Lucy Wei

Lucy Wei

Lucy Wei

Associate Account Executive at Amazon Ads
Public Relations, Public Relations
Class of 2021

How are you using the skills that you learned at Moody in your current role?  

Moody taught me the importance of being curious. The PR curriculum, the Moody Honors Program and the clubs that I joined made me realize how valuable it is to be in an environment that encourages exploration. In my current role, I truly have never stopped learning since Moody created the foundation to do so!  

Why did you decide to go to grad school?  

Doing my business minor at UT helped me realize how interested I was in business. I wanted to expand on what I learned and sharpen my quantitative skills so going for my Master's in Management at Georgetown's business school was the best next step for me.  

Were you involved in student orgs on campus?  

I was especially involved in Texas Tower Public Relations, the student-run agency at Moody, serving as the Co-Director my senior year. I also was the Out-of-State Agency Director for UT Student Government and was a FIG mentor. Additionally, I was part of Moody Honors!  

What advice do you have for #TEXASMoody students?  

Do things that push yourself out of your comfort zone! You'd be surprised at what you will experience when you prioritize this.  

What do you miss most about Moody College?  

I miss the people! Through Moody, I met best friends that I'll have for the rest of my life.  

Do things that push yourself out of your comfort zone! You'd be surprised at what you will experience when you prioritize this. 

Lucy Wei

Can you talk about your career path?  

Before Moody, I struggled to answer the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" since I grew up believing that I had to stick to one interest/profession. However, while I was at Moody I was able to intern in advertising, public relations, strategy, marketing, media, etc. at CNN, Supergoop!, BCW Global, R/GA, NBCUniversal (aka a variety of industries). When I started the job search process, I prioritized finding a job that would not only allow, but encourage me to wear a number of different hats which is how I came across my current role at Amazon.  

What classes/professors helped the most?  

I absolutely LOVED my Media Foundations class with Lisa Dobias -- the class cultivated an environment in which we were challenged, pushing me to produce work that I'm still so proud of to this day.  

IG/Twitter handle/LinkedIn: @lucy_w920/@LucyWei11/