Beyond Likes and Followers

Public relations alumna and social strategist discusses the impact of social media for companies

Do companies and organizations focus on the wrong outcomes when using social media? According to public relations alumna Deirdre Walsh (B.S., '02), senior social strategist at Jive Software, companies should go beyond amassing likes and followers and examine the fundamental ways in which social media can alter their business.


Walsh visited the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin to discuss the job responsibilities of a social media strategist, how social media can impact overall business and how to address a crisis communication problem through social media.

Deirdre Walsh on Social Media Strategies in Public Relations from Moody College of Communication on Vimeo.

Walsh also gave advice on what students should focus on to pursue a career in social media. A link to the full lecture can be accessed here.

Marc Speir