Global Engagement at Moody College

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Global Engagement at Moody College
brilliant solutions that influence how the world connects today and tomorrow.

Communication Beyond Borders 

The Moody College of Communication promotes learning beyond the national borders of the United States. Our students, faculty, and alumni are building global bridges to share their ideas and collaborate with others around the world. At Moody College, we recognize that it takes diverse mindsets to create solutions that will change the world. 


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Education Abroad at Moody College

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Our students are learning about the world around them both in the classrooms at UT Austin and abroad.
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Our faculty are global leaders in their respective fields. Moody College faculty are conducting research on six continents.
Moody Global


At Moody College, we believe that you never stop learning and growing and that is true for our alumni. Our alumni are making big impacts around the world.

President's Award for Global Learning

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The University of Texas at Austin educates global leaders who have more than a transcript in their toolkit. They have a hands-on, cross-cultural experience. They have big ideas and plans. The world has gotten smaller, but the challenges have gotten bigger. The President's Award for Global Learning lets students take on the one big thing they want to change.

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Past Events

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International Student Social

In September we got together for a night full of bowling, pizza and fun! Keep an eye out for more social events on the horizon!
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