Programs and Initiatives

Moody Student Emergency Fund

The Moody College of Communication Student Emergency Fund was created with the mission of supporting students through various emergencies. We are aware that a financial contribution cannot fix all of the unique issues that a student may be facing, but we believe the emergency funds we are able to provide can help students get back on a path of success.

Moody Inclusion and Equity Officers

In an effort to deal more effectively with the programmatic, pedagogical and practical issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the college, we have appointed Inclusion and Equity officers from each unit to help mediate these issues, as well as create more cross-disciplinary conversation about the ways that the college can continue its inclusion work.

Moody Media Scholars for Social Change

The Moody Media Scholars for Social Change will serve as advocates for historically underrepresented students within Moody and will advise the college on best practices for supporting students from these communities.