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Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film

The rules listed on this page are specific to the 2012-2014 catalog year. Rules for previous catalogs can be found on the degree checklists (below).

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film degree comprises 120 credit hours. For specific course requirements for the degree, download a degree checklist on the right.

Core Curriculum

A specific combination of coursework in English, Government, American History, Math, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Fine Arts. 

Major requirements

  • A minimum of 30 and maximum of 42 hours of major-specific coursework in the department
  • 6 hours must be from a specific list of upper-division media studies courses (see degree checklist for full details)

College of Communication requirements


  • Radio-Television-Film students may not take more than 48 hours in the Moody College of Communication
  • At least 18 hours of major-specific coursework must be upper-division
  • Instructor consent is mandatory to enroll in some upper-division RTF courses


Students should choose courses in the core curriculum and in the major requirements that also fulfill their major department's Flag requirements. The Flags required for Radio-TV-Film are:


Students can also fill elective hours by

Program Information

Department of Radio-Television-Film fact sheet (pdf)

Course Requirements

There are no formal sequences or "tracks" in the RTF degree; however, each upper-division class requires specific lower-division courses as a prerequisite. Students must look ahead at their long-range, upper-division plans before choosing and embarking upon their lower-division course work to ensure that they meet the prerequisites for the classes they may want to take in the future.

RTF Course Requirements


Degree Checklists