Denius Music Industry Internship Program

Student working on music control board
Music industry internships grant program
Moody College students can receive up to $6000 a summer internship in the music industry.

If you interested in A&R, music journalism, publicity/promotions, advertising, public relations, music television or video production, marketing, publishing, music supervision, interactive/new media or talent/artist management, you could receive up to $6000 for work at an internship with employers such as, Billboard magazine, MTV, Atlantic Records or Sony Music Entertainment.

Up to five stipends are awarded each summer.

Important Information about the Program

This program is open to undergraduate students with upper-division standing (by the end of spring 2024 semester) and graduate students enrolled in the College of Communication who will be returning to the College for at least the fall 2024 semester. May 2024 and August 2024 graduates are not eligible. Students from all majors within the College are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must:

  • be eligible for and enrolled in a credit-based internship course during the Summer 2023 semester; Proof of class enrollment must be provided before funding is awarded. 
  • secure an internship before applying.
  • have a faculty sponsor for their application.  
  • have no financial bars. 

NOTE: You should check with Financial Aid to makes sure your package allows for this scholarship.  If not, you will NOT receive this funding or will be required to reimburse the University the amount of the scholarship awarded.

All applications must include:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Description of the internship opportunity
  3. Email/letter of acceptance from the internship host company/organization
  4. Breakdown of budget estimate with supporting materials
  5. Letter of recommendation from your faculty sponsor
  6. Current resume
  7. Unofficial academic transcript
  8. Narrative addressing the following:
  • why you have selected this internship 
  • what you have done in and out of the classroom to be successful in this internship
  • how this internship will assist you in meeting both your educational and career goals

All application packets will be evaluated based on content, presentation, and interview. 

Grants can be requested in any amount up to $6000. Up to five (5) grants are awarded each summer to qualified applicants.

Summer 2019

Reynaldo Castillo, Jr., BS, Communication and Leadership, December 2019
Music Design/Music Sync Licensing Intern, OnVinyl Media Group / SoundSync, Austin, TX

Benjamin Reid Jowers, BJ, Journalism, May 2020
Music Intern, The Austin Chronicle, Austin, TX

Keisha Soto, BS, Communication Studies, May 2020
Marketing Intern, ACL Live, Austin, TX

Erin Walts, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2021
Artist Management/Music and Management Intern, C3 PresentsVelvet Hammer, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2018

Elaina Gonzales, BS, Public Relations, May 2019
Label Marketing Intern, ATO Records, New York, NY
Addison Hollensed, BS, Communication Studies, May 2019
Artist Relations Intern, C3 Presents, Austin, TX
Annika Horne, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2020
Music Production/Talent Management Intern, Lobel Art Associates, Austin, TX

Garrett Mireles, BS, Advertising, May 2019
Multicultural Business Development Intern, Creative Artists Agency, Los Angeles, CA
Michaela Newman, BS, Public Relations, December 2019
Public Relations Intern, Giant Noise, Austin, TX
Elise Nutt, BS, Communication Studies, May 2019
Booking Intern, Panache Booking, Los Angeles, CA

Chris Pham, BS, Public Relations, May 2019
Publicity Intern, Crowd Surf, Culver City, CA
Myra Tompkins, BS, Public Relations, May 2019
Publicity Intern, Crowd Surf, Culver City, CA

Summer 2017

Andrew Craig, MA, Radio-Television-Film, May 2018
Music Event Research and Development Intern, Texas Student Media/KVRX, Austin TX
Yewande Isola, BS, Public Relations, BJ, Journalism, May 2018
Public Relations/Marketing Intern, Reach Records, Atlanta, GA
Shelby Schreiber, BJ, Journalism, May 2018
Artist Management Intern, C3 Presents, New York, NY

Summer 2016

Shad Murray, BS, Communication Studies, May 2017
Public Relations Intern, Cornerstone Agency, New York, NY
Kaitlin Reid, BJ, Journalism, May 2018
Digital Marketing Intern, C3 Presents, Austin, TX
Abigail Wills, BS, Public Relations, May 2018
Publicity Intern, Crowd Surf, Culver City, CA

Summer 2015

Quinton Boudwin, BS, Radio-Television-Film, BJ, Journalism, May 2016
Production Intern, Viacom, New York, NY

Cristina Musso, BS, Advertising, May 2016
Public Relations Intern, Giant Noise, Austin, TX

Bryan Rolli, BJ, Journalism, May 2017
Editorial Intern, Paste Magazine, Decatur, GA

Summer 2014

Amy Brauchle, BS, Advertising, May 2015
Artist Management Intern, FADER Label, New York, NY

Leigh Brown, BS, Communication Studies, May 2015
Marketing Intern, ACL-Live, Austin, TX

