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2019 Social Media Ambassadors at TribFest

We are very excited to introduce this year's #TribFest19 social media ambassadors! These promising young leaders will participate in one of the nation’s largest, most buzzworthy political events by serving as on the ground student correspondents. 

Please join us in following this year's social media ambassadors as the navigate three full days of panel discussions, spirited conversations, and community building opportunities. Don’t forget to keep a special lookout for the hashtags #TribFest19 #TTFstudents


Aimee Trevino

Aimee Trevino is from Brownsville, Texas. She is a current Senior at St. Mary's University in San Antonio, studying International and Global Studies. On campus, she is the President of the Student Government Association. Off-campus, she works at a defense law firm, Goldman and Peterson, PLLC. She'll be graduating from St. Mary's University this upcoming spring, and hopes to attend law school afterwards. She is passionate about politics, and hopes to one day run for office! She is so excited to be a part of this year's Texas Tribune Festival and have the opportunity to learn from some of our nation's most influential public figures!

Twitter: @aimeetrev_
Instagram: @aimeetrev_


Angela Kang

Angela is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Biology Honors and Social Inequality, Health, and Policy. She is passionate about the intersection between science and humanities in addressing the healthcare needs of women, LGBTQ+ folks, and low-income communities. She has worked at the Austin Medical-Legal Partnership and Children's Defense Fund addressing social determinants of health. She is excited share what she learns at the Fest regarding the innovations and steps that Texas and the nation is making to prioritize healthcare!

Twitter: @angelaa_kang
Instagram: @angela_kang
Snapchat: @angela.kang


Brynne Herzfeld

Brynne is a sophomore journalism student at UT Austin, originally from Katy, TX, where she attended TribFest as a high school newspaper staffer for Cinco Ranch High School two years in a row.

Twitter: @BrynneHerzfeld
Instagram: @rynneer_
Snapchat: @rynneer


Deana Ayers

Deana is a senior at the University of North Texas studying social work, with a minor in political science. She developed my interest in politics and social justice during high school when she lived in Arlington, and quickly joined organizations that centered my passions when she started college. Deana currently works as the Governmental Affairs Director for her university’s Student Government Association, and she is excited to make lasting connections with policy makers and journalists that will help her understand and advocate for good public policy!

Twitter: @deanajayers


Delaney Davis

Delaney Davis is a Government and Spanish major from Grapevine, Texas. Above anything, she is most passionate about supporting survivors of sexual assault. This year, she is happy to be interning at the Travis County District Attorney's Office in the Sex Crimes Unit and to serve as the President of It's On Us at UT Austin, a sexual assault prevention organization. She is excited for this year's TribFest because it allows her opportunity to learn from outside the classroom. As a Government major, this is especially important, especially considering the upcoming election season!

Twitter: @jewishdelly
Instagram: @delaney_davis98
Snapchat: @delly98


Denisce Palacios

Denisce is a senior pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and International Business with a minor in Theatre Performance at UT Rio Grande Valley. She is also the Campus Organizer for Texas Rising at UTRGV. She loves music, theatre, and listening to people's stories. She is especially passionate about immigrant rights, environmental justice, and income equality. Texas Tribune Fest allows people the opportunity to hear from experts on policy that impacts our community.

Twitter: @deniscepalacios


Fox Walker

Fox Walker is from Fort Worth, Texas. He is studying American Governance and Intellectual Thought through the Humanities Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a member of the Liberal Arts Honors Program, the Jefferson Scholars Program, and Texas Beta Theta Pi. Last spring he had the opportunity to intern for Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick where he got involved in politics on the State level. Fox can't wait to report on all of the exciting happenings that will be going on at TribFest!

Twitter: @foxw99
Instagram: @foxw99
Snapchat: @foxwalker1999


Greg Phea

Greg was born and raised in Austin, Texas. His majors at UT Austin are Plan II Honors and Corporate Communications. Greg's passions are ethical studies in classical antiquity and international humanitarian law! His work experience includes serving on the UT Campus Climate Advisory Board and interning for CNN Host Van Jones, as well as Texas State Representative Jessica González. He is excited to join this year's TribFest because he would like to assist our country’s leading figures in politics through social media to better cultivate meaningful dialogue in America!

Twitter: @gregphea
Instagram: @gregphea


Hanlyn Tyler

Hanlyn Tyler is a transgender nonbinary person (they/them/theirs) from a small town called Boerne, Texas. They are currently a Junior studying political science and public relations at the University of North Texas and serves as the Chief of Staff for their school's Student Government Association. They are passionate about creating equitable healthcare policy and increasing the civic engagement of youth in Texas, and they are excited to learn about those topics and more at the Texas Tribune Festival!

Twitter: @tylersquared_
Instagram: @hanlyntyler
Snapchat: @hanlyntyler


Hillary Shah

Hillary is a first-generation Indian-American from Frisco, Texas studying Political Science and Economics with a certificate in Legal Studies at the University of North Texas. An organizer at heart who got her start in gun violence prevention and voting rights issues, she currently serves 39,000 students as the youngest Student Body Vice President in her schools' history and advocates for progressive causes at her university. She is also passionate about civil rights law, civic engagement, and watching way too much trashy reality TV shows. She is excited to join this year's TribFest to engage in discussions with civic-minded Texans like her interested in creating a better Texas for the future.

