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The Moody College of Communication believes in diverse, talented people and their collective power to change the world through communication.

Undergraduate and graduate students, numbering nearly 5,000, master the foundations and pursue the innovations of advertising, communication and leadership, communication studies, journalism and media, public relations, radio-television-film and speech, language, and hearing sciences.

Core Values

Cultivating knowledge


Encouraging innovation


Fostering collaboration


Embracing diversity


Nurturing creativity


Personifying integrity




Moody experiences

Moody College welcomes new leadership for its top programs in advertising and public relations

Dr. Natalie Tindall, intersectional scholar and administrator, joins as school director

Natalie Tindall portrait inside Moody College complex

Student Emergency Fund

Supporting students during times of hardship

Tower from Moody College perspective

Artificial intelligence and the future of work

S. Craig Watkins discusses research and projections for managing key work issues and challenges

Craig Watkins portrait in courtyard at sunset

  • UT Marketplace

    Twice a year, UT Marketplace allows companies and organizations to distribute information about their products, services, student housing options, and career and internship opportunities directly to students, faculty and staff.

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    Our “brave new world of work” is still unclear as organizations worldwide forge new paths as the pandemic recedes. The when, where, how, and what of work is in flux for many industries. With long-term ramifications that are still unknown, how do you manage the short-term?

  • Maymester: Pro-Social Public Relations – Info Session

    Attend this info session to learn about program details, housing, excursions and activities. Your program coordinator will walk you through how to apply, program costs, scholarships and financial aid. Professor Brad Love will provide program course and location-specific information.

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    This is the fall meeting for all graduate faculty in communication studies.

  • CMS Fall Faculty Panel: Culture and Diversity

    CMS faculty share thoughts about their research and interests around certain themes every other week this fall. Formal event is followed by “Afterwords” social gathering organized by CMS graduate community.

    Faculty Panelists: Joshua Gunn, Shiv Ganesh, Johanna Hartelius


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Multilingual Aphasia and Dementia Research Lab promo image
Cultural humility
Multilingual Aphasia and Dementia Research Lab seeks evidence-based resources to meet needs of entire community
Tim Cole communication studies alumni

Life after Moody

Tim Cole, a two-time Moody College graduate, authors his own life story as many characters.