paid off. Thank you for always wishing us a good Tuesday! - Grace Donaldson

Thank you for being such a warm, kind, humanistic professor whose passion for film is so evident and expressed. I love film and getting to learn and listen from a professor who is so kind and warm is such a nice time during this rough year. Thank your Professor Berg. - Anonymous

Rohitash Rao, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for bringing so much color and positivity to a semester that can feel so glum and grey. Every professor should aspire to convey half the energy and compassion that you do through the screen every day! A very big collective thank you from all of your students. - Julia Ramirez

Thank you so much for everything you have done in Advertising Creative, you alongside Jourdan and Greg have developed a course unlike anything I have taken! It is very apparent you love what you do and care about your students. This course encompasses everything that made me fall in love with advertising, and listening to yourself as well as guest speakers speak on their professional past is incredibly inspiring! Your understanding and compassion for all students are really admirable qualities. Thank you for making this semester so transformative for myself and peers! - Sara Ryan

PJ Raval, Radio-Television-Film

PJ is the most helpful, encouraging and caring professor. I have taken his class twice and have made my best work at UT in his class. He really pushes you to be creative while still understanding the struggles of a student. I recommend every student I meet to take his class. - Megan Shevlin

Madeleine Redlick, Communication Studies

Prof. Redlick – Despite the impersonal nature of an online stream class, COM 301E is the only class where I feel like I am part of a community that actually cares about me. I've had a really hard time adjusting to life at UT, and frankly the general administration has been doing things that make me feel really short changed and just another paycheck. You, on the other hand, take time every day to show genuine concern and care for your students, and you're pretty much single handedly giving me faith in Moody. The effort you put in means more than I can say. Thank you. - Ivy Fowler

Thank you Dr. Redlick for all your funny memes and insightful knowledge this semester! It was lovely riding this rollercoaster with you :) - Kenedi Houston

Alex Remington, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you Alex for being an AMAZING TA!!!!!! You have been so helpful and kind this semester and so many appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm! You are one of the kindest and compassionate TA's and for that, I wanna thank you so much for everything you've done this semester! - Amanda Edwards

Kevin Robbins, Journalism and Media

I've had a lot of professors at UT who are knowledgeable about their craft and excel in teaching, but Kevin, you are a great educator and more — an exceptionally kind human first and foremost. Thank you for encouraging students to be their very best and for teaching with compassion. - Anonymous

Joel Rollins, Communication Studies

Dr. Rollins' class "Communication and Social Change" had a profound effect on me in a number of ways. Of all the classes I've taken, it is the one which I would most recommend to anyone. - Anonymous


Amy Sanders, Journalism and Media

Thank you, Dr. Sanders, for making a required, intimidating class one that was fun and genuinely enjoyable. In weird times, you were communicative with students and understanding of interesting living dynamics and how hectic life can be right now. Thank you for being invested in your students beyond grades and lectures. I'm incredibly appreciative of you and your passion for teaching. The University of Texas and the School of Journalism and Media are better because of you! - Kaitlyn Harmon

Thank you, Dr. Sanders! You have been my mentor and advocate throughout this semester. You've worked so hard to make online school during a pandemic engaging, fun, and educational for all of your students. You've gone above and beyond for me, your TA. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as a first-time TA and I hope we work together in some capacity for years to come. It's been a joy getting to know and work with you this semester. - Zelly Martin

This has genuinely been the hardest three months of my entire life, and Dr. Sanders called me and took almost an hour out of her day to hear my story and struggle. She's checked in with me every step during my healing and recovery process. She's been so accommodating with my work schedule, and even though she's just my professor, she's also been there for me when I've felt hopeless and alone. I'm so grateful for her and all my Moody Professors. - Anonymous

Dr. Sanders deserves the highest degree of recognition and appreciation. It is evident that she has such a special and fervent passion for teaching law. It is impossible not to be swept up by the charm of her lectures, supported by her transparent empathy, driven by her ambitious expectations, and grateful for her extensive work to keep us engaged in such a tumultuous education environment. I will always appreciate how admirable, compassionate, and receptive she has been to me during a time of hardship. Her meaningful student outreach is truly exceptional and I hope she recognizes that. - Anonymous

Dr. Sanders, you have been so instrumental to my growth and progress while at UT! You've really helped motivate me and keep me on track both academically and professionally, even when I've felt like there's not much hope for the future. Thank you for all the opportunities you've given me! - Anonymous

