Corporate Colleagues Program


Corporate Colleagues Program

Recruiting for the best and brightest candidates across college campuses has evolved. All indicators point to a faster pace of change given increased employer demands, access to new databases, and new technologies and techniques. The process of sourcing student talent remains challenging and will be so for the foreseeable future. Let us help you increase our UT students’ perception of your firm, culture, value proposition, and brand to remain a critical component of your recruitment process.

Our new Corporate Colleagues Program provides your organization with the best, forward-thinking career service options to help you meet your campus recruitment goals. The program empowers our recruiters by providing multiple opportunities for engagement in tiered membership support levels. As a year-long corporate member, your recruiters receive Career Center guidance to increase strategic focus, branding, and student engagement to meet recruiting goals at Moody College.

Company recruiters and career center staff need enhanced collaboration during times of rapid change. We work with your company to support swift entry into the College so you can engage our students in multiple ways throughout their four-year journey. 

Posting internship and job opportunities to Moody College students, recent graduates, and alumni will always be a free service through Handshake. Students are alerted of your posted opportunities in weekly student newsletter alerts.

Corporate Colleagues Program Levels

Platinum Level - $5,000

The Platinum membership level is the highest level of collaboration with a Moody College representative who supports company engagement in Moody College initiatives. Companies and recruiting teams participate in relevant Career Center-hosted events, programs, forums, and round tables. The Platinum membership also offers organizations event and program sponsorship and branding of company logos on Career Center materials.

Gold Level - $2,500

Gold members enjoy the increased promotion of their companies and recruiting programs. Recruiters maintain a seat on the Career Center Advisory Council to support strategic planning to meet hiring needs in rapidly changing communication industries. Representatives meet directly with career coaches, staff, and faculty to build deeper recruiting collaboration. We also offer additional promotion of opportunities and recruiting programs during Career Center programming, workshops, and seminars. Gold members participate in up to five Career Center-hosted events each year.

Silver Level - $1,000

We offer Silver members additional programming and services which focus on deep, collaborative relationships between Moody Career Center and company recruiters. In addition to Bronze level services, recruiters participate in scheduled recruiting seminars to educate company representatives on Moody College and its students. Silver members also participate in the invitation-only yearly Recruiting Forum to conduct strategic planning with Career Center staff for upcoming recruiting cycles. Recruiters and company representatives also participate in industry roundtable panels scheduled during the academic year to educate students, staff, and faculty on communication industry insight and trends. Silver members can participate in two Career Center-hosted events each year.

Bronze Level - $500

To support a company’s core recruiting needs, Bronze members choose one Career Center-hosted event selected from the following: career fair attendance, hosted company information sessions, coordinated day-long Employer-in-Residence program, or an organized Coffee Chat or Lunch and Learn program. Companies receive enhanced promotion of all position listings through targeted announcements to students delivered through email, social media feeds, and newsletter announcement listings. Both on-site and virtual interview facilities are available at the Moody College of Communication.

Join the Corporate Colleagues Program today.

The Career Center is ready to begin long-term recruiting relationships to support companies’ current and future hiring initiatives. Contact Ian McEntee at, Employer Relations Lead, Moody Career Center, with inquiries or to receive a Corporate Colleagues Program membership review.

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Thank you Moody College Corporate Colleagues!

Insight Global
Hill+Knowlton Strategies
Giant Noise
Legend Labs

Procter and Gamble
Teach For America
Texas Instruments
Omnicom Health Group
S&P Global


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Handshake is the number one site for potential employers to reach Moody students for jobs and internships. Employers can do the following through Handshake:

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