Application Development

Technology Services develops, evaluates and provides tools and infrastructure for information systems, including resources for the retention, management and access of university records. Please email us for more information or to discuss your programming needs.

Ad Hoc Reports

The Dean's Office, Department Chairs and College student-related offices periodically need very specific data about our students. These reports, which are not part of COWeb functionality or other existing Communication systems, are developed using criteria such as course enrollment, gender, ethnicity, classifcation or graduation date. 

Application Development

Projects requiring 100+ hours such as the Online Transfer Application and Online Scholarship Application follow project management processes, including a period of requirements gathering resulting in a scope of work document, evaluation of alternative technologies and other solutions, design, and implementation, including coding, testing, documentation, user testing and staff training. Technology Services uses Basecamp to track progress on projects and share that information with our clients.

Campus Systems Support

Technology Services works with ITS on campus-wide information systems such as the campus-wide building access control system, the student data warehouse and performance-based instructional system (IQ/PBIS), the Office of Institutional Research, and the campus-wide EID conversion project.

Application Programming

Whether programming an application that interacts with a backend database using MySQL to building a web page, we can walk you through the possibilities and help you select which technology will best suit your needs.


Technology Services maintains COWeb, the OSA’s web-based toolset, includes beginning-of-semester reports and tools, the advisor waitlist and survey tool, generic list and label tool, the Transfer App, the Grad App, the Walker App, the Room Reservation system and miscellaneous reports that are commonly used by OSA staff and the Student Affairs Deans.


Technology Services also maintains systems in Communication not tied to COWeb or OSA, such as the equipment checkout system, the graduate Advertising and RTF advising systems, and Career Services and Advertising Internship systems.


All tasks related to mainframe users: adding new users, deleting users who have left UT, authorization of users for mainframe applications, unlocking of logons.

EID and Mainframe Password Reset

EIDs cannot be created by this office, but are the responsibility of the Student ID Center; however, assistance with claiming of EID passwords is routine.