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Fall 2022 Moody Shouts Outs

In fall 2022 we asked the Moody community to take a moment to acknowledge thoughtful, hard-working faculty and staff members, and we were amazed at how many responded to share notes about those who have influenced and encouraged them along the way. Check out some of the "shout outs" we received below!

(Note: these are not all of the shout outs we received as some submissions asked to not be posted publicly.)




Cassandre Alvarado, Advertising & Public Relations

You were the first guest speaker I heard from at UT that I actually felt positively impacted by. You have provided masses of students with powerful insight that help combat the barriers that are present with being a first-generation student like myself. The opportunities I have experienced because of you have taught me more than I ever thought they would. You have played a remarkable role on my college experience and I am forever grateful for that, thank you. - Abigail Meir

Lucy Atkinson, Advertising & Public Relations

I am writing this message to show my heartful appreciation for your contribution to my life and career. You patiently listened to my challenges, understood them, and motivated me to speak out for myself. You are truly an inspiration to me for my future goal of becoming a female researcher and teacher. I am really thankful to have had you as my professor and advisor. I wanted to let you know you truly are the best professor! I wish you many more years of success! Thank you so much! - Anonymous

Jones Barbour, Communication and Leadership

Thank you Dr. JB for being so passionate about what you teach and igniting that same passion in your students! Being in your class has made me realize that I picked the right major. I hope to have some of the many leadership skills that you reflect in your teaching! Don't stop being you! - Anonymous

Gabrielle Beacken, Journalism and Media

Just a big THANK YOU to let you know how much the Media Law students and I appreciate your hard work and dedication! - Amy Sanders

Clare Boyle, Moody College Staff

Thank you, Clare, for being the go-to person for so many things. I'm always grateful for how willing you are to help pull back the curtain on this mysterious world of academia and help me see what I need to know. I appreciate the hard work you put into all you do to help all of us serve students better. - Diana Dawson

Katie Bradford, Communication Studies

The Conflict Resolution class is one-of-a-kind. I want to thank Professor Bradford for being a compassionate and open-hearted teacher. I appreciate how engaging this course is which also helps me keep up with the material. Everyone I've talked to in the class has said how kind Professor Bradford is which really shows that she goes the extra mile for her students. She even brought us donuts to class one day, and got everyone their favorite flavor! Thank you so much. - Anonymous

Dr. Bradford has been an amazing professor. She is patient, understanding, and passionate about what she teaches. - Anonymous

Taylor Buchanan, Journalism and Media

Hi Taylor!! I just wanted to send a quick thank you to you for all that you've done for me. Our discussion sections has really given me the opportunity to ask for help and get to know you on a first name basis. Your help means a lot to me as a freshman, because I have not taken the first journalism class yet. Thank you again for always being there to help!! - Ella Denena


Cissy Cheng, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for being the teacher assistant for Speech Science. Because of the speech science teaching team and this course itself, I really want to change my major to study Speech Language and Hearing. You all make this course fun to learn about and I highly encourage a lot of other people to take it too! Thanks for all you do :) - Julianne Molina 

Tiffany Chavers, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Professor Chavers has been such a great resource for the students in her Clinical Observation class. She has been accommodating and understanding. We learn so much from her. Thank you! - Anonymous

Kyle Clark, Moody College Staff

Thank you for putting the students first and always having a presence at all student-facing events! Your energy is contagious and well needed for not just the students but for the faculty and staff. - Anonymous

This thank you is long overdue. You bring a contagious sense of positivity that makes it hard to be in a bad mood even on the worst days. You consistently make students feel valued and I think it is safe to say that anyone who meets you can tell how much you truly care about everything you do. You never let a task appear to be "too small" to you. Thank you so much for always listening to me and putting up with my opinions and candidness. All of the guidance you provide means more than you will ever know. - Abigail Meir

Thank you for being the perfect example of a great higher ed leader! You've been one of my favorite supervisors and I can't thank you enough for the experiences you've granted me. I've learned so much and had so much fun doing it. THANK YOU! - Adriana Villegas

CMS Department Staff, Communication Studies

This is a shout out to Jennifer, Lisa, and Saul in the CMS Department. This fall has been especially busy, and was even more crazy after one staff member departed. But, y'all didn't miss a beat. Thanks for being the hardest working department staff in the college and for all you do to make everyone else's lives a bit easier in the department. We could not do what we do without you! - Secret Fans


