General Resources

This webpage is intended to provide general campus resources for students, faculty, and staff. The resources presented here are by no means exhaustive, but rather serve as a starting place for finding information from a variety of sources. It will continue to develop in response to evolving social justice issues and Moody community needs.

University Resources | Facilities

University Resources

Campus Climate Response Team

  • The Campus Climate Response Team receives reports of incidents that may impact our campus climate.

University Resource Groups

  • University Resource Groups (URGs) provide an organized voice on campus for diverse communities within The University of Texas at Austin. The URGs not only provide a way to communicate the needs of these diverse groups to the campus community, but also celebrate the voices, identities, experiences, and talents of the groups. 

UT Emergency Information

  • Campus alerts, closures due to bad weather or other emergencies

UT Police Department

  • Crime reporting, crime prevention, campus safety, lost and found, and other services

Victim’s Advocate Network

  • Volunteers serve staff, students, and visitors impacted by crime or other distressing events on campus

SURE Walk: 512-232-9255

  • If you are on campus late and have concerns about your safety getting home, all students, faculty, and staff can request SURE Walkers to accompany them. Two SURE Walkers may accompany you on your walk home or provide a complimentary cart or car ride, depending on service area.

Expansion of SNAP Benefits for Students

  • Per, the Consolidated Appropriation Act of 2021, these new categories of students are now temporarily eligible for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits:

    1. Students who have been awarded, but are not working, through federal or state work-study
    Students who have an EFC of 0 in the current academic year
    2. In addition, students who are half-time or greater are now able to be considered for SNAP benefits, but must still meet the expected family contribution (EFC) or work-study requirement, in addition to any other financial and non-financial SNAP eligibility criteria.

    These temporary extensions will expire 30 days after the COVID-19 public health emergency has been ended.


Lactation / Quiet Room Locations

Location: BMC 2.708
Who Can Use: All campus
For: Lactation or Rest
Contact: Gustavo San Miguel
*Room is equipped with an Ameda Elite Breast Pump.
Campus Lactation / Quiet Room Locations

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Location: CMA 3.102
Who Can Use: All campus
*Just to the right of the elevators off of the Hunt Family Student Lobby to the right of the main entrance (off of Walter Cronkite Plaza)

*NOTE: Informatiton on (dis)Ability Bathrooms/Facilities will come soon.