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Bachelor of Journalism

The rules listed on this page are specific to the 2016-2018 catalog year. Rules for previous catalogs can be found on the degree checklists (below).

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Journalism degree comprises 120 credit hours.

Core Curriculum

A specific combination of coursework in English, Government, American History, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Fine Arts. 

Major requirements

  • 36 hours of major-specific coursework in the School of Journalism must be taken.

Moody College of Communication requirements


  • Journalism majors may not take more than 9 hours of Journalism coursework per semester
  • Journalism students may not count more than 60 hours of Communication coursework toward the degree
  • Journalism students may not count more than 36 hours of Journalism coursework toward the degree


Students should choose courses in the core curriculum and in the major requirements that also fulfill their major department's Flag requirements. The Flags required for Journalism students are:


Students can also fill elective hours by: