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Frequently Asked Questions about Voting

Frequently Asked Questions about Voting

Frequently Asked Questions about Voting

Should I register to vote in my college community or in my hometown?

You do have a vested interest in the local issues of your college community. Issues such as off-campus housing and zoning restrictions, the environment, taxes, transportation and personal safety all affect your quality of life. Voting in your college community is more convenient, and allows you to skip the process of absentee voting. However, if you feel more knowledgeable about your hometown issues, and you have an interest in the elections there, please register to vote there. If it makes no difference, you may want to register to vote locally.

Note: If you have a state-funded scholarship or a privately-funded scholarship designated for a local student, be sure to check the terms of your scholarship before registering to vote in your college community. You could lose your eligibility.

Can I register to vote at school and in my hometown?

No. You can only register at one location.

How Do I Get an Absentee Ballot and What is the Deadline?

In Texas you should go to The Secretary of State's Website.

I think I already registered to vote at a different address, but I'm not sure. What should I do?

Fill out a voter registration form with your current address. Put the address where you think you last registered in the previous address box. You can also check your status at the Texas Secretary of State website.

Where do I vote?

To find your local precinct voting location, check with your local clerk - call the town hall, or your secretary of state. For Travis County polling locations, please visit the Travis Country Clerk website page. The closest polling locations to the UT Austin campus can be found at the FAC and PCL.

Do I need photo identification to vote?

Yes. The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was enacted to prevent voter fraud, and to ensure that voters who are eligible to vote will have their votes counted. If you are a first-time voter, you will be asked to show photo identification with your address on the identification. Student IDs will not count; driver's licenses will work. If you are registered in a different place than your driver's license, bring a utility bill or bank statement with your name and your residence to the voting booth. If you are voting absentee, enclose a copy of your driver's license or some other government document with your photo and address with your ballot.

What happens if I am turned away at the polls?

With the enactment of HAVA, you are allowed to ask for a provisional ballot, and you are allowed to vote. After Election Day, you will be informed if your vote was counted or the reason that you were disqualified from voting. If you have registered, and you feel that there has been some sort of mix-up, please do not leave without voting. Voting is your right.

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