Cami Yates

cami with magazine
Cami Yates - Communications Coordinator
Class of 2019


How are you using the skills that you learned at Moody in your current position?

I’m doing so much writing, so I’m using what I learned in my journalism classes and making sure that my articles sound clear and concise while also making sure my audience is engaged. I’m also putting my video and photojournalism skills to use, capturing the spirit of the College of Fine Arts.

What do you miss most about Moody College?

Learning! I miss listening to my professors’ experiences and hearing their knowledge and their successes. I also definitely miss Cappy Café and their coffee.

What was your first job out of college?

My current job is actually my first job right out of college! I started three days before the pandemic started, and then I spent the next year and a half navigating my career from home. Now that I’m back on campus, it feels great to finally put the skills I’ve learned throughout the year to use, and I’m hoping I can create more visual content to really showcase what the College of Fine Arts is doing.

Which classes/professors helped the most?

Dennis Darling, Eli Reed and Donna DeCesare really shaped the visual journalist that I am today. I learned so much from them and how they viewed the world through their lenses.They’re incredibly inspiring and I hope others consider taking their classes and keeping visual journalism alive.

Global education is important because it puts you in a creative space that you would never really think of being in in the first place.

Cami Yates, B.S., Journalism, 2019

Why did you study abroad? How was your experience? Why is global education important?

I studied abroad because I wanted to expand my horizons and really put my skills to the test outside of UT. It was an absolute blast, especially learning under Dennis Darling. Global education is important because it puts you in a creative space that you would never really think of being in in the first place. Being and learning in Prague was the most inspired I’ve ever been, and it was refreshing to be able to see and capture how others live outside of our own culture.

Was there an item you brought from Prague that is significant to your trip? If so, can you take a photo of it?

ceramic kitten

These two little glass cats from Karlovy Vary that you fill with the mineral water from their thermal springs that they have there to safely drink it (it was still gross anyway). I have two cats, so they represent them! Also, this Franz Kafka postcard about how Prague never lets you go –and he was right. I miss it all the time.

What did you learn from your experience abroad?

I learned to be more confident in my photography and to be less embarrassed about taking my camera out in public and just snapshotting my surroundings. I also learned a lot about myself and how to spend time by myself and with my camera.

Why would you recommend studying abroad to other students?

I think studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You can always travel, but there’s something about learning while being abroad that enriches your experience and helps you delve into the country’s culture and people and really learn who they are.