Faculty and Staff Resources

This webpage is intended to provide resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice issues that might guide faculty and staff in supporting student needs and creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. The resources presented here are by no means exhaustive, but rather serve as a starting place for finding information from a variety of sources. It will continue to develop in response to evolving social justice issues and Moody College community needs.

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Student Support

Moody College FAQs for Assisting Students (PDF)

  • List of frequently asked questions and answers to assist faculty and staff in supporting student needs. 

Moody College of Communication Resources (PDF)

  • More extensive list of college- and campus-wide resources to help faculty and staff handle a variety of situations you may face in dealing with students.

Texas Well-Being in Learning Environments

  • In partnership with colleges, schools and departments, Texas Well-Being helps faculty and staff make small shifts in teaching and administration that could make a major diference in students’ mental health and well-being. Download the Texas Well-Being Guidebook

Supporting Students In Distress

  • Provides basic instruction for faculty and staff in recognizing and responding to students in distress.

Working with Students with Disabilities

  • Suggested tips, along with the information on specific disabilities, that allow instructors to have a better picture of what barriers to instruction students with disabilities may face in a classroom.

Teaching and Curriculum

Decolonizing the Organizational Agenda: Disruption In Curriculum & Organizational Practices

  • Led by Dr. Skyller Walkes, this DEI workshop asks reflexive questions that challenge long-held beliefs about identity, culture, and belonging, while confronting the ways that bias, -isms, and phobias operationalize even in the most common structures of our professional and personal worlds.  Like bias, complexities around identity, are not always apparent, and however well-intentioned, the axiom that diversity = inclusion is false.  This workshop explores ways to activate toward organizational progress with shared accountability.

Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence (CATE)

  • The Moody College Center for Advancing Teaching Excellence (CATE) shines a spotlight on outstanding teaching and encourage effective teaching practices.

Center for Teaching and Learning

  • The Center for Teaching and Learning explores teaching style, subject matter, and creativity to help power innovations in higher education.

Inclusive Teaching & Learning

  • Research shows that educational contexts frequently reinforce inequities, which can hinder cognitive development and student well-being (Roksa, Kilgo, Trolian, Pascarella, Blaich, and Wise, 2017). There is no one way to implement inclusive teaching and learning. Consider some of these strategies to promote an equitable teaching and learning environment

  • Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Reflecting on Your Practice

Inclusive Teaching & Learning Network

  • Listing of inclusive teaching resources across UT Austin campus. 

Undergraduate Learning Assistant (ULA) Program

  • Piloted in 2017, the ULA program partners faculty with a student who has completed their class to work 10 hours a week and assists with instructional duties, office hours, research for class, test new assignments, tech support, and more. They also provide near-peer mentoring to help other students, currently taking the class, to be successful.

Center for Innovation in Race, Teaching, & Curriculum

  • "Dismantling racism one educator at a time", the CIRTC seeks to inspire instructional excellence through rigorous, antiracist research, curricular materials, and professional learning for teachers.

The Color Complex

  • Created in 2018 by four female students from the University of Texas at Austin, The Color Complex is an organization that aims to spread awareness about colorism using art and research.

Pronoun Use

  • Teaching tips on using pronouns in the classroom, featuring social justice educator and consultant Shane Whalley, LMSW.

Professional Development

Dynamics of Diversity (Diversity Education Certificate)

  • UT Austin employees will be able to learn more about managing diverse teams and working with students, staff, and faculty from all backgrounds as well as how campus climate, Title IX, and implicit bias can affect our culture at work.

Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar

  • This seminar engages groups of university instructors (faculty, teaching assistants, assistant instructors, etc.) in discussions about strategies for developing and sustaining an inclusive classroom climate. 

Deeper Dive Instructional Guide: Inclusive Teaching and Learning

  • A collection of information, recommended practices, and voices from UT students, staff, and instructors that will help you reflect upon and continually develop an inclusive mindset. These resources are meant to work in tandem with workshops and dialogues on campus.

Gender & Sexuality Center Workshops

  • These interactive workshops use an intersectional approach to foster and develop allyship practices that center affirming people of color as necessary for affirming women and LGBTQA+ people.

disABILITY Advocate Trainings

  • Participants will learn specific strategies to make campus more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities within their role at UT.

Workshops for Flag Courses

  • Flag Curriculum Specialists work collaboratively with instructors, TAs, and departments to develop best practices and pedagogical techniques for teaching Flags while tailoring these resources for specific departments or disciplines.

General Support

Faculty/Staff Resources

  • On this page you will find helpful information in regards to the services the Office for Inclusion and Equity offers to faculty and staff.

Support for LGBTQIA+ Faculty & Staff at UT & Beyond

  • Collection of resources to direct LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff toward campus support or support within the City of Austin. 

Faculty Ombuds Services: (512) 471-5866

  • The Faculty Ombuds Office provides faculty with a prompt and professional way to resolve conflicts, disputes, or complaints beyond turning to their supervisors.

Staff Ombuds Services: (512) 232-8010

  • The Staff Ombuds Office provides staff with a prompt and professional way to resolve conflicts, disputes, or complaints beyond turning to their supervisors.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The EAP strives to transform lives to improve personal and organization effectiveness for the benefit of the entire UT community.

UT Staff Council (UTSC)

  • The UTSC is comprised of elected representatives who are employed in classified and administrative and professional (A&P) positions. UTSC supports a variety of activities and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and effectiveness of the university’s dedicated and valuable staff members.

University Faculty Gender Equity Council

  • The council presents best practices for creating an equitable and inclusive environment for faculty by documenting gender pay inequities and analysis of gender inequities in time to promotion for tenure and to full professor.

Getting Involved

Asian/Asian American Faculty and Staff Association

Black Faculty and Staff Association

Faculty Women's Association

Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association

Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association

External Resources

National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) Institutional Membership

Diverse Syllabi Language [Brown University]

Teaching Tolerance

Committee Against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English