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Wenhong Chen

Wenhong Chen’s research focuses on the social implications of new information and communication technologies for social networks and social capital. Dr. Chen’s work has appeared in Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Information, Communication & Society, City & Community, and Management and Organization Review. Her research has been funded by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada,Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Advanced Micro Devices, and Bell Canada. Among her awards are the IDEA Award, Entrepreneurship Division, Academy of Management and the Young Scholar Award of the International Association of Chinese Management Research. Dr. Chen has participated in the design of several national sample surveys in the US, Canada, and China and developed an array of survey instruments to measure social networks and the use of information and communications technologies.

Recent Projects & Reports

Networked China Conference

The Internet and digital media have become conduits and locales where hundreds of millions of Chinese share information and engage in creative expression and social participation. Yet, compared to their growing prevalence and significance, research on the contingent, non-linear, and sometimes paradoxical impacts of digital media and technologies in Chinese societies remain theoretically underdeveloped and empirically understudied. Departing from previous studies centered on censorship or online activism, this conference casts a wider net and explores how people navigate, negotiate, and transform social landscapes rooted in the Chinese context, revealing both the power and limitations of the Internet and other digital media and communication technologies.

Featured Work: Social Media in Student Life Project

Funded by internal grants at UT, the project surveyed 94% of the 630 undergraduate students enrolled in two RTF305 online and offline courses in Fall 2011 and conducted 47 in-depth interviews by Feb 2012. It focused on how digital and traditional media use affected civic engagement, political participation, and psychological wellbeing of college students.

The Austin Internet and Global Citizens Project

Collaborating with Joe Straubhaar and the Office of Telecommunications, City of Austin, we completed a random sample survey of 1701 Austin residents in 2011, exploring the relationship between Internet use, social networks, and global media flow.

The Networked Workers Survey

This research examined how the Internet and mobile phones affected the ways in which people worked and networked in the American workplace and how the positive and negative ICT impacts were distributed along various dimensions of social inequalities such as class, race, and gender. The project was funded by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in 2008.

The Social Capital in Three Societies Project

Led by Nan Lin, Yang-Chih Fu, and Chih-Jou Chen from 2004 to 2008, this project was a large comparative panel study of social capital and social networks in the US, China, and Taiwan. I have used the data to examine the relationship of Internet use, social networks, and social capital as well as the sociopsychological effects of unsolicited job information

The Immigrant Transnational Entrepreneurship (TIE) Project

Collaborated with Barry Wellman, I conducted the TIE Project from 2003 to 2007, which used mixed methods to examine how Chinese entrepreneurs relied on glocalized networks and the Internet to engage in transnational entrepreneurship. The project was funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, and Bell Canada.

Edited Work


Co-editor, “Networked China”, New Agenda in Communication Series, Routledge.

Guest editor, The Internet in Chinese Societies, special issue for Information, Communication and Society


Guest editor, China and the Internet, special issue for Information, Communication and Society peer-reviewed journal article

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles


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