Nathaniel Day, Moody College Staff

I am so happy that you joined the team and serve as our supervisor! You bring such a great energy and you really make us feel heard and valued as your student workers. You have helped shed light on my dark times and it truly means a lot. - Abigail Meir

Diana Dawson, Journalism and Media

Thank you, Professor Dawson, for putting students first, for caring about their success and lives and for being a positive, inspiring and nurturing presence at the University of Texas. No one does it better or more genuinely. You make everyone around you better. - Anonymous

Donna De Cesare, Journalism and Media

Prof DeCesare, you are always very kind, inspiring, and helpful. I enjoy having you as a professor at every moment and I appreciate how knowledgeable and professional you are. Taking the Cultural Survey of Photography course with you was such an unforgettable experience in my college life with all those inspirational and valuable words, as you always challenged me to push further and to learn more. Always a big thank you :) - Krystal Won

Ladd Flock, Moody College Staff

Ladd embodies all the core values of the Moody College of Communication through his work as a career counselor. I’ve been working with Ladd for three years, and I have witnessed his love and passion for the college and its students. He never treated me like a statistic or a random number; instead, he treated me like a unique and talented individual with a prosperous career ahead of her. Ladd is the primary reason I tell prospective students on tours that Moody is the best Communications School in the nation. Without his guidance and wisdom, I would not be where I am today. He is more than a career counselor; he is a mentor, role model, and friend. He epitomizes why Moody staff are talented, excellent, intentional, and thoughtful. - Anonymous

Kali Foyle, Journalism and Media

Just a big THANK YOU to let you know how much the Media Law students and I appreciate your hard work and dedication! - Amy Sanders


Joshua Gunn, Communication Studies

Dr. Gunn, thank you for being such a great professor! Your rhetoric of horror class is not only engaging and challenging, but incredibly fascinating from both an intellectual and general horror fan standpoint! It isn't easy to make asynchronous classes compelling, but you've managed it! - Anonymous

Terri Harding, Advertising & Public Relations

Terri: you have made working at The Lab such a joy.  Since I started the role as Executive Director in the summer you have made my transition to this new position so much easier.  You are an effective program coordinator and an amazing person.  We are both learning how to make this program better for our students and clients.  Thank goodness you took the position! - Liza Lewis

Roderick Hart, Communication Studies

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you. You have made a significant impact on my academic journey and personal life. I know we do not know each other very well but having been in your class for almost two semesters I have learned and grown so much as a person. As the end of the semester looms closer each day I can't help but feel sad that I will no longer get to listen to your witty but informative lectures each week. Thank you for showing me kindness throughout our time together. You have helped me feel like I belong and deserve to be at UT. - Anonymous

I look forward to going to your class every Monday and Wednesday. It's the highlight of my day. I really appreciate the creative class activities and examples you incorporate into your lectures. They have been instrumental in broadening my way of perceiving those around me. Now, I find myself not only viewing politicians' speeches, but also my friends' vocabulary in a new light. In addition to that, my persuasive writing has greatly improved throughout the course. Thank you so much for devoting your time to teaching. You have made such a positive impact on the world. - Victoria Barreras

Abby Hendricks, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you so much for all your work and contributions to the International Advertising course this fall. I am very impressed with how you handle students' needs in the classroom and during office hours. You motivate me, and students enjoy working with you. Thanks for always being open to sharing your ideas. - Anonymous

Madeleine Holland, Communication Studies

I just wanted to give you a quick thank you for being the coolest professor at UT. COM 301E was a very fun class all because of you, and I really appreciate your effort to make it very engaging and interesting for students. I know most of the class consisted of guest speakers, but anytime you had the floor you always stole the show and made whatever you talked about fun and entertaining. I hope I get to meet you in person sometime in the future, but for now I wish you well! Thank you! - Ryan Fenton

Thank You Dr. Madeline Holland for just being a positive light in this world. You are such a kind soul with tons of encouragement, energy, positivity, and just general down-to-earthiness. Thank you for always supporting your students through your positive character and warm heart. You are very much appreciated for all of your efforts even through the lowest of times. Keep on doing what you love, you are making an impact on your students! - Emily Zamora

Christy Hoppe, Journalism and Media

Christy, thanks so much for being such a strong and important team member in Reporting Words. I wish you well as you explore new frontiers and hope you'll return to us, even after you discover the joy of less grading! - Diana Dawson

