Moody College Success Scholars

Fall 2023 - MCSS Mentors Group Picture on Moody Bridge

Moody College Success Scholars (MCSS)

MCSS is an enrichment program that creates a community for students to connect with peers who share similar backgrounds. As UT is a large university of over 50,000 students, MCSS aims to build a "community within a community" that fosters relationships and friendships that enhance the social, emotional, and academic well-being of our students.

MCSS provides resources, community, workshops, and volunteer opportunities for Success Scholars from freshman orientation to senior year graduation. First-year Scholars attend a special year-long seminar with their peers and are assigned a peer mentor who is trained in assisting students in navigating university life.


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The MCSS program fosters advocacy within each student in our program. Scholars are given opportunities to advocate for others through volunteer activities while also learning to advocate for themselves through our workshops and seminar.


Our Scholars spend their first full year at UT in a dedicated seminar course where they connect with their peers, mentors, and members of the local community. Students develop lifelong friendships through MCSS Hangouts, workshops, and outreach opportunities.


Through MCSS monthly workshops, Scholars build and develop leadership skills. Our Moody Mentors receive leadership training designed to enhance their abilities to connect with their mentees in MCSS, as well as with faculty and staff.

Program Eligibility

Membership in the Moody College Success Scholars program is by invitation-only. The Moody College Success Scholars program and the Office of Admissions work closely together to identify freshmen who have demonstrated exceptional motivation and potential in high school. Both a student’s academic and extracurricular accomplishments are taken into consideration when determining membership in the program.

MCSS students are one or more of the following:

  • First generation

  • Pell grant eligible

  • University Leadership Network members


  • Customized seminars that connect the MCSS community with resources and each other

  • Special presentations from UT faculty and staff

  • Monthly workshops

  • Personalized advising team

  • A dedicated Moody Mentor who is also a Success Scholar

  • Specialized volunteer opportunities

  • Reserved seats in a popular Signature Course

  • Exclusive MCSS Merch

The program helped me be more comfortable with coming into college because I felt like I had someone who knew what I was going through and could guide a bit.

Zach, Class of 2025