Moody College Internship Application

Application Periods

Summer Internships: April 8, 2024 – June 6, 2024

Fall Internships: April 8, 2024 – September 2, 2024

Application Process

Arranging for an internship involves two main steps, carried out in a specific order. First you register for an internship class. Then you submit details of your proposed internship for review and approval using the Moody College Internship Application.

You may register for the internship class before securing an internship. Once you have been hired as an intern, you may complete the application (step 3).

  1. Use our Internship Course Selection Tool to determine which course to take. Read all instructions carefully, and follow all steps provided to ensure that you complete the registration and application processes successfully.
  2. Register for the course.
    • If you register for an in-residence course, you must pay by the posted tuition deadline.
    • If you register for a summer University Extension course, you must pay for the course before you will have access to the internship application. It will take one or two days to be authorized for the application.
  3. Complete the online Internship Application. You MUST be registered for a Moody internship course (either in-residence or through University Extension) before you will have access to this application.
    • You must pay for the summer University Extension course and receive your email receipt before you will have access to the internship application. This usually takes one or two days.
    • Add the email address to your accepted contacts list so our emails regarding your application do not go to your spam folder.
    • You will receive an email that lists what you filled in on your application. CHECK THIS to make sure the contact information you entered for your internship supervisor is correct. 
  4. Secure Approvals.
    • The instructor for the course you wish to take will review your internship application and determine if it is suitable for academic credit.
    • In addition, your internship supervisor (employer) will be contacted via email and asked to confirm (1) that you have been hired for an internship, (2) that the information you provided in your application is accurate, and (3) that they meet the requirements for hosting an intern, which have been approved by The University of Texas at Austin's Office for Legal Affairs.

You must track the status of both of these approvals by logging back on to your submitted application; you are responsible for ensuring that these approvals are granted before the deadline and following up when needed. 

  1. Prepare. Familiarize yourself with concepts of Professional Conduct, Proper Attire, & Sexual Harassment Guidelines, as well as the Department of Labor Fair Standards Act criteria for unpaid internships (if applicable).
  2. Syllabus. Obtain the course syllabus from the instructor. Generally, this will be made available via Canvas.

Students who do not complete these steps by the posted deadline will be dropped from the internship course and will not receive academic credit for their internship. Students may not receive a refund if they are dropped.