Robert Rodriguez challenges RTF students

UT alumnus speaks at SXSW festival

Robert Rodriguez SXSW Banner

Director, writer, producer, editor, composer, and Department of Radio-Television-Film alumnus Robert Rodriguez gave advice to students at South by Southwest and challenged them to participate in his ongoing BlackBerry Keep Moving short film contest.

Robert Rodriguez encourages UT RTF students to participate in film contest from Moody College of Communication on Vimeo.

Rodriguez is known in Hollywood for his pioneering spirit and said he keeps a relationship with The University of Texas at Austin and the College of Communication so he can inspire “the next generation of innovators.”

Charles Ramirez Berg, a university distinguished teaching professor, arranged the event in conjunction with BlackBerry. Rodriguez’s latest project enlists fans around the world to help create an action-packed short film by filling in gaps in the footage with user content.

The plot centers around two vigilante twin sisters on a secret mission to destroy a monster and is split into three acts with portions of the story missing for contestants to fill via green-screen technology.

To complete the film, Rodriguez needs actors, writers and artists to contribute digital footage or graphic design. The contest is currently in the third act and runs until Wednesday, April 17 at 5 p.m.  

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Marc Speir
Senior Content Producer