Itzel Martinez, BS, Radio-Television-Film & BA/Mexican-American Studies, May 2015
Production Intern, Remezcla, New York, NY

Diana Nguyen, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2014
Video Production Intern, The Live Music Capital Foundation, Austin, TX

Ashley Reed, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2016
Editorial Intern, Complex Media, New York, NY

Summer 2013

Nathan Beausoleil, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2014
Reviewing Intern, Music Supervisor Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Kim, BS, Public Relations, December 2013
Public Relations Intern, Cyber PR, New York, NY

Claudia Sifuentes, BS, Public Relations, May 2014
Public Relations Intern, SYCO Entertainment/Sony Music Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Elijah Charles Watson, BJ, Journalism, May 2014
Editorial Intern, BillBoard Magazine, New York, NY

Bailey Wilson, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2013
Company Intern, Fresh & Clean Media, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2012

Ashley Buenrostro, BS, Public Relations, August 2013
Communications/Public Relations Intern, Country Music Association, Nashville, TN

Drew Campbell, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2012
Studio Intern, Butter Music & Sound/Mister Bronx, New York, NY

Shelby Graham, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2013
Production Management Intern, OnSlot Creative, New York, NY

Ashley Peña, BS, Public Relations, December 2012
Publicity Intern, Warner Music Nashville, Nashville, TN

Steven Vanderworp, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2013
Audio Intern, Digital Audio Post Inc., Nashville, TN

Summer 2011

Brooke Mori, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2012
Music Licensing Intern, Lip Sync Music Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Juliana Noel-Morgan Alvarez, BS, Advertising, December 2011
Marketing Intern, Sony Music Entertainment-US Latin Division, Miami, FL

Tao Zhou, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2011
Research and Development Intern, VIMBY, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2010

Zachary Anderson, BS, Communication Studies & BA/Spanish, May 2011
Talent Relations Intern, Harrison & Shriftman, New York, NY

Anna Fitzgerald, MA, Radio-Television-Film (Media Studies), May 2011
Customer Service Department Intern, United Record Pressing, Nashville, TN

Kyle Goldstein, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2011
Production Intern, Done & Dusted, New York, NY

Sascha Stone Guttfreund, BS, Communication Studies, December 2011
Marketing & Branding Intern, Silverback Artist Management, Los Angeles, CA

Samuel Smyers, BS, Radio-Television-Film & BBA/Finance, December 2010
A&R Intern, Epic Records/Sony Music Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2009

Jose Aranda III, BS, Advertising, May 2007, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2009
Production Assistant Intern for “Entertainment as a Second Language”, MTV Networks, New York, NY

Natalia Ciolko, BJ, Journalism: Magazine, December 2009
Music Journalism Editorial Intern, The Fader Magazine, New York, NY

Phillip Ragler, BS, Advertising, May 2010
Advertising/Marketing Intern, Project MuszEd, Los Angeles, CA

Caitlin Wittlif, BS, Radio-Television-Film, BJ, Journalism: Multimedia , December 2009 Editorial Intern, Rolling Stone, New York, NY

Summer 2008

Lauren Broussard, BS, Public Relations, May 2009
Public Relations Intern, Project MuszEd, Los Angeles, CA

Carlos Guerrero, BS, Advertising, May 2009
Marketing Intern, Metal Blade Records, Los Angeles, CA

Monika Kowalczyk, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2008
Intern, Viva La Rock, Los Angeles, CA

John Meller, BS, Communication Studies, May 2010
Marketing Intern, Beggars Group/Matador Records, New York, NY

Chase Williams, BS, Public Relations, May 2009
Music Entertainment Intern, Rogers & Cowan, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2007

Caroline Brownlie, BJ, Journalism, BA, Economics, May 2010
Creative Services Intern, Artist & Repertoire LLC, Nashville, TN

Chelsey Northern, BS, Public Relations, December 2008
Publicity Intern, Atlantic Records, Los Angeles, CA

Pace Rommel, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2009
A&R & Digital Media Intern, Epic Records, Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Shivers, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2007
Motion Picture Music Intern, The Weinstein Company, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2006

Madelyn Cascio, BS, Communication Studies, May 2007
A&R Department Intern, Columbia Records, New York, NY

Jerod Couch, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2007
Sales Department Intern, Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

Stephanie Snodgrass Kelley, BS, Public Relations, May 2007
Grassroots & Promotion Intern, MTV Networks, New York, NY

Summer 2005

Mona Hosseiny Mahani, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2005
Intern, A Common Thread, Los Angeles, CA

Nathan Lynch, BS, Radio-Television-Film & BA/English, May 2006
On-Air Promotions Intern, MTV2, New York, NY

Kendal Milot, BS, Advertising, May 2006
Advertising Sales Intern, MTV Networks, Los Angeles, CA

