Request to teach outside department

Request to Teach a Course Outside of Home Department/Specialized Courses

Thank you for serving our University community's outstanding students by requesting to teach a course outside of your primary Moody College department!

You must receive permission from your department chair/director and from the Moody College Dean's Office if you wish to teach a course that is outside of your home department, a course offered as study abroad in any form, or will necessitate special department arrangements.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Moody College Honors Program
  • Plan II Honors
  • Bridging Disciplines Program
  • Undergraduate Studies Signature Course
  • Education Abroad, even if it is offered by a Moody College department

The deadlines for proposals vary by program. Please request permission from your chair/director and the Dean's Office before submitting your proposal to the outside department or program.

Your chair/director will review this form and determine if the department's resources can support your request. If so, the request will then be reviewed by Associate Dean Alvarado who will consider it in the context of the Moody College's undergraduate teaching goals and continuity of curriculum.

Click here to access the form.

You will be asked to input the name and email address of your Moody College department chair/director. For easy reference you may copy/paste them from below:

Advertising and Public Relations

Natalie Tindall

Communication Studies

Craig Scott

Communication and Leadership

Meme Drumwright


David Ryfe


Cindy McCreery

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Rajinder Koul



If you have any problems with the form, please contact: Andreyez Alvarado at