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Our institute

The Technology and Information Policy Institute was established in May 1996 and provides world-class expertise in researching the social impact of new communications technologies and media forms like immersive media, virtual reality, social media, and digital games. Our work within the Moody College of Communication drives innovative approaches and research on pertinent topics like Big Data Visualization, the Digital Divide, Broadband for All, and Smart Technology Transfer locally, regionally and internationally. TIPI has a 10-year funded research agenda with the Portuguese government to strengthen, build and innovate their digital media needs. We serve as a bridge for bringing both faculty and students to engage in research, teaching and outreach.

What we offer

Speaker series:

We bring in fascinating experts that engage the community in important topics that have social impact on all of us. Our most recent speaker was Siva Vaidhyanathan, Robertson Professor of Media Studies and director of the Center for Media and Citizenship at the University of Virginia.
He [presented: Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects People and Undermines Democracy. Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kheWKllT2wU&t=1s to view his talk

"If you wanted to build a machine that would distribute propaganda to millions of people, distract them from important issues, energize hatred and bigotry, erode social trust, undermine respectable journalism, foster doubts about science, and engage in massive surveillance all at once, you would make something a lot like Facebook".

The Speaker Series continues in September 2018, after the summer break.

brown bag

Friday’s brown bag:

Started in 2017, the TIPI Brown Bag series is a popular venue for graduate students and faculty alike. Mark your calendars for the 3rd Friday of each month! We will discuss what’s up and coming in digital media from health issues to the use of VR and immersive media to the role of broadband in rural America. Rounding up this semester's last Brown Bag until September, we had awesome presentations from our graduate students in Journalism and RTF:

Ryan Wallace: Barriers to adopting VR and Video 360 technology in Latin American reporting
Alexis Schrubbe: They Leave Us The Homework, But They Don't Give Us No Device", an exploration of parental experiences in the NYPL ConnectEd Hotspot Lending program
Joseph Yoo: The future of net neutrality in the President Trump era: examining Twitter conversations about net neutrality
Richelle Crotty: Mobile Broadband and the Public Interest: A Conceptual Framework for the Future of Mobile Internet Access Regulation
Aubrey O’Neal: Germany isn't as far-right as "they" say: The importance of localizing Twitter election analyses
Kelsey Whipple: The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Tweet: How #NotTheEnemy Twitter Discourse Contributed to Journalistic Paradigm Repair

Student opportunities:

Within the various schools and departments within the Moody College of Communication students have the opportunity to apply for our various internships, GRA positions and volunteer in the community on topics pertinent to TIPI. Aside from our course offerings, students additionally have access to our very extensive international network. For the current opportunities, see both our COMPASS and Winter Institute articles on site.

portugal teaching opportunities

Funded teaching opportunities:

Through our long research agenda with Portugal (see our pages UT Austin|Portugal Digital Media program), we offer funded opportunities for UT faculty to share their expertise in Portugal with the various universities we work with. These opportunities have been through our Summer Institute and festivals we sponsor throughout the year.

porto mtg

Research collaborations:

We regularly host Portuguese Faculty and graduate students to both facilitate and promote research collaborations between our various institutions.  Our visiting researchers stay for a minimum of 3 months to 1 year and are a great source for international collaborations. Our newsletter, Digital Bits, has a regular feature introducing these scholars to the wider UT community. For information on how you can teach in Portugal, contact cecilia.garrec@austin.utexas.edu

newsletter both

Informative Newsletters:

Read about the latest news regarding technology and policy as well as collaborative research with Portugal with our newsletters TIPI News and Digital Bits

Connections to Moody and the wider UT community

TIPI is one of the oldest institutions within the college. Faculty members engaging in research within TIPI come from a variety of schools and colleges within UT. This diversity and reach allows us to engage in research grants and projects from a wide perspective.

  • Radio-Television and Film
  • Health Communications
  • Knight Center for Journalism
  • School of Information
  • LBJ School of Public Affairs
  • College of Fine Arts

Getting involved with the Institute

We are supported by an endowment fund from the Moody grant as well as various other grants and projects both regionally and nationally. In order to continue our important work in such areas such as digital inclusion and broadband access for all, we welcome your support both in-kind and financial. Please contact Cecilia Garrec for more information about opportunities.

Do you get our newsletters?

We have two newsletters that we create for our different communities. Digital Bits specializes in our international connections and research and TIPI specializes in research exploring the social impact of new communications technologies and media. Contact us to get your name on the list.

Who’s who

We're a busy institute and our core team includes:

Director: Dr. Sharon Strover

Senior Program Coordinator: Cecilia Garrec

Financial Manager: Gloria Holder