Officer Bios


TX Votes officers represent a multitude of majors around campus, including: Communication Studies, Government, Biology, Psychology, etc.


Sarah Herzer

Political Communication & Ancient History '19 

I'm a rising junior studying political communication and ancient history. I always says you have to know where you've been to know where you're going, so I tie my two majors together to help see a better future for Texans.

To contact Sarah, email her at

Vice President

Zachary Price

Government '20

Born in New York, Zach Price grew up all over the southeast and has lived in Austin for the last five years. When he isn't busy lecturing students who won't register to vote, you can find him writing, playing soccer, or talking politics.

To contact Zachary, email him at

Chief Volunteer Deputy Registrar

Maya Patel

Chemistry '20

​My name is Maya Patel and I am the Chief VDR of UT Votes. While I am a chemistry major, I eventually want to go into policy making with a science background and I believe that it is incredibly important to be civically engaged, and would like to increase the amount of STEM students and professionals that participate in our democracy. Aside from registering voters you can catch me serving as a Camp Texas counselor, advocating with Texas Rising, leading the Texas Political Union, giving back to my community through UT Seva, or boosting my endorphin levels while exercising.

To contact Maya, email her at

Civic Engagement Alliance Chair

Marco Guajardo

Marketing '20

My day is usually spent refreshing the news sources I read and listening to podcasts. Outside of my work at UT Votes, I wake up very early on Sunday mornings to watch Formula 1 and I also cook with broccoli way too often.

To contact Marco, email him at

Social Chair

Sarah Beech

Psychology & Government '20

I'm an avid dog lover and bachelor fan. My hobbies include consuming breakfast food and going to coffee shops to pretend to study!

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Amanda Sass

Political Communication '19

I am a junior at UT Austin majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. I am passionate about civic engagement and education, and I hope to someday share my passion with others through teaching or nonprofit work. 

To contact Amanda, email her at

Program Coordinator

Kassie Barroquillo

PhD Communication Studies '19

I am crazy enough to work on a Political Communication PhD and I am a little obsessed with voter registration. When I'm not busy with school and UT Votes, you can find me cuddled up with my cats, playing with my dog (George Washington), or playing board games with my fiance.

To contact Kassie, email her at


George Washington

Eating Everything '20

I love when people tell me I'm a good boy and look quite dapper in my patriotic bandana. I will be your best friend forever if you register to vote with my friends and then pat me on the head.