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Institute for Media Innovation

Founding Director: Craig Watkins, Ph.D.
IMI bridges leading new media scholars and stakeholders to become a center for scholarship, teaching, and partnerships. It serves as a boutique hub to better understand the intersections between media, technology and the future of innovation. Examples of applied research and practice include the growing role and influence of artificial intelligence or innovations in the media environment of children.

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The Dallas Morning News Innovation Endowment

Founding Director: Robert Quigley
This endowment strives to support student leaders in reshaping the media landscape through a product-development program that values ethical journalism to better serve the community, no matter its size, shape or form. Examples of applied research and practice include courses, fellowships, events, and a student-run audio production house.

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The Technology & Information Policy Institute

Founding Director: Sharon Strover
TIPI provides world-class expertise in researching how technology contributes to economic, political and social change. Their goal is to drives innovative approaches and research on pertinent topics like Big Data Visualization, the Digital Divide, Broadband for All, and Smart Technology Transfer locally, regionally and internationally.

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Texas Immersive

Founding Director: Erin Reilly
TXI is a specialization to support students in researching and developing immersive and interactive experiences that blend physical and digital interaction to make meaningful and playful story experiences. Through courses, events, and real-world client projects, professionals and students collaborate on exploring audience, storytelling and emerging technologies to turn real-world problems into authentic, memorable and relevant user experiences.

Intellectual Entrepreneurship students, the tagline for this program is "find your passion"

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program is a campus-wide effort to create cross-disciplinary and multiinstitutional collaborations designed to “advance the frontiers of knowledge” and “prepare tomorrow’s leaders”
to also “serve as engines of economic and social development.” In the process, the role of a faculty member
and student evolves from that of “intellectual provocateur” to becoming what might be called an “intellectual
entrepreneur,” those who understand that genuine collaboration between universities and the public is
tantamount to more than increased “access” to the academy’s intellectual assets.