COVID-19 Resources and Guidance

Protect Texas Together

Our goal for the fall is to “Keep Moody, Moody!”

That means that we will all do everything we can to ensure that all the things that make Moody College so special -- like our interactive and innovative classes and creative and unique learning experiences -- will continue in new formats, despite the challenges we face today.

We hope you will do your part by fully engaging in your classes, fully participating in online events and opportunities, continuing to care for yourself and each other, and making the commitment to Protect Texas Together.

Moody College COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Task Forces

Online Teaching and Learning

Moody College is widely respected for connected and caring teachers who promote student well-being and maturity. This task forces supports instructors as they re-imagine student learning in the digital space.

Experiential Learning

This task force is thinking of new ways to help students pursue skills they typically learn in labs and through field work. Additionally, the group seeks to enrich the student experience with virtual visits to corporate offices, agencies, competitions, conventions, tours and other out-of-classroom endeavors.

Student Support

The faculty, staff working group provides ongoing, proactive support for Moody College students. The task force will also ensure that our most vulnerable students have access to aid and resources.

Research Continuity

The task force is developing procedures for safely restarting and continuing research projects. The goal is to enable faculty and students to conduct research and submit new grants in ways that minimize risks to researchers and participants in a changing, uncertain environment.