Prof. Sanders is tuned into the amount of pressure the students feel every week. Some weeks have been super tough and she has tried to make it easier. I appreciate that. - Anonymous

John Savage, Journalism and Media

Hi John, I appreciate how have kept the momentum going in our Reporting Texas class and instilled the importance of key elements in journalism in a positive way. You are all inclusive and make sure everyone is equally important. Thank you! - Anonymous

Larry Schooler, Communication Studies

Thank you for all of your support. You are such an extraordinary professor and I appreciate all that you have done for us this semester. It is hard to find professors who are this willing to accommodate, guide, and support their students. You are one of my role models. I look up to you because you showed me how to be an effective facilitative leader in my community. So thank you! Thank you for teaching our class and thank you for being who you are! - Tiba Al Khafaji

Alex Scott, Journalism and Media

Thank you for being such a great mentor and photography instructor! I've learned a lot about photography since starting this class, and feel like I'm confident in my skills for the first time! Thanks for always being patient with us -- Happy Thanksgiving! - Anonymous

Sam Shorey, Communication Studies

I wanted to thank you for not only being a stellar facilitator for our class but for leading us towards justice, innovation, and what's possible each time we're together. This semester has been unlike any other, but our class has consistently remained the bright spot of my week even amid such a strange environment. While much of what we do is rooted in co-creation, none of it would be possible without your hard work, dedication, and compelling vision for contemporary scholarship. Thank you for creating a class I'll never forget. Nothing wasted, muscles built. - Ryan Adams

Your empathy and compassion helped me more than you know. I greatly appreciate you, and I'm sure many others do too. Not only are you an incredible professor, but it is clear that you are an incredible human being as well. Thank you for all that you do. - Anonymous

Jim Spencer, Journalism and Media

Hi Jim, Thank you for showing us a clear glimpse of how the publishing world works.  You made our class stress free and fun.  Being back in school from the freelance world, this was one of the things I was looking for. Thank you! - Anonymous

Keri Stephens, Communication Studies

Dr. Stephens, thank you! I’ve never had a professor place such care and attention into me as a student. You mentored me, answered silly questions, and worked hard so that I could succeed. You were excited about what I considered faults in myself, and you’ve encouraged me to look at myself in a more positive light. Thank you for watching out for me, and I really appreciate everything that you’ve done. From my years at UT, you, your help, and your class will all be great memories! - Savannah Bonner

Joseph Straubhaar, Journalism and Media

I want to thank Dr. Straubhaar for making the course material very interesting. This is one of my favorite classes. I enjoy the material and have learned so much about media. The lectures have also gone really well because Dr. Straubhaar ties it in with his personal experience and research on Brazil. Dr. Straubhhar is very knowledgeable, and I have gotten so much out of the screenings that are assigned for this class. His strong passion for the media is apparent in his lectures, and I feel confident that I will be media literate once this course is over. Thank you for being a great professor. - Anonymous

Scott Stroud, Communication Studies

Dr. Stroud, I would like to thank you for the energy and positivity that you bring to students. As a student in your Communication Ethics course, you made every assignment both engaging and interesting. You take the time to tackle difficult, but timely topics; Ones that make us stop and think about who we should be as individuals and as a society, as a whole. Thank you for making this time of virtual learning feel some-what normal with your engaging lectures and occasional "dad-jokes"! Your class has taught me a lot about understanding morality and justice, but also about who I want to be. - Kamryn Kobal

I am truly appreciative of all the wonderful support and invaluable advice you have provided me during my time at UT. Your enthusiasm and work ethic are inspiring for all those who take your classes and work alongside you as Research Scholars. You know how to balance serious topics and humor in your courses, which makes each class enjoyable. My experience as a Research Scholar was profoundly defining as it allowed me to delve into important ethical issues while working with knowledgeable professionals like yourself. My best wishes for your continued success! - Michaela Urban

Theresa Thomas, Moody Staff

Thank you for always being awesome! You are always there and ready to help students in any way you possibly can. It has been an honor getting to know you these last 3 years, you are an amazing person inside and out! - Christina Bess

Thank you Theresa for managing to brighten up our Mondays at our seminar meetings and always being there to listen to our problems or just silly stories we have to tell. We appreciate your raw honesty in return in hopes of passing on knowledge to us and allowing us to know you better! You’re such a great person that is full of light and I will never forget having such a great Moody advisor/leader in general for my college career. - Jaida Newhouse

