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The Latino Media Studies minor

Set yourself apart

Learn about U.S. Latino and Latin American issues in media and communication from multiple perspectives, and prepare for professional work in your area of interest. Important demographic trends in the U.S. make it important to understand Latino issues and experiences and notions of the Latino audience and consumer market in business, politics, entertainment and technology. The rapid growth of Spanish-language media within the U.S., and transnational/regional media in the Americas, is also unprecedented. Organizations intent on serving Latinas and Latinos, whether at a local, regional or international level, are increasingly recognizing the importance of building teams of professionals with a nuanced understanding of Latino communities, media markets and communication issues as they impact Latinos. 

Integrate Your Interests

You may already be taking courses that are required for the program, as many of these courses also meet your "Communication and Culture" and Diversity flag degree requirements. The program is not meant to extend your time to graduation; it is meant to support your interests in this area and provide a framework to help you integrate the course work into your studies in the Moody College of Communication.


You can take the courses in any order, enroll at any point during your studies, and enhance your overall education by gaining access to related courses outside of your major. The program provides the academic support to help you track your progress and complete your requirements.

Enhance Learning

The program provides information and resources related to activities on campus and beyond that directly support your personal, academic and professional development. Gain access to information on relevant lectures, service activities, research, internships, scholarships, and more. None of these activities are required; they are all optional, so you can choose what is right for you.

Undergraduate Research Award

The Latino Media Studies Undergraduate Student Research Award is designed to recognize scholarly research in the field of Latino Media Studies conducted by a full-time undergraduate student in the Moody College of Communication. Learn more....

Program mission

The goal of the Latino Media Studies minor and Latino Media Arts & Studies Program is to educate communication and media professionals and scholars who value diversity and who can provide socially responsible leadership in their respective fields.