Dual Masters Programs

Dual Masters Programs

The Dual Masters Program is structured so that students can earn two master's degrees simultaneously in approximately three academic years. The Moody College of Communication (COM) offers dual M.A. programs which may include a specialization in Advertising, Communication Studies, Journalism, and Radio-Television-Film. 

A student interested in any joint degree program can learn more from the Graduate School. All dual-degree applicants will be reviewed independently by both departments and must meet the admissions requirements for both. Applicants must be accepted into both departments in order to be considered a dual-degree student.

Moody offers the following Dual Masters Programs:


  • Advertising / Business Administration (ADV/MBA)
  • Advertising / Public Affairs (ADV/LBJ)

Communication Studies

  • Communication Studies / Business Administration (CMS/MBA)
  • Communication Studies / Latin American Studies (CMS/LAS)
  • Communication Studies / Public Affairs (CMS/LBJ)


  • Journalism / Business Administration (J/MBA)
  • Journalism / Global Policy Studies (GPS/J)
  • Journalism / Latin American Studies (J/LAS)
  • Journalism / Middle Eastern Studies (J/MES)
  • Journalism / Public Affairs (J/LBJ)


  • Radio-Television-Film / Business Administration (RTF/MBA)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Latin American Studies (RTF/LAS)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Middle Eastern Studies (RTF/MES)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Public Affairs (RTF/LBJ)
  • Radio-Television-Film / Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (RTF/REENIC)