DEI Courses

Below is a list of Moody College of Communication courses that highlight the subjects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The courses listed below either carry an official University "Cultural Diversity Flag" or have been determined by each Moody College academic unit to significantly feature themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

(*This is not a complete list of courses offered by the Moody College faculty.)

Note: Some enrollment restrictions may apply and some courses may not be offered this coming academic year. You can find class details including semester offerings, class dates/times, and the instructor of record.




Advertising & Public Relations

ADV 336 Multicultural Issues in Advertising and Public Relations
ADV 378 Pop Star Activism
PR 378 Advanced Studies in Public Relations (Black Music and Social Advocacy)

Communication & Leadership

CLD 301 Introduction to Communication and Leadership
CLD 320 Communicating for Civic Engagement
CLD 320 Facilitative Leadership
CLD 321 Seminar in Communication and Leadership
CLD 371 Capstone Course in Communication Leadership


Communcation Sciences & Disorder

SLH  118L Acquired Language Lab
SLH 306K Introduction to Communication Disorders
SLH 308K Deaf People and Society
SLH 312 Developmental Lang Science
SLH 313L Hearing Science
SLH 314L Sociocultural Bases of Communication
SLH 340P Clinical Observation in Speech-Language Pathology
SLH 350/LIN 350 Language and the Brain
SLH 352 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
SLH 360M Communication and Deaf People
SLH 367K Introduction to Assessment and Treatment of Communication Disorders in Children
SLH 371 Introduction to Speech and Language Disorders Assessment and Treatment in Adults
SLH 378C Leadership and Mentorship in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SLH 378D Evidence-based Practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders
SLH 385F Knowledge and skills Clinical Science
SLH 386F Fundamental Principles of Clinical Practicum
SLH 392 Counseling for Audiology
SLH 393E Topics in Cultural/Linguistic Diversity
SLH 393S School Age Language Disorders



CMS 356C Collective Action
CMS 372T Time Matters
CMS 323R Rhetoric: East and West
CMS 334K Nonverbal Comunication
CMS 355K Intercultural Communication
CMS 314L Language, Communication, and Culture
CMS 338 Leadership Stories
CMS340K Communication and Social Change
CMS 358C Identity in Relationships
CMS 359 Language, Culture, and Communication in the Hip Hop Nation
CMS 364K Gender and Communication
CMS 366D Rhetoric of Horror
CMS 366F Rhetoric of Film
CMS 366M Rhetoric and Popular Music
CMS 371D Difficult Conversations
CMS 372K Advanced Organizational Communication
CMS 350C Crowds, Clouds, and Community
CMS 330 Interpersonal Health Communication
CMS 367 Health Decision Making
CMS 366C Celebrity Culture
CMS 367 Communication and Science Fiction
CMS 347S Communicating With Stuff
CMS 349M Advanced Analysis of Popular Culture  
CMS 359T How People Talk
CMS 354 Conflict Resolution
CMS 363C Communication and Sports
CMS 363P Politics and Protest in Sports
CMS 346-C Cultural Impact of Innovation
CMS 338L Public Leadership and Civic Engagement Through Public Memory
CMS 390R Gender and Communication



J 322J Reporting Social Justice
J 328S Reporting en Espanol
J 334F Oral History as Journalism
J 334N Oral History in Multimedia Storytelling
J 341F Understanding African Americans and the Media
J 341H Minorities and the Media
J 343F Journalism and Religion
J 348D Gender and the News
J 348F Covering the Latino Community in the United States
J 339T Photographing Social Justice


RTF 323 Screening Race
RTF 328 Gender and Media Culture
RTF 335 Queer Television
RTF 345 Contemporary Horror
RTF 359S Latina Feminisms and Media
RTF 359S Gender and Fan Culture
RTF 359S Black Television Comedy
RTF 359 Asian American Media Culture
RTF 370 Black Filmmakers After Blaxploitation
RTF 324 Intro Global Media
RTF 321D Film History to 1960