Clinical Research in the Neuroscience of Communication: The NeuroComm Labs

The NeuroComm lab at the Moody College investigates communication from its most fundamental components to its most complex processes, providing one-of-a-kind clinical, technical, and academic training opportunities along the way.

We are a joint lab comprised of three faculty members and their affiliated laboratories:

Encompassing basic science as well as clinical and translational work, we are answering important questions that integrate technological advances with state-of-the-art clinical practice. Our current research grants in neuroscience include federal grants via NIH, DARPA as well as foundation grants and total ~$ 9 million (total award).

Grants to federal agencies to the order of $15 million are pending. Moody College researchers are at the forefront of human neuroscience research conducted at the UT Imaging Research Center and have been involved in the establishment of the Office of the Vice President funded Multimodal Neuroimaging Initiative.

We also have external collaborations with laboratories at the University of California, San Francisco, including Dr. Edward Chang, Dr. Maria Gordo-Tempini, and the UCSF Memory and Aging Center.