Converging Worlds, Creating Futures

What we do and why we do it

Moody College of Communication attracts people who are motivated to study, work, think and create for a purpose that extends well beyond our corner of the Forty Acres at The University of Texas at Austin.

Those bold enough to be Moody are pulled together by a singular driving force, a general truth and everyday ethos.

At The University of Texas at Austin, we proudly declare “What Starts Here Changes the World,” and “Converging Worlds, Creating Futures,” is our Moody maxim.

Converging worlds and creating futures explains what we do, and also why we do it.

At Moody, diverse ideas and talents converge to cultivate dreams and solutions that influence how the world connects today and tomorrow.

Converging Worlds, Creating Futures

During this dynamic age, when media innovation and advancement occur almost daily, we find our worlds growing bigger with possibility, and yet simultaneously converging together as we become more interconnected.

All the worlds that inform and shape Moody College are colliding. Convergence provides us possibility and opportunity to actively create the future in our respective and collective fields of research and practice, and to create the future industries and fields our students will then be prepared to lead.

Moody College is a community, because we unite in this common purpose to converge and then create, together, a better world.

We hope our maxim resonates and that you embrace it as part of your daily dialogue. Please let us know what you’re doing at Moody that demonstrates how you are converging worlds and creating futures.

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Natalie England
Marketing Communications