International Education

Learning Beyond Borders

At Moody College, our students' learning expands beyond national borders. What better way to learn about communication than by going out into the world and communicating with others. By offering a variety of global education programs, our students gain hands-on experience in the fields of Advertising, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, and Radio-Television-Film.

Global Learning Opportunities

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Global Communication Minor

The Global Communication Minor is designed to give students a global perspective of the communication industries. Students will learn about the essential role of communication in our increasingly interconnected and multicultural society.

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Global Virtual Exchanges

Global Virtual Exchange courses at UT Austin connect with those at universities abroad using digital technologies and provide an opportunity to:

  • Discuss contemporary issues with international peers
  • Practice a foreign language with native speakers
  • Learn about new cultures and global perspectives
  • Work on group projects or publications with students abroad
  • Access lectures by foreign experts and scholars

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Foreign Language Requirement

In order to produce more diverse, interdisciplinary, and culturally-minded students, Moody College students must satisfy a foreign language and culture requirement

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Education Abroad

Moody College students not only have the opportunity to participate in education abroad programs facilitated through Texas Global but also programs designed and taught by their own faculty members. Faculty from Advertising, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, and Radio-Television-Film lead programs across the globe including Austria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, and Spain.

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Education Abroad Photography Contest

Moody College students who study abroad have the opportunity to submit photos they took during their travels for a college-wide photography contest. Winners are awarded monetary prizes and their photos are displayed in the Belo Media Center.

2019 Education Abroad Photography Contest Winners

Moody Global

Czech Demonstrator (1st Place)

Photographed by Mary Schmidt
2019 Maymester, Prague, Czech Republic, Documentary Photography Program

"This photo was taken during a demonstration in the Czech Republic. Protesters from all over the country came to Prague to demand the resignation of their Prime Minister Andrej Babis. Seeing hundreds of thousands of people come together peacefully for a cause was the most inspiring moment of the entire trip. I moved through the crowd witnessing people of all ages use their voices in a language I could not understand, yet I could still feel their sense of urgency and desire. The man pictured in this photo was one strong figure out of the many thousands that attended."

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Christchurch, New Zealand (2nd Place)

Photographed by Jesse Hu Jenkinson
Spring 2019, New Zealand

"My most memorable experience was scattering my grandfather's ashes at Akaroa harbour near Christchurch, New Zealand. I learned more about my family and my parents' childhoods. As far as what I learned about myself I'd say I learned how to exist on my own outside of my family of groups."

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Beautiful Strangers in Berlin (3rd Place)

Photographed by Nadia Elchmaissani
Summer 2019, Maymester, Community Life: Documented Program

"I shot 11 rolls of film in 5 weeks so I was very focused on my street photography and being inspired by the vibrance and pulse of the European streets I traveled to. This particular woman caught my eye as she was walking her dog in a beautiful park in Berlin. I greeted her in German and then took her portrait. My most memorable experience in general was producing a documentary during the week and then by the weekends I would be in another country like Belgium. It was surreal."

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The Monk (Honorable Mention)

Photographed by Ruoshui Bao
Spring 2019, Cambodia

"I was traveling in Cambodia during spring break. And while I was visiting Angkor Wat, I was touched and inspired by the strong Buddhism atmosphere in Cambodia so I took this picture to document an indispensable part of their local culture."