Thank you Theresa for being one of the best people to be around! You constantly devote yourself to students and you have the most amazing heart! You always managed to light up a room and make it whole again, zoom or in-person, and you truly care about everyone. I think I can speak for a majority of students when I say that you have truly been the Mother Theresa we did not ask for but all needed. Thank you for everything! You’re the best! - Alyza Saenz

I wanna thank Mama T for being one of the most understanding and best people to talk to. She made the transition to college a lot easier and I appreciate her so much. Also a big thank you for making my Mondays a lot better, I love the weekly MCSS meetings! But my biggest thank you is simply for accepting all of us no matter who we are or what we have done. Lots of love from the girl who mixed up Dawson’s Creek and Schitt’s Creek haha. - Anonymous

I'm very thankful for everything Professor Theresa did, such as giving words of encouragement and advice. Every week, I always look forward to her class because it is very chill and a stress reliever. I am very thankful for Theresa and she is the best teacher I have ever had. - Anonymous

I know that I haven't seen you very often this semester and I have probably emailed you more than I have in any of the semesters I have attended at UT. I just wanted to say that I am very appreciative of you and how much you have helped me since I was a freshman with no idea what was going on within my academic and personal life. Thank you for everything that you have helped me with and the future help I plan on reaching out for, as well. You are the best and I know you will never steer me wrong and anything you tell me is in my best interest. Love you, Theresa! - Anonymous

Kendall Tich, Communication Studies

Thank you so much for your energy and understanding this semester! The class was really fun getting to know my peers and engaging with all of our guests :) - Kenedi Houston

Hi, Professor Tich/Kendall as you allowed us to call you so, I hope you are doing well during this chaotic time. I would just like to thank you for contributing to my first-year experience at UT. I have to confess that I was nervous (classes taught by graduate students are not common in the educational system of my country), but I learned a great deal in your class in terms of speeches and presentations. You are very kind, caring, understanding, and chill. I wish you success in your career, health and safety in general, and a happy Thanksgiving! - Shuhe She

Thank you for being such an understanding and helpful professor! You made my first semester at UT feel smoother. I can't thank you enough! - Anonymous

Thank you for always coming to class with a positive attitude, and for being so kind and flexible with your students! I look forward to coming to 306M every week :) - Anonymous


Rachel Walker, Moody Staff

Where would any of us be without Rachel? Course scheduling, faculty promotion, HR, stepping in when other staff members are unavailable...She takes on the unglamours work of 2, if not 3, staff members, clocking countless extra hours to ensure our courses are scheduled, our faculty are hired and properly promoted, and that all the trains are running (and not into each other). Heartfelt gratitude to you! - Anonymous

Jerold Wallace, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for being the coolest TA ever!! - Anonymous

Gary Wilcox, Advertising & Public Relations

As a student who took your advertising course, and is applying to the Moody School of Communication I just wanted to thank you. This semester in your class has taught me a great deal of knowledge that I can apply to my future, and will be a great contribution to my success. Your class helped me discover what I want to do with my career as I was a little indecisive before entering your course. I will definitely recommend your course to anyone who is also considering advertising in their future. - Anonymous

Herb Woerndell, Moody Staff

It's been a pleasure working with Herb for many years. - Troy L Johnson

Jourdan Wooden, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you so much for always being there for your students and offering insightful feedback! It's very clear that you care about the courses and students that you TA for and I hope you know that the hard work you do is not unseen! Whether it's office hours working through my potential ad campaign ideas or offering additional information to the class it is incredibly above and beyond previous TAs have done! You make the class feel more personable and smaller through your dedication and care! Thank you so much. - Anonymous

Amanda Zappler, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Zappler, thank you so much for your patience and guidance with our first-year cohort. You are a wonderful mentor to us, and you have been a wonderful instructor as we all navigate this tough time with COVID. Thank you for being an advocate for our class and encouraging us to be responsible and take care of ourselves physically and mentally. We are always grateful for your wonderful spirit and desire to teach us to be compassionate and competent clinicians. Thank you for being an example of strength, patience, and excellence for us. We are so thankful for you! - First Year Audiology Cohort

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you have done during this crazy time. You have helped make my first semester of graduate school less stressful during a highly stressful time with COVID. I am so grateful to have you as a professor and cannot wait to learn more from you! - Anonymous

Lingzi Zhong, Communication Studies

Lingzi was one of the best TA's I have had for a class. Her professional yet friendly composure to approach and run through CELP's or any assignment with. She is a wealth of knowledge who takes time out to help students and gives it her all. She really made a difference in class and with helping students understand the course content better and present their best selves. - Anonymous