Brain and Behavioral Science Lab: Policies & Procedures

Moody Behavioral Science Lab


The Brain and Behavioral Science Lab may be reserved by the following individuals:

  • Moody College of Communication faculty members
  • Graduate students with a faculty advisor
  • Undergraduate students with a faculty advisor


In order to reserve space in the Brain and Behavioral Science Lab, all users must:

  • Receive approval from the Moody Research Office to use the facility. To submit a reservation request, please visit the reservations page.
  • In order for a reservation to be approved, a copy of the IRB approval letter must be submitted. The IRB must be final approved and an approval letter must be submitted along with the reservation request at the time of submission. To make a reservation, investigators need to provide an IRB file number from the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • After receiving approval from the Moody Research Office to use the Brain and Behavioral Science Lab, all users must attend an Orientation and Training Session with one of the Brain and Behavioral Science Lab managers before reserving space in the facility. More information can be found in the 'Orientation and Training' section below.
  • Reservations for rooms and suites can be made up to 30 days in advance, but no later than 14 days before the project’s start date.
  • Labs can be scheduled for a maximum of 30 hours per week. Once the initial reservation is approved, the group can auto-book lab space. The Brain and Behavioral Lab managers are able to remove reservations if users have booked over the maximum amount of authorized hours.
  • In the event of conflicts, priority will be given to externally funded projects, followed by internally funded projects and self-funded projects.  Once a reservation has been approved, all reservations will be honored unless the investigator cancels.

Orientation and Training

Investigators must schedule a time for an orientation and training session before their first scheduled lab time. All individuals working on a project (RAs TAs, etc.) must attend the orientation and training session before using any of the lab facilities or equipment.  Please contact the staff at to schedule an orientation session.


  • Access to the lab by any individual, including investigators, research or teaching assistants, staff or student assistants requires pre-authorization.
  • Investigators will be responsible for any key(s) provided for their scheduled rooms and suites. Keys must not be given to unauthorized individuals.

Lab Etiquette

The lab is a shared resource. Please be considerate of your colleagues and fellow researchers.

  • Be respectful of others using the lab space.
  • If you need to cancel, please notify lab managers as soon as possible so others may access the space.
  • Please adhere to your scheduled time and ensure you leave time to clean up so other users may start on time.
  • For your security, please keep the lab doors closed and locked when you are not in the room or have left for the day.
  • Do not give the lab keys out to anyone who is not pre-authorized to use the lab.
  • Please adhere to the food and drink policy and do not bring anything but water in secure containers into the lab.
  • When finished for the day, please ensure all equipment is turned off and all users have logged off of the computers.
  • All lab furnishings must be returned to their original location.
  • Make sure to clean up all research materials and garbage and leave the room in good condition.

The Brain and Behavioral Science Laboratory policies and procedures are intended to ensure that the lab is a safe, clean and well-maintained research environment and that all College of Communication faculty members and students can benefit from this valuable resource.  Any instance of non-compliance with lab policies and procedures will be taken very seriously.

All investigators are responsible to ensure that research subjects, research assistants, students or any personnel associated with their project follow policies and procedures.