Intellectual Entrepreneurship: Kuhn Intellectual Entrepreneurship Awards

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Congratulations on your journey as a citizen and scholar at The University of Texas at Austin. The IE Consortium is extending the reach and impact of its efforts through the Kuhn Intellectual Entrepreneurship Awards.  Supported by the generosity of the Kuhn Family, these awards are designed to encourage first generation and economically disadvantaged undergraduate students to pursue their academic passions and to seriously consider graduate study (see the Kuhn IE Awards Application for details).

The Kuhn Family Intellectual Entrepreneurship awards will be in the form of $1,000 stipends offered to a select number of qualified undergraduate interns with a matching award for their grad mentor. The award is intended to support and encourage students to pursue opportunities that further enrich the Pre-Graduate School Internship experience. (e.g., traveling to conferences, potential graduate school visits, research endeavors, supplies, books etc.)  All award recipients will also be required to participate in the Pre-Graduate School Internship in the semester they receive the award.

Through the support of the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, each Intern’s graduate mentor will be awarded a matching $1,000 stipend.  Graduate mentors do not have to meet the requirements for undergraduate interns.  They simply have to agree to be a graduate mentor in the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship and sign the Kuhn IE Awards Application. The number of awards made will depend on available resources.   

Applications will be due by no later than the 4th class day of the semester in which the student is actually doing the Pre Graduate Internship. As the application process is highly competitive, all interested applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well before the deadline.   

1. Download the Kuhn IE Awards Application

2. Read About the Pre-Grad Internship

3. Submit the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship Contract

Note: International Students who are residing in the United States on F or J visas are not eligible for this award.

Read Kuhn IE Awards Press Release


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