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Latino Media Arts & Studies Minor

The Latino Media Arts & Studies Minor in the Moody College of Communication allows you to take courses and specialize in learning about Latina/os and film, television, new media, journalism, advertising, and popular culture. As Latinas and Latinos are growing as a national and global population and force, this is an increasingly useful and important area of professional knowledge.

And pursuing the minor is easier than you may think. You may already have taken several of the required courses, for the Cultural Diversity flag and other degree requirements. You can take the courses in any order, enroll at any point during your studies, and enhance your education by gaining access to related courses outside of your major. The minor is open to all undergraduate students at UT-Austin. Students from outside the Moody College of Communication may have differing prerequisites after they are admitted to the minor.

Under specific circumstances, the faculty committee may approve course substitutions for minor course requirements. Students should meet with the minors advisor to discuss this process. Petitions will not be reviewed during registration or add/drop periods.

In addition, the following are University-wide rules regarding minors (2016-2018 catalog and later):

  • The minor must be completed in conjunction with an undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Minors must include a minimum of six hours of upper division coursework. 
  • A student may not earn a minor in the same field of study as his or her major.
  • At least nine of the hours required for the minor must include coursework not used to satisfy the requirements of the student’s major; this includes courses in non-major departments that are cross-listed with courses offered within the student’s major department. However, courses in the minor may fulfill other degree requirements such as general education requirements or required elective hours.
  • Transcript recognition is awarded at the time of undergraduate degree completion.

If after full review of minor requirements you still have questions, please contact your academic advisor or email