Officer Bios

TX Votes Students at Great Conversations


TX Votes officers represent a multitude of majors around campus, including: Communication Studies, Government, Biology, Psychology, etc.


Anthony Zhang

Chemistry & Public Health '21

My name is Anthony Zhang and I am the President of TX Votes. I love voting and elections in the United States and can often be found bugging my friends about registering to vote and making maps of random elections to upload to Wikipedia. When I'm not thinking about politics, I love to run in downtown Austin, mentor in my Freshman Research Initiative lab, and work as a TA in the statistics department. 


Vice President

Liz Contreras

Government & History '21

I’m a third year government and history major from San Marcos, TX! When I’m not registering voters, I like to cook and eat, spend time outside and hang with friends.


Chief Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Ben Scarborough

IRG & Philosophy '22

I'm a second-year student studying IRG and philosophy. Outside of TX Votes, I am a big dog fan, I'm part of the UT ballroom dance team, and I also love to talk about, listen to, and play all sorts of music!


Civic Engagement Alliance Chair

Janae Steggall

Government & IRG '22

Hello! I'm a Sophomore double majoring in Government and International Relations & Global Studies with a History minor. My dream is for our generation to kill voter apathy one person at a time!


Vice Civic Engagement Alliance Chair

Mahi Perla

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Communications Director

Emily Zhou

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Chloe Starr

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Program Coordinator

Kassie Phebillo

PhD Communication Studies '20

I am a PhD student studying nonpartisanship and I'm a incredibly passionate about voter registration, education, and turnout. When I'm not busy with school and TX Votes, you can find me cuddled up with my cats, playing with my dog (George Washington), or playing board games with my husband.

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George Washington

Eating Everything '20

I love when people tell me I'm a good boy and look quite dapper in my patriotic bandana. I will be your best friend forever if you register to vote with my friends and then pat me on the head.