Catch Us on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Jimmy and Guillermo visit Moody College

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Each week, Associate Dean for Student Affairs Mark Bernstein advises students on everything from class enrollment to admissions to the Moody College of Communication. However, Bernstein recently advised two individuals who could be called "nontraditional students" – TV late night celebrities Jimmy and Guillermo from ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" show.

As part of the show's week-long Austin broadcast during the South by Southwest Music Festival, Jimmy and Guillermo visited The University of Texas at Austin for a skit in which Guillermo enrolls in the Moody College.

The skit aired Friday, March 14, and also featured Advertising and Public Relations Lecturer Dave Junker. Jimmy and Guillermo visit Junker's class, only to discover that "no one shows up for class during South by Southwest."

Watch the clip here:

Marc Speir
Senior Content Producer