Message to parents from the faculty 3/24

Our new normal begins on Monday, March 30, and we are working hard to make sure our transition to online learning is as smooth as possible. We are seeking your help in creating the best academic experience out of this extraordinary circumstance.

The remainder of the Spring 2020 semester is an opportunity for Moody College faculty and students to work together and explore new ways to teach and learn.

It will at times seem daunting, overwhelming and exhausting. But we also believe our collective efforts will introduce interesting ideas that produce exciting outcomes and solutions we would have never before dreamed necessary.

We are offering some tips and guidance for helping your college students stay focused and complete the semester strong.


Spring Break was extended to facilitate online transitions, but students are not on break indefinitely. They still have a complete academic schedule and course requirements. In fact, we are reaching the peak period of the semester. The stress of final projects, papers and exams now coincides with a global health crisis. All our brains are on overload.

Please respect your students’ needs to create and prioritize time and space to virtually attend class, interact with lectures and complete assignments. Your kind requests to cook dinner, babysit younger siblings and unload the dishwasher should also conform to their academic structure and schedule.


Halfway through the semester, students were finally understanding the rhythm for each of their classes. Now that has halted and completely changed. They are facing new learning expectations, environments and technologies. Self-discipline is necessary to develop a consistent routine and cultivate a functional setting to work and study. They need to show up to their computer or lap-top every day to maintain a successful flow.


Health and safety protocols in our communities are evolving rapidly. As the situation continues to change, the one thing we all can control is how we use our time. Students are young adults who are capable of handling what college demands. Just because they have temporarily been relocated home, does not mean they need a life manager.

Please encourage students to stay aware of current events and stay on top of their responsibilities.


Please remember and remind students that Moody College faculty and staff are here to support them. Communication will be more important than ever, as we figure out how to work together while apart. Students need to stay attentive to email and Canvas announcements, and when they have questions – ask! Also remember we had to mobilize quickly and get class content online in a matter of days. We will have growing pains, but our commitment is to students and their continued learning. We will make maximum accommodations to assist them, so we need to understand what they are feeling and experiencing. When in doubt – reach out.