Enlightened Events

Moody College special lectures add unique perspectives to educational experience

The Moody College of Communication hosts lectures from luminaries in their respective media fields, enriching the undergraduate and graduate education for thousands of students and the general public.

Please enjoy these highlights from just a handful of the incredible individuals who made their mark on Moody College with their wit, wisdom and life lessons in 2017-18, and stay tuned for more intriguing visitors during the new academic year.



Ongoing programming such as Media Industry Conversations, the Media Ethics Initiative Speaker Series and Global Media Industries Speaker Series annually attract a treasure trove of compelling voices to the Moody College.

Video credits include footage from the Moody College Technology Team, Moody College Marketing and Communication Team, University Communications at UT Austin, Texas Monthly, KQED Public Broadcasting and Black/Bernstein Productions LLC.

Marc Speir
Senior Content Producer