Free Speech Week Archive

Free Speech Week (FSW) is a yearly event to raise public awareness of the importance of freedom of speech and of the press in our democracy- and to celebrate that freedom. As freedom of speech and of the press are rights all Americans share, this non-partisan, non-ideological event is intended to be a unifying celebration.

Moody College faculty and students share their perspectives on various Free Speech topics in our "Free Speech Minute" videos below. Moody College undergraduate students are invited to participate in a video contest for cash prizes.

2022 Winners


2021 Award Winners

1st Place: Meredith Bowden

2nd Place: Paula Levihn-Coon

3rd Place: Guillermo Correa Cervantes

Congratulations to the 2020 student video contest winners

2nd Place: Carly Ramos

3rd Place: Michelle Arriaga Urbina

Honorable Mention: Jianna Alvarez

Honorable Mention: Ander Echeverria

Hear Why Free Speech Matters

Chloe Young: Journalism and Media Student

Dr. Craig Scott: Communication Studies Professor

Dr. Johanna Hartelius: Communication Studies Professor

Dr. Angela Bock: Journalism and Media Professor

Michaela Urban: Communication Studies Student

Dr. Scott Stroud: Communication Studies Professor

Dr. Stacey Sowards: Communication Studies Professor

Dr. Roderick P. Hart: Communication Studies Professor

Justin Pehoski: Communication Studies Doctoral Student