Chelsea Berk


Chelsea Berk

Account Manager
Communication Studies, Department of Communication Studies
Class of 2018

How are you using the skills that you learned at Moody in your current position?

Account management is all about communicating with your clients and all different departments across your agency soI have definitely been using my communication and organization skills. Moody taught me so much about time management and how best to communicate and connect with others.

What advice do you have for #TEXASMoody students?

1. To not worry if you don’t have a job at graduation because many communication jobs hire people that can start immediately.

2. That the people you work with/for are just as important as what you do. When you’re interviewing, don’t settle and if you get along well with the people you speak to, that’s a great sign.

3. Always be sure to come to interviews prepared with your resume and having done your research.

4. Ensure to always show empathy in the workplace.

5. Your first job likely won’t be your dream job but you’ll learn about your likes and dislikes and it’ll become easier to find what you’re more passionate about down the line.

6. Have fun! Don’t rush through undergrad and waste your time stressing about post grad life. It’ll all work out but undergrad in Austin is too amazing to waste on worrying about your future.

There’s nothing I miss more than learning in a classroom. I loved learning all about different types of human relationships and the psychology behind advertising.

Chelsea Berk, B.S., Communication Studies, 2018

What do you miss most about Moody College?

Although I am learning a lot in my job every day, there’s nothing I miss more than learning in a classroom. I loved learning all about different types of human relationships and the psychology behind advertising (what I do now).

Can you talk about your career path?

My career path was not always a straight line. I was always (and still am) between two paths: advertising/marketing and human relations/counseling. That’s why I chose to major in communication studies and not something as specific as advertising. I interned at a few different types of companies throughout my undergraduate time: a big ad agency, a local magazine, a TV station, and a smaller marketing/PR company. Ultimately, I landed on a bigger ad agency as I enjoyed the big ad agency feel the best and thought that that would be the best place to start out. People also told me that it would be best to start off big then get smaller if I wanted, as that’s easier than the other way around and these bigger agencies had a lot of room for growth and really want to help you learn skills that you could take to any job. Also, working on brands at these agencies that I have been passionate about/that I can relate to makes the work that much more enjoyable. I have also had amazing female role models at these agencies who have been great to learn from.

What classes/professors helped the most?

Psychology of Advertising was a great way to get my foot in the door in advertising. Communication and Personal Relationships and Interpersonal Communications, Professional Communication Skills, Social Media Journalism, and Theories of Persuasion were all amazing classes that helped me in some way or another!

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