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Internships for Academic Credit

Undergraduate students who wish to earn academic credit for an internship must apply for permission from their academic department to register for an internship class. The classes are each overseen by an instructor in the department who may require students to attend class meetings, provide examples of completed work, keep an internship journal, etc.

Questions about which internship class you should take, how it will count toward your degree, the process to earn academic credit, etc. should be directed to your academic advisor.

If you are wondering if your internship is appropriate for academic credit, how your internship will be graded, class assignments, etc., please ask the course instructor. The acceptability of your internship will be evaluated using the position description provided as part of your internship application.

Students who are taking an internship through Moody College, but are in another college, please send an email with your name, EID, semester, course number, and unique to for permission to register.

Students seeking an internship offered by the Stan Richards School should follow the application process listed here

Receiving Course Credit

Moody College internship courses are only offered on a credit/no credit basis and each course has its own unique prerequisites. This will not count against the total pass/fail courses (5) that students are allowed overall.

The Moody College of Communication allows a maximum of 6 internship credit hours to count toward your degree (only 4 hours are allowed for students under catalogs prior to 2018-2020).

You must take the internship class during the same semester or summer session that you complete the internship. Retroactive credit for internships will not be granted under any circumstances.

Work Hours

Each course requires a certain number of work hours. These hours should begin around the first class day of the semester or summer session and must be completed by the last class day of the semester or summer session. Internships lasting less than 9 weeks in a long semester, or less than 6 weeks in the summer, may require additional approval from Moody College.

Acceptable Types of Internships

Beyond the specific requirements from each department, the general guidelines for acceptable internships are:

  • Specific beginning and end dates consistent with fall, spring, or summer semester.
  • Direct, on-site supervision by a working professional currently active in, and with considerable experience directly related to, the work to be performed by the intern.
  • The intern must be engaged in some kind of meaningful activities related to the field they're receiving credit in.
  • Internships must be at an established place of business and not a home office.
  • The intern receives substantive experience in the field, which can be documented in student’s internship report, including work samples.
  • The employer must provide all resources, workspace, and tools for the student-intern to complete assigned internship tasks/projects.
  • The employer must be bonded and/or hold sufficient business and liability insurance to cover students completing their internship tasks on and off their business premises.

Questions about specific internship opportunities should be directed to the faculty member who oversees each internship course.

Click here to review the internship requirements and guidelines from your department.

Course Deliverables

Generally, interns must provide materials for review at the mid-point and end of the semester. Usually, these deliverables are internship journal entries and job summaries, however interns may be required to include more detailed items such as work samples. Specific details will be included in the course syllabus. Interns must also complete an end-of-semester evaluation of their internship experience.

Employers are also asked to provide mid-semester and final evaluations of the interns. The course instructor will contact employers at the appropriate time to collect these evaluations.

International Internships

Any student traveling internationally for a university-related purpose, regardless of credit or funding, must obtain authorization prior to departure. This includes self-sourced internships.  Students who do not comply with the international travel policy can face disciplinary sanctions (see official policy here.)

If you plan on traveling abroad for academic purposes, please follow the steps below.  Students are required to complete all steps prior to departure.

  1. Apply for Travel Approval
  2.  Register the Travel

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