COVID-19 Message from the Dean 3/15

Dear Moody Faculty and Staff,

In this afternoon’s email, President Fenves announced that the University would be focusing all efforts on providing for the instructional, research, and business continuity of the University while seeking to reduce the public spread of COVID-19. Working with our campus partners, we will each have a part in supporting those efforts.

As we work toward the goals that the President has communicated, Moody’s three priorities during this time will be:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of our entire Moody community;

  • Providing our faculty and staff the needed tools and support for operational continuity; and

  • Preparing to bring as many courses online as possible by March 30.

Beginning Monday, Moody College is moving all possible operations offsite and faculty and staff should work remotely wherever possible. While in this new working structure we will maintain communication via email, telephone and web conferencing, and text messaging. Because this change is happening suddenly, we understand that some may need to return to campus for equipment or supplies. In addition, there are many business operational questions that we will need to address. A conference call will be scheduled for 9:30am Tuesday morning with the Moody Business Administrators group to discuss these details. Each academic department and CIP in the college is represented in this group. We will also include a contact from each of the administrative offices that report to the Dean.

As part of our transition to remote operations, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all non-teaching and non-research student employment until at least the time that classes resume. We will send an email to the affected students later this evening. Fortunately, many of them had not planned to work during spring break but we understand that this may still create hardships. We will be working with campus to determine ways in which we can address these hardships and we intend to bring back selected student workers when classes resume on March 30.

For staff, there are sure to be many questions relating to timekeeping. We have not yet received specific guidance from campus so please continue to track work and known leave hours as usual. Given prior practice, we anticipate that campus could declare part of these days as Emergency Leave, but we have not yet been advised of that fact. Many staff had planned to take all or a portion of this week as vacation. Unless you have been notified that your position has been recalled for onsite service, please continue with your prior plans as if we were operating under usual circumstances.

In the coming days, please share any needs you may have with your department head or manager so that together we can assist you and address your specific needs. Thank you to everyone for pulling together as a team during this unprecedented time, and thank you for the work that you’re doing to serve the College and our students.

We will continue to share information and specific guidance as it becomes available. A Moody-specific website will be created for these purposes, and please also continue to follow the University’s COVID-19 website on a regular basis for updates.