Search Committee

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Search Committee

Moody College Dean Search Committee

Committee Chair
Anita Vangelisti – Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education, Professor, Communication Studies
Andreyez Alvarado - Director of Operations & Administration 
Courtney Byrd - Professor, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
Deepak Chetty - Assistant Professor of Practice, Radio-Television-Film
Allison Dawson - Executive Director for Development
Wofford Denius - Advisory Council Representative/External Constituent
Meme Drumwright - Professor, Advertising & Public Relations
Kathryn Fuller-Seeley - Professor, Radio-Television-Film
Celeste González de Bustamante - Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and Professor, Journalism and Media
Marsha Jones - Advisory Council Representative/External Constituent 
Madison Morris - Undergraduate Student, VP Communication Council
Arthel Neville - Advisory Council Representative/External Constituent 
Nathaniel Repay - Graduate Student, Communication Studies
Andrew Shea - Professor, Radio-Television-Film
Talia Stroud - Professor, Communication Studies
Sean Upshaw - Assistant Professor, Advertising & Public Relations
Fatima Wardy - Graduate Student, Radio-Television-Film
Ramón Rivera-Servera - Dean, College of Fine Arts
Tasha Beretvas - Sr. Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Ex-Officio

External Consultants: Opus Partners

All nominations can be sent to our consultants: Craig Smith and Abigail Maynard.