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What You Will Study. How You Will Learn.

Students majoring in public relations develop strategic solutions for the new media frontier.

The undergraduate degree plan exposes students to analytical thinking, professional writing, ethical practice and innovative tools. Through hands-on practice and real-world scenarios, students refine communication skills to help a business, brand or cause.

To learn more, please review the degree requirements or consult the degree checklist.

Curriculum Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Public Relations degree comprises 120 credit hours, and has major-specific requirements:

  • A minimum of 39 and maximum 45 hours of major-specific coursework established by the department
  • 3 hours of Rhetoric
  • ADV 309R, taken in residence at UT Austin, satisfies the core curriculum math requirement
  • 12 hours of business courses, including a marketing class

Students are required to take Introduction to Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion, and are encouraged to do so by their second semester. The class is designed to cultivate understanding of foundational concepts and perspectives and stimulate interest in continuing their work in the field. 

Course Highlights

Other foundational courses include:

  • Public Relations Techniques: Increase competence and professionalism with the following skills: critical thinking, planning, written communication and time management
  • Public Relations Strategies: Build a connection to the real-world communication profession through the study of traditional approaches, as well as digital and integrated solutions

Tracks & Specializations

As students grow into their collegiate journey, and specific talents and skills are apparent, students can design their own emphasis and select from more specialized coursework, such as:

  • The Business of Sports Media: Study how sports and media operate as a revenue generator and social influencer
  • Sports Contract Negotiation Techniques: Understand the basic principles of contract law, as well as strategies and techniques for successfully negotiating contracts
  • Brand Storytelling: Learn how to create tomorrow’s engaging, sharable content. Examine classic elements of storytelling and symbolism can create and manage a modern brand’s story

Students can also tap into in-depth, application-only elective sequence, TexasMedia. This sequence is designed to develop the skillsets crucial to media planning and buying, as well as sales and new media development. As the only program of its kind, TexasMedia guides students through three pillars:

  • Insights: Advanced Media Strategies takes students on a deep-dive in media research and insight generation
  • Interactive: Digital Metrics teaches students to think critically, creatively and strategically toward digital problem-solving and measures for success
  • Insights: Media Investments introduces students to buying, negotiation and relationship management