Bridging the Communication Gap

Moody College announces designs for pedestrian bridge

The Moody College of Communication recently released design plans for a pedestrian bridge connecting the CMA, CMB and Belo Center for New Media. The bridge will serve as the northwest gateway to The University of Texas at Austin.

An artist's rendition of Moody Bridge, projected for completion in March 2016.

Designed by Rosales + Partners of Boston, one of the foremost pedestrian bridge architects in the United States, with structural engineering by Freese and Nichols of Ft. Worth, the project is scheduled to begin August 2015 and be completed by the end of December 2015. The bridge was designed in collaboration with the Lawrence Group, the architecture firm that designed the Belo Center.

The bridge will connect the second floor in the Belo Center with the existing bridge between the fourth floors of the CMA and CMB. It will be characterized by a series of slender steel towers that vary in height and scale and hover above Dean Keeton Street, near Guadalupe Street. The bridge will span about 300 feet with a high tower of 65 feet and will be illuminated at night.

Marc Speir