Jamie Alberto Bernes

Jamie Alberto Bernes

Jamie Alberto Bernes

Javier Villarreal Injury Law Firm
Communication Studies
Class of 2021

How are you using the skills that you learned at Moody in your current role? 

Law school is no easy task; legal education requires a lot of reading, briefing, and comprehending textbook pages and assignments every week. In addition, one is expected to recite and communicate the information learned appropriately. Moody college of communications taught me the key elements necessary to succeed in this environment. Moody taught me how to be and stay organized, study, and prepare for exams, but most importantly, it taught me how to enhance my written and oral communication skills. I am sure that without this strong college education foundation learned at Moody, I would not have been where I am today: working for a personal injury firm and being part of the fully online first ABA-accredited law school program at St. Mary’s Law. 

Were you involved in student orgs on campus? 

Yes, I was a member of LEBA (Latin Economics & Business Association). A school organization comprised of Latin students but open to anybody interested in economics or business. I highly recommend this organization to anyone who would like to form part of a close-knit community of Hispanic students looking to help the community and learn from several speakers. 

What advice do you have for #TEXASMoody students? 

My first piece of advice is to take a class with Professor John Daly. He is the best professor in this institution; he has a vast knowledge of communication, especially personal relationships. His class is so interesting that paying attention is an enjoyable task. Things learned in his class are the type of things that you use for the rest of your life.  

I am sure that without this strong college education foundation learned at Moody, I would not have been where I am today.

Jamie Alberto Bernes

What do you miss most about Moody College?

First, I miss the professors and walking to campus. Second, I always brag about our college’s facilities and buildings, they are the best! Third, the people at Moody were always so lovely and welcoming. We are like a huge family. Finally, I miss crossing the Moody bridge and stopping mid-way to admire the view. Choosing this institution has been my life’s best decision, and I would not hesitate to do it all over again 

Can you talk about your career path? 

I studied political communications with a business minor at UT. After that, I worked for a year in a personal injury law firm in Austin (Sandoval & James) while applying to law schools all over the state. I was notified that I was being considered for the first fully online ABA-accredited law school program at St. Mary’s Law School. I accepted the offer and am now part of the first class of only 26 spots. After Law school, I plan on being a personal injury attorney in Austin, Texas.  

What classes/professors helped the most?

Roderick Hart, John Daly 

IG/Twitter handle/LinkedIn: Jaimealbertobernes