Professor Hoppe is one of the best educators I have ever had. She has not only transformed my writing and journalistic skills but has worked to build my character as a journalist and person. Professor Hoppe is always there for her students, whether it be suggesting constructive criticisms and praise on your most recent story, posing you with challenges, or offering understanding when we face struggles, stress, and the inevitable bumps that come with being a college student. She presents genuine care for those around her and is one of the most knowledgeable women I have ever met! - Annabelle Moore


Jamie Jelinek, Communication Studies

Thank you for being a great instructor and getting to know your students on an individual level! - Anonymous

Jared Jensen, Communication and Leadership

I wanted to thank you for how much effort you put into our class. It really is my favorite class to go to and it makes my brain wake up to think. I really hated group work before this class and you have completely changed my opinion on that. Thank you for the fun activities and discussions. I really love this class! - Anonymous

Dave Junker, Advertising & Public Relations

Thank you for your continued efforts to expand the mindset and challenge your students to use various approaches to challenges. I continuously refer to your lessons from Life of the Mind last year. They have inspired me to think differently about how I approach problems and interact with my peers. I was re-inspired by your guest lecture regarding the dynamic influence of Yoko Ono, an artist I was unfamiliar with. I am jealous and excited about the future honors students who have the opportunity to experience your teaching in Life of the Mind for the first time. Thank you! - Megan Benz

Thank you for being such a kind, enthusiastic professor! My first semester has been better for being in your class. I appreciate your efforts in getting to know your students on an individual level. - Anonymous

Thank you so much for an insightful first semester and wonderful introduction to the Moody Honors Program. Your class has led to some of the most powerful and thought-provoking discussions I've experienced in the duration of my education thus far. The care you have for all your students shines through in every class and I'm appreciative for the bright spot your teaching serves as throughout my week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! - Aliya Carr

Karen Kocher, Radio-Television-Film

I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for your help in advancing my knowledge in the art of editing! Your teaching style is amazing because you make students feel like you take your job very seriously. I could tell every student feedback is reflected upon by you. Thank you for making intro to editing an amazing and enriching experience! - Anonymous

Prof. Kocher is one of the best teachers I've had. Her classes are engaging and it's clear she cares about her students individually. I honestly was pretty nervous about taking an editing class but now I look forward to it. I also feel like I'm actually learning a valuable skill for my future in her class, and she has done a good job of personalizing the editing process so it feels like I get to make creative choices. She also has taught me the value of organization and preparation, something I previously took for granted. Will definitely look to take another class with her again soon. - Anonymous

Rajinder Koul, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Koul is kind, appreciative, encouraging, and supportive. He's the best Department chair anyone can ask for! - Nayanika Ghosh

Susanne Kraft, Moody College Staff

Susanne is, and has been, there to support our post-production needs for as long as I can remember. She is genererous with her extensive technical knowledge and always willing to lend a helping hand. During the pandemic she spent so much time helping out my students with technical issues over Zoom. She is cheerful, positive, and just a joy to work with. Thanks, Susanne for being you. Keep those WIKIs coming! - Anonymous


Katie Lever, Communication Studies

Thank you so much for being such a great teacher and being understanding to your students. I hope you know we are all so grateful for you and that your class has been the most impactful on my studies and outside of my studies. This semester has been so great so far, keep up the good work. - Anonymous

Chang Liu, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you so much for being so sweet, kind, and patient with us as new doctoral students. You have really created a safe space for learning and growing in this new chapter of life that has positively impacted my mental health! Keep being an amazing professor to all your students! - Miah Ornelas

Sean LaBounty, Advertising & Public Relations

I don't think I've ever had a teacher so inspiring and supportive. Even on projects or ideas that I thought were lost, I left every office hour or brainstorming session more excited about my idea than when I came in. His energy, humor, and brains made me look forward to every class, and I feel reassured in my decision to pursue Creative Advertising. Sean has nearly 24/7 office hours, spends days preparing for critiques and compiling our work, and liaisons frequently between students and job opportunities. It feels like he is really on our "team," and I can't say that about every teacher. - Anonymous

Richard Lewis, Radio-Television-Film

Hi Richard! I just wanted to say thank you so much for being such an amazing professor and pushing me to be the best I could possibly be when it came to every aspect of creating my thesis film. I'm in LA now interning for two companies (doing mostly boring stuff) and pretty much everyday I think back to shooting Alfie and Gully for your course and screening it at the Union. It was so much fun and one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. I pretty much already knew that's what I wanted to do with my life but you helped cement it. I can't wait to do it all again. Thanks for everything! - Anonymous

Madhavi Mallapragada, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you for challenging me in class. Your class always helps me think critically. I have really appreciated your support and guidance this semester. - Emily Jin

Gina Masullo, Journalism and Media

Thank you for your passion for teaching, your enthusiasm is contagious! Not only is your class engaging, you also make your content relatable and easy to understand. I feel encouraged to participate actively in class discussions and you have created a safe and nurturing learning environment to grow. You're also a really cool Prof! :) - Anonymous

Kumar Mayank, Radio-Television-Film

Kumar, thank you for being such an essential part of our Intro to Editing class and guiding the students throughout this semester. I and our students greatly appreciate your hard work and patience. - Anonymous

Matt McCutchin, Advertising & Public Relations

Thankful for Prof. McCutchin's enthusiasm for the class because his energy makes this course so enjoyable. Despite being virtual, Prof. McCutching makes the material super engaging and fun to follow. I'd also like to thank Prof. McCutchin for being so understanding and seeing the humanity in students. Its small acts of being flexible with coursework and extending deadlines because of holidays show how much he really cares and I'm super grateful for that. - Anonymous

Christian McDonald, Journalism and Media

I wanted to thank you for your unending patience in helping me in Data Journalism. It's a new thing to me to be so challenged by a class and I really appreciate you never rolling your eyes over my ineptitude but always being available and willing to help me understand. - Anonymous

Kathleen McElroy, Journalism and Media

I just wanted to say thank you because I love her class and the way she teaches. I remember during syllabus week she gave us her number to call just in case we had any questions about class or even if we were in an unsafe situation and didn't have anyone else to call, that small gesture really meant a lot to me as I had just moved to a new city. I feel so comfortable in her class, knowing I can ask silly questions or thoughts and she treats us with genuine care and respect. She's really everything you could want in a professor and I will definitely try to take another class of hers soon! - Kassandra Araque

Colleen Morgan, Moody College Staff

You have a personality and light that I absolutely love. You are always so upbeat and embrace individuality better than anyone I know. You are so hard working and I am so proud of everything you are doing along with the resilience that's within you. It is always a pleasure talking to you and I appreciate you so much for always listening and giving me advice. You make me feel a sense of warmth even on my coldest, cynical, or pessimistic days. - Abigail Meir


Gillian Neff, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for being the ULA for this course!!! I really appreciate the emails we get before class starts since you prepare us for the lecture material beforehand. Thank you for hosting review sessions and making the exam material easier to understand! The speech science team is doing great on teaching this course. :) Thank you! - Julianne Molina

Michael Pearson, Journalism and Media

Thanks, Michael, for being such an important and strong member of our Reporting Words team. I know the class is a lot of work, but having strong professionals teach it lays the proper foundation these students need. You make a big difference to them and to me! - Diana Dawson

Brittny Pharr, Advertising and Public Relations

Thank you for being a great TA! Your positive, encouraging approach makes class a great place every week. - Anonymous


Emily Quigley, Journalism and Media

Thanks so much to Emily for keeping the wheels of the writing program turning and being such strong support in Reporting Words. You make my life better by being a crucial part of my world! - Diana Dawson

Robert Quigley, Journalism and Media

I wanted to give a quick thank you to you for your inspiring lectures each day. I have left each one of your lectures feeling so positive and excited. Your inclusion of alums panels and other Moody Staff members sets your class apart from others because it gives us a taste of real life and what we can possibly do with our degree. I would recommend your classes to absolutely anyone, even if they are not Journalism majors because the material we are taught is very applicable to real life. Thank you again! - Ella Denena

Thank you so much for making J302 so fun. I love to learn about journalism on a deeper level. The passion you have for the class and your student is inspiring. You are just a wave of energy that brings positivity in the room which I truly enjoy. - Anonymous

Thank you for being an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. You are constantly making me and my classes better with your advice and guidance. - Christian McDonald

Lauren Ralston, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Dr. Ralston is a great TA and role model for SLHS students! She truly cares about us and makes our labs something to look forward to. - Katie Cole

Robert Richardson, Journalism and Media

He's a great teacher and has made a stressful class bearable and fun. You can tell he really cares about us. - Anonymous

You are so knowledgeable and helpful! From editing techniques to developing stand-up concepts to finding and pitching compelling stories, I know that whatever I need support with, you'll be there with a great idea. I couldn't ask for a better TA. Thank you for all your help! - Sloane Wick

Marialena Rivera, Moody College Staff

I am eternally grateful that I have had the privilege to not only meet you, but work in the same vicinity as you every week. You have helped and inspired me more than you know within the short amount of time we've known each other. You are an inspiration to first-gen & poc students. Your optimism and wisdom do not go unnoticed and it is an honor to take the lessons I am learning from you along with me through all of my endeavors (whatever those may be). - Abigail Meir

Kevin Robbins, Journalism and Media

Kevin, thanks for being a great partner as we develop this new course. Teaching with you is tons of fun, even if we don't rehearse as some students think we do. May we make a difference together! - Diana Dawson


John Schwartz, Journalism and Media

Thanks, John, for being such an important and strong member of our Reporting Words team. I know the class is a lot of work, but having strong professionals teach it lays the proper foundation these students need. You make a big difference to them and to me! - Diana Dawson

Emily Shapiro, Radio-Television-Film

Thank you, Em for being an incredibly talented colleague and an awesome friend. The students in our Documentary Production class are very lucky to have your support and guidance and I know that the amazing work they're doing this semester is in large part thanks to you. - Anonymous

Lesley Hernandez Silva, Moody College Staff

I adore your work ethic and the energy you put in with everything you do. It is the women like you and the others in Moody, that are paving the way for other students (especially women) who identify with marginalized groups. You bring a rich insight to higher education and I cannot wait to see everything you accomplish. You have studied the lack of belonging students feel in Moody, but I hope you know that you have provided part of what you seek. You have given students the chance to be heard and share their stories, which is way bigger than it may seem. Thank you so much for always listening! - Abigail Meir

Lee Sparks, Moody College Staff

The biggest thank you to you and everyone in the RTF Office for being patient and welcoming to all of us new in the office! I found my place among UT Austin, and that's in Moody and the RTF Department! - Anonymous

Stacey Sowards, Communication Studies

Thank you for putting effort into class and encouraging us to think critically! - Anonymous

Claire Stevens, Journalism and Media

THANK YOU for being such an amazing Media Law peer tutor. The students and I appreciate you! - Amy Sanders

Natalie Stroud, Communication Studies

I really appreciate your commitment to building skills in students. We walk away from your class with the practical application of all the material and the confidence to apply it in new contexts, on top of the theoretical understanding built from class. The time and care you take to give individual feedback, talk through ideas, and give us new ways of doing things really make a significant impact on our work. Your enthusiasm, knowledge, and teaching skills make you an amazing professor! - Anonymous

Theresa Thomas, Moody College Staff

I wanted to thank Theresa for making me feel like I am not just a number in a big school like UT. It means the world to have someone that shows up for you academically and personally. I also really appreciate her movie reviews and stories about her dog! Thank you so much for welcoming me and making me feel like I belong here. - Bailey Harris

Thank you for believing me in my first semester back at UT! It was been a journey and your support has had a huge impact on me. - Lauren Muñoz 


Jun Wang, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for teaching this course and inspiring me to transfer into this major! You make this subject very fun to learn about and easy to understand. Your teaching team is very helpful too because you, Cissy, and Gillian encourage me to learn more everyday! - Julianne Molina 

Tom Willett, Radio-Television-Film

Hi Tom! I just wanted to say 1) thank you for being such an amazing professor and forcing me to write my first feature which I am beyond proud of and is hands down one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done with my life and 2) taking the time to meet with me months after the fact to discuss said feature. You have inspired me so much to keep doing this and I will be forever grateful. Thank you so much for believing in me and taking me seriously even when I told you I wanted to write a 3 hour swashbuckling epic about Santa set in the twilight of the age of sail. You're the best! - Anonymous

Samuel Woolley, Journalism and Media

I really enjoy your social media and propaganda class, and you make this topic super interesting! I always have so many takeaways from your lessons and feel inspired to learn more about the subject. You're the kind of educator that makes learning fun and encouraging. You're also really cool about it being an early 8am class, and we appreciate that :) - Anonymous

Maxine Wu, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher assistant! I really enjoyed your lectures in class because you explained everything so concise. Thank you for being there along with Dr. Czimskey!! You guys make an amazing team. :) - Julianne Molina