Video / Audio

Tech Services can be the support staff for events that take place between Monday through Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm and are no longer than four (4) hours in duration.  For events that take place on weekends, after business hours,  or are longer than four (4) hours a student worker can be hired to run the technical aspects of the event.  Contact us for more information about staffing for an event.


Technology Services provides:

- Live event production (restrictions apply)
- Video recording of class lectures, special guest speakers, etc. (restrictions apply)
- Streaming of pre-recorded media (YouTube/Vimeo/Livestream)
- Webcast of live events
- Video Conferencing

Live Event Production

For events that require technical assistance Tech Services will consult and set up for the event.  This can include setting up of microphones, cameras, and an audio mixer (if needed).  An overflow room can also be set up if you feel that the room holding the event might not be large enough to accommodate the guest.  Tech Services will ensure that all equipment is installed correctly and working properly.  Tech Services does not set up chairs, tables, plants, or anything else that is not technology based.  Please contact Facilities Services for these request. 

What are some technical aspects of a live event?

You are having a panel discussion and will need microphones set up for each panelist. 

You would like to have the event video recorded for streaming on the web at a later date.

You would like to have the event webcast live. 

You feel that you need an overflow room to accommodate a larger audience.


Live Event Webcasting - Webcasting of live events is provided by    We will provide you a link to where the webcast can be accessed.  The College's Livestream account has unlimited viewers and can use unlimited bandwidth, but the stream must be viewed on the website.  You can not embed the stream into another webpage. The event is recorded by and is archived for viewing in the future.  Please contact us for more information on webcasting a live event. 

Please contact Technology Services at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event date so that we can consult and coordinate the set up of the event.


Video / Audio Production

Video / Audio Recording - Tech Services can record (audio or video) class lectures, special guest speakers, and special events.  These productions usually consist of one to two cameras and lavaliere and/or shotgun microphones.  Once the lecture or event has concluded the video/audio will be edited and exported for the web or DVD.

Do you want to shoot the video yourself?

Tech Services can consult on video shooting tips and techniques. Cameras and audio gear and be checked out from Equipment Checkout in CMA 3.104.


Please contact Technology Services at least two (2) weeks in advance of the event date so that we can consult and coordinate the set up of the event.

Video Editing - Tech Services offers basic editing for video files.  If you shot the video yourself or acquired it we can do basic editing to get the video ready for the web or DVD.  Basic editing includes quick edits, adding title screens, lower thirds, etc.  The video can then be exported for the web or DVD. 

DVD Extraction  - Tech Services can extract and edit DVDs.  If you need to use a clip from a DVD for teaching in class we can extract the movie from the DVD and edit clips into Quicktime files.  These files can be shown in class, embedded in Powerpoint, uploaded to Canvas, Box, etc. 



Streaming Media (pre-recorded content)

The College uses both YouTube and Vimeo to host and stream pre-recorded content.  You are welcome to upload your video to the College's Channel or create your own user account to host your video.  Please contact us for more information on streaming media from one of these sources. 

Get a YouTube accout

Get a Vimeo account


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing Unit (Tandberg 550) - Tech Services offers video conferencing in both CMA/CMB and in DMC.  For conferencing in CMA/CMB a mobile unit is deployed.   This unit can be set up in most rooms with advance notice.   These video conferences require the other side have a video conference unit that can call or receive calls from an IP address.  Please contact us at least two (2) weeks prior to the conference date so that we can test the two video conferencing units and correct any technical issues before the conference date. 

Skype / Google Hangout conferencing - For web conferences using Skype or Google Hangout a webcam can be checked out from Equipment Checkout at CMA 3.104 or DMC 5.104



Media Duplication / Transfers

The Digital Media Labs (CMA4.138)  provides  a self-service area that will allow you to duplicate to and/or from a wide variety of media formats.  Equipment is available at a first-come, first-serve basis.  Staff and handouts are available to help get you started.


Formats available to duplicate/convert:

  • VHS
  • DVD
  • Mini DV / DVCAM
  • Hi8 / Digital8
  • Betacam SP
  • Audio CD
  • Audio Cassette
  • Digital Video File (.mov / .mp4)
  • Digital Audio File (.mp3 / .wav)