Tuition Rebate

You may be eligible for a tuition rebate of up to $1,000 if, at graduation, you have attempted no more than three semester hours beyond the minimum number of hours required for the degree. These hours include all hours you may have attempted, whether by transfer, credit by examination, courses you dropped or withdrew from after the official enrollment count. There are many stipulations to this rule, so check with your advisor about the requirements and regulations that govern this rebate. For more information about the rules and requirements, visit the Tuition Rebate page.

If you believe you qualify for this tuition rebate and will complete your degree requirements at the end of the current semester, please download the tuition rebate application, complete it, sign it (since UT is currently operating remotely, you may simply type in your signature), and email it using your official utexas email address to the Student Advising Office ( by the deadline, which is the official graduation date for the semester in which you will graduate. Processing of your tuition rebate application cannot begin until your degree has been conferred by the University and may take up to 2.5 months to complete.