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ESPN’s Rob King gives career advice at the William Randolph Hearst Fellows Award Lecture

Rob King ESPN Banner

Rob King, senior vice president for SportsCenter and News at ESPN, spoke to students on March 31 at the William Randolph Hearst Fellows Awards Lecture on how to begin their careers upon graduation from the School of Journalism.

King began his lecture by reassuring students there are many job opportunities available for them as storytellers but to recognize the real challenge is learning how to improve one’s storytelling abilities.

King added that the “wonder” of a story will always be a central component and that journalism is a journey, not just a career.

He closed his speech by telling students that a value they possess is the ability to know audience expectations, a problem King said media executives often don’t understand but young people know well and can demonstrate as they learn to produce content across differing media platforms.

Also checkout Rob King's full lecture on YouTube.

Marc Speir
Senior Content Producer