Twitter: @hillaryrshah
Instagram: @hillary.shah
Snapchat: @hillaryshah


Jillian Smith

Jillian Smith is from Frisco, Texas. She has been a student at the University of Texas for two years now, and when she's not reading or exploring the city with friends, you can normally find her in a coffee shop writing essays for her Government and Arabic degree! This semester she is a policy intern on Austin City Council. She is passionate about how public policy changes our culture and individually impacts people. She is excited to attend this year's TribFest to learn more about innovative policy ideas and communicate them to a broader audience.

Twitter: @jilliansaccount
Instagram: @jilliansmith484
Snapchat: @jillian29smith


Jordan Johnson

Jordan is from Round Rock, Texas. She is a junior at Sam Houston State University. Her major is Mass Communications and she has a minor in Political Science. Jordan has worked a lot in social media marketing but her career goal would be to work as a campaign manager or director of communications for a political organization or non-profit.

Twitter: @_justjordyy
Instagram: @_justjordyy
Snapchat: @Jordan_Lizzie


Kennedy Quintanilla

Kennedy Huerta Quintanilla is a native Texan from Corpus Christi! She is a third-year Political Communication major at the University of Texas at Austin. Her time in Austin has been spent taking in the best that this city has to offer! She has worked with student activist groups, policy advocacy organizations and even had the privilege to work in the 86th Legislature. Kennedy is so excited to join TribFest as a Social Media Ambassador so that she can provide a unique perspective to people in her network and document her access to exclusive events!

Twitter: @khq_atx
Instagram: @kentanilla
Snapchat: @youcancallmeq


Nick Romanow

Nick was born in Canada and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is a third-year international relations major at UT-Austin interested in promoting democracy around the world and making it work better at home as well. Nick is excited to learn from the views and experiences of our leaders and meet other young people interested in making a difference.

Twitter: @NickRomanow
Instagram: @nickromanow
Snapchat: @nickromanow


Nicole Winship

Nicole is currently a senior at the University of Texas at Austin. She graduates this December with a major in Government and English studies. Before she moved to Austin, she went to school in Dallas, Texas, where she was lucky enough to have many teachers that sparked my passion for government. Nicole plans on attending law school and using her law degree to make our world a better place for everyone, no matter race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education background, or political party. She's worked in both the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate, both of which were amazing experiences that allowed her to participate in the political process first-hand. Not only did she get to experience working at the state level, but she also had the opportunity to work at the local level when she worked for Senator Watson. This experience of being a social media ambassador for TribFest will serve to build on her experiences in an incredibly unique way. She is very excited to get started and be surrounded by people who care about making our state the best state it can be!

Twitter: @NicoleWinship3
Instagram: @nicolewinshipp
Snapchat: @nicole_w97


Ryan Hurt

Ryan is currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Government and Plan II Honors with certificates in Human Rights & Social Justice and Business & Public Policy. Originally from Mansfield, Texas, he is passionate about the intersection of optimism and politics, which is inevitably tied to productive civic engagement. He firmly believe that our future has never been filled with more hope, particularly due to the rising participation of our generation. We are on the cuff of redefining the country, and TribFest is a microcosm of ways to do so -- and he is excited to spread all the incredible political work that is presented at the festival to a greater number of active listeners.

Twitter: @the_ryanoserous


Samantha Martinez

Samantha is originally from Lewisville, TX and currently attends Texas State University as a Master’s of Public Administration student. She is passionate about public service, policy and government. So she is absolutely excited to share her passion for government with other leaders around Texas!

Twitter: @tx_SamanthaM
Instagram: @TX_SamanthaM


Tirza Ortiz

Tirza was born and raised El Pasoan attending UT-Austin as a journalism major. When she's not catching up with the news, you can find her over-caffeinating at a coffee shop or upping her meme game. Most of her previous work can be found with The Daily Texan where she worked as a video producer, digital editor and newsletter writer. Tirza looks forward to attending and sharing 2020 election news, immigration and media forums!

Twitter: @T_Mariiee
Instagram: @tirza_ortiz
Snapchat: @tirzie_m



Usman is a third-year Government major at The University of Texas at Austin, from Houston, Texas, focusing on domestic public policy. He has worked on campaigns for a precinct court judges and a Texas House Representative, and interned for State Senator Judith Zaffirini at the State Capitol during the 2019 Legislative Session. These experiences have honed his passion to pursue a career in policy making and understand the critical role that public policy plays in everyday lives. He is excited to attend this year's Festival to listen to political leaders and policy makers discuss the methods and strategies they apply when assessing policies, and hear the goals that they want to achieve or have achieved as public officials and leaders.

Twitter: @usmahmood
Instagram: @meyerwolfsheim
Snapchat: @meyerwolfsheim


Uyiosa Elegon

Uyiosa is a Nigerian-American, Houston native attending the University of Houston as a marketing major. As a Program Director of the Institute of Engagement, Uyiosa helped young folks take responsibility of their Houston through various civic projects. He looks forward to engaging with fellow Texans on all the topics that currently define our state’s wellbeing.

Twitter: @htxnigerian
Instagram: @uyive