Opportunity to make a difference

Scholarship opens door to resources, education

Miguel Anderson is a journalism honors first-year student from Richmond, Calif.

Because his mom was a single-parent who “worked a lot,” Anderson said he “grew up having to do a lot of things by myself.”

Miguel Anderson hook 'em

Through his resourcefulness, and the Bay area's metro rail system, Anderson discovered many enriching extracurricular and educational opportunities that were not available in his low-income neighborhood .

“I honestly feel so grateful to be from and grow up in such a place. The Bay Area has a great deal of diversity and opportunity,” he said.

Anderson is a recipient of a four-year Impact Scholarship, which is awarded to students who make a big impact on their communities and are selected for demonstrated leadership, proven academic success and overall perseverance.

“I earned my scholarship opportunity through my hard work. I did a lot of extracurriculars in high school, and I feel like my work towards community service really put me on the map,” Anderson said. “Next thing is getting a dual-degree after my first year (at UT Austin). I'm currently looking into the ethnic studies, sociology, and humanities departments. I also want to conduct research on racist and classist barriers in media industries.”

Natalie England
Assistant Director, Communications