Christopher Walker, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2005
Corporate Relations Intern, BMI, New York, NY

Summer 2004

Joshua Jaedicke, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2005
Intern, Villains Music Video and Commercial Production Company, Los Angeles, CA

Kiran Jain, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2005
A&R Intern, Universal Records, New York, NY

Eric Milliken, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2004
Operations/Marketing Intern, Stratosphere Sound/Unfiltered Records, New York, NY

David C. Whitney, Jr., BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2005
Intern, Evolution Talent Agency/TVT Records/Chaotica, New York, NY

Summer 2003

Ashleigh Ford, BS, Public Relations, December 2003
Publicity Intern, Epic Records, New York, NY

Laura Herrera, BJ, Journalism, BS, Public Relations, May 2004
Publicity Intern, Island Records, New York, NY

Jeff Jernigan, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2003
Film and Television Music Intern, ASCAP, Los Angeles, CA

Jonathan Logue, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2004
Artist Development Intern, Dualtone Music Group, Nashville, TN

Beniamino "Monk" Turner, BS, Advertising, May 2004
General Intern, Syn Entertainment America, Los Angeles, CA

Summer 2002

Pastor Alvarado III, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2003
On-Air Promotions Intern, MTV, New York, NY

Charles A. Auletta, MA, Advertising, May 2003
General Intern, Easy Star Records, New York, NY

Jonathan Eshak, BS, Radio-Television-Film, December 2002
New Media Intern, Island Def Jam Music Group, New York, NY

Natalie Mayrath, BJ, Journalsim: Broadcast Sequence, May 2003
Music News Intern, MTV Networks, New York, NY

Kellyn Rixford Dunn, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2003
Promotions Intern, Essential Records, Nashville, TN

Summer 2001

Sarah Cole, BJ, Journalism: Broadcast Sequence, December 2001
National Promotions Intern, Atlantic Records, Nashville, TN

Emily Foster, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2002
Special Events Intern, Billboard Magazine, New York, NY

Lindsey Nutter, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2002
A&R Intern, Warner Brothers Records, Burbank, CA

Andrew Stinson, BJ, Journalism: Photojournalism, May 2002
Art Direction Intern/Photo Department, Revolver Magazine, New York, NY

Erica Tracy, BS, Advertising, December 2001
On-Air Promotions/Commercials Intern, MTV Networks, New York, NY

Summer 2000

Adam Brewer, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2001
Documentary Production Intern, MTV Network/MTV News & Documentaries, New York, NY

Meg Greengold, BS, Public Relations, May 2001
Talent Research/Production Intern, The Late Show with David Letterman, New York, NY

Beth Nottingham, BJ, Journalism, BA, Spanish, December 2000
Publicity Department Intern, Matador Records, New York, NY

Jami Stigliano, BS, Communication Studies: Corporate Communication, May 2001
Marketing Intern, Jive Records, New York, NY

Matt Wood, BS, Radio-Television-Film, May 2000
Film & TV Music Licensing Intern, Virgin Records America, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA

About Wofford Denius

Wofford Denius is an entertainment industry attorney specializing in music law. He lives and works in Los Angeles, but has a large Texas-based clientele.

A solo practitioner since 1995, his current practice consists of representing recording artists, songwriters, record producers, managers, and record and publishing companies in all facets of the music business. He routinely prepares and negotiates recording agreements, songwriter, co-publishing, publishing administration and foreign sub-publishing agreements, management agreements, merchandise agreements, master and synchronization license agreements, purchase and distribution agreements, producer and production agreements, and foreign sublicensing agreements.

Some of Wofford’s past and present clients include Pushmonkey, The Nixons, Old 97s, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Tish Hinojosa, Bob Schneider/The Ugly Americans/The Scabs, Ben Taylor, South FM, Maia Sharp, Pam Rose and Cary Ott.

Wofford began his entertainment law career in 1990, training under Owen J. Sloane, Esq., a pioneer in the music law practice. Sloane has practiced entertainment and music law for more than thirty years, representing clients such as Elton John, Rob Thomas/Matchbox 20, and The Zappa Estate.

Prior to 1990, Wofford practiced contract, corporate/business associations and real estate law in Austin with the law offices of Babb & Hanna, P.C.; Giles & Yeakel; and Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin, & Browder, Inc.

Wofford is currently a director of The Cain Foundation. He has also served as a director of the Texas State Bar Entertainment and Sports Law Section (1993-1997), a director of Southern Union Gas Company (1984-1990), and an organizer and director of Heritage National Bank (1983-1987).

Wofford earned his law degree (JD) from Southern Methodist University and his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin. He is licensed to practice law in California and Texas, and is a member of the California and Texas State Bar Associations and the Texas State Bar Entertainment and Sports